November 30, 2014

Suntiang Grand Indonesia Jakarta Review

I had known about this restaurant around July this year when I passed it on Pondok Indah Mall. But then I finally found colleagues who are willing to try this strangely fusion food so here we are, 4 months late lol.

Suntiang is apparently a Japanese-Padangnese restaurant, that mostly served Padang food but also tried to make it into Japanese form of food. I noticed on the menu that they served ala carte menu of Padang food but not Japanese food. For example: Ayam Pop, Gulai Otak, Dendeng Balado, etc. They also served ramen but none of it is Japanese ramen cos what I saw was something like Ramen Cabai Ijo (Green Chili Ramen) or whatnot :|

Here are our orders:

Ayam Pop Roll

Tasted okay, not bad but not excessively great, just okay great. Problem is, eating this makes me want to eat the whole Ayam Pop chicken instead of the sushi, because the sushi rice was too firm and stuffy, while the chicken.. As you can see. Just that tiny pieces..

Gulai Otak Roll

I'm a huge fan of Padangnese' Gulai Otak. It's cow brain btw lol, not a cannibal. When it's cooked properly, it can turn into most delicious food on the table. This Roll, again the sushi rice is disappointing, and the otak somehow is crispy (?). As I know it should be moist though. I can hardly enjoy it but I cleaned up the plate somehow :| (because my friends are scared of brain -_-)

Dendeng Balado Roll

Probably one of the dish that I enjoyed eating. I have no idea what the roll with white topping was, I guessed it was melted cheese but tasted nothing like it. But it's successfully brought up the real dendeng taste into a sushi form. Good job!

Onigiri Ayam Bakar

Cute faced Onigiri stuffed with grilled chicken, complemented with mysterious sauce that tasted sweet. Again, the sushi rice... And the grilled chicken is a bit tasteless. Overall is confusing to eat.

Sate Padang Hotplate

Simply disappointing. The sauce was too watery and tasteless. The meat was marinated well but too mushy.

Nasi Goreng Rendang (Rendang Fried Rice)

Okay I admit, we ordered too much, thinking the portion would be small but turned out to be very firm and fulfilling. This has huge portion and spicy enought for me but not for my other friends because they have higher spiciness tolerance than me, but trust me even my level is already high. Don't trust their tolerance. We cannot finish this bcs too full of those sushi rice, so this one went to waste. But it was actually good.

Kue Cubit Green Tea

This is apparently the most famous dish of the restaurant. I've seen plenty of Instagram posts uploading this. It has another version with KitKat Green Tea but when we ordered they ran out of the KitKat -_- Shame! Anyway I like this Kue Cubit! Dunno how to phrase it in English and don't bother to search for it anyway. It has the right level of doneness (?). It makes the dish not too solid, but not to mushy. I like it! Even after so full of those rice (cannot letting go), I still want to nom the whole plate. I bet the one with KitKat would taste better :)

Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Hazelnut Ice Cream

Suntiang is having promotion when you're uploading any pictures of the food to Instagram or Path while using hashtag Suntiang and mentioned them, you're eligible for free ice cream! However it's only limited to 2 ice creams per table/bill. My friend was jokingly requested we split table and he would order only ice tea so we can obtained more free ice creams lol #kiasu (but no we didn't haha..). Second best food of the night goes to these free ice creams :s

I came to the conclusion that Japanese food should be left like what it is. And as awesome as Padangnese food, I think it should just be left to those traditional Nasi Padang stores. I saw a family came to this restaurant ordering white rice with ala carte menu like Ayam Pop etc. I wonder why. Other Nasi Padang stores taste better and cheaper than here. If you do come here, do order the strangely fusion food here, then decide whether it's worth coming back or not lol. Life is about experience! ^^

Rating: ☆☆☆
Will I be back: Eh.. I don't think so for now. But when I'm up for something unusual maybe I will. Haha..