July 08, 2011

Japanese Lunch Day

So there's this one day I was blessed to have proper lunch before class, not in food court. Lol. Choosing Daiichi Japanese Food in Benton Junction. It has really MANY choices of menus. Literally. There's sushi, rice set, Teppanyaki, side dish, Shabu-shabu, and many many others. A lot. You can come back here everyday and order different food each day for a month lol.

Chuka Plates (not Plates actually but I'm forgetting the Japanese name yay)
Consists of Seaweed, Jellyfish, Scallops, Octopus. (can be ordered individually also!)

Hot Ocha (I put the pic because the mug is cute! Tastes like usual Ocha lol.)

And don't be fooled. I ate more than only a Chuka Plate and a glass of Ocha of course ;) I was having Beef Teriyaki set also, but way too hungry to snap so *puff* no pic lol. It was nothing special on the Beef Teriyaki though :))