December 05, 2011

Waraku Dining Central Park Review

-Chicken Katsu Set-

Pretty sure it has fancier name though lol. This include Udon Soup, Potato Salad, Rice, Chicken Katsu with veggies, and pickles. I don't understand why the have the Katsu sauce separated. Usually they just gonna pour the sauce and usually it's lighter one. It's more like a dip. We asked for extra chili sauce and they gave it in tiny plate and made a flower pattern of it. So it's like 6 times pressing the chili bottle? Service in here is good but the waiters were lack of smile. *just saying*

Chicken Katsu had 5 slices of chicken only!! Deep fried but tastes like Takigawa :| (sorry for bringing up another restaurant's name. I just can't help to compare -_- and I didn't like how Takigawa fried its chicken)
Sauce/dip is thicker than usual sauce but tastes nice if you combine with chili sauce.
Potato Salad tastes exactly like Sushi Groove which has best potato salad ever.
Udon Soup is saltier than expected. Doesn't really have taste on broth but the udon quality is no doubt the best.
Pickles.. I have no idea. I don't like it.

Waraku Dining has been opened almost in every mall in Jakarta. And never once thought to dine in here because I thought it's just the same with Pasta de Waraku. And since my brother's gf work for "certain food supplier" in Indo, then we ate here at Central Park :D Quite confused to choose the food and it's also quite pricey for some menu. One menu can exceed IDR 100k. It was nice dinner, nothing particularly extraordinaire. I think it's just the same with every Japanese dining in Indonesia. They seriously have tight competition for Japanese food in here. Despite we're so hungry, I can't say that the food is amazing. Even usually when I'm hungry I said everything is delicious. Guess Waraku has to come up with something more different than any other Japanese dining :)

PS: Picture taken with iPhone! Congratulate me! Lol. It has better quality than BlackBerry but sorry for the over lighting, I'm still crazy about the HDR feature hehe :)

November 30, 2011

Sweet Obsession

I've been into candies and chocos lately. Honestly I don't know why. I actually on diet (HAHAHA) and reduced all my meals' portion but my tongue was like calling for sweets. You know the feeling you have on your mouth and throat after you eat and the food got too much MSG? I felt all dry and wanted to nom candy instead.

So few weeks ago I managed to get bf bought me this new edition of Fox Crystal Candy. It's Spring Tea flavored. So hard to find fml. Not all supermarkets in Jakarta sold it. Even in Plaza Senayan which has 2 supermarkets (Hero and Food Hall?), you can only find this in Hero and only 3 cans left wtf. Anyhow, I tried to Google and can't find the pic (!! Google has failed 3 times to give me what I want this week!) since I left my candy can at bf's car, probably photo's gonna up on weekend. It has minty hint of taste but only 4 choices of flavor in one can :) And the flavor I like the most only got provided like 4 candies -_- Fox is always that mean!

Next obsession is the Traditional Handmade Yummy! Yay Sticky finally opened its first store at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. I knew about this brand during reading Xiaxue's blog on last year and been trying to get my friends from Singapore to bring it here but they keep forgetting (but they didn't forget to shop me shoes which is weird lol not blaming :p) And it's still fresh from the oven! Like the stores they have in another country, Sticky Indonesia completed the store with the live candy making. I was drooling and wanted to be all greedy there picking all the candies but I'm afraid of fat and cavities hahaha.. But I did buy Banana Rock and Watermelon Rock though! :) Wanted to buy the Xmas Mix but it's out of stock!!!!

Anyway be careful though. All candies they sold seem to have sour flavor which is refreshing and good for those who doesn't like sweet but I was craving for sweets! So I asked the candy girl there for sweet flavor and she recommended me Banana Rock and Watermelon Rock :D *grabbing and walking to cashier directly* This Banana Rock is my special favorite since it reminds me of my childhood candy, Banana in Pajamas. Hahaha I didn't remember that candy until I put this candy on my mouth. This candy has now officially gone and turned into cavities in my teeth but who cares~ ;p

And since I got nothing to nom here, I back snacking my chocolate candy :9

Snapped this right before I opened blogger.com lol. Lotte Dream Cacao! It's like a must buy list every time bf and best friend went to Korea. This got 56% and 72% version. For me 56% is already bitter enough :( And bf keep nomming 72% as it's the sweetest thing on earth -_- Best friend also introduced this to his gf but his gf claimed Royce is still the best before she even tried this one hahaha.. I think this 5672 (this is how we called this choco because Lotte Dream Cacao is too long to pronounce and too complicated lol) has its own advantage since Royce must be kept in fridge but this one can be put anywhere. Ya of course don't put under heat or sunlight la -_- (bf tried to ship this once during my stay in hometown and I got harden liquid with no form as result) but I meant room temperature is fine for it :)

This is how it looks like inside. Totally already 1/3 bottle left since I kept eating it since bf gave me -_- You decide it's a candy or a chocolate! :D

November 15, 2011

Roppan Toast Review

I'm hungry. I don't know why I decided to write this post in the middle of my hunger. Sometimes I'm just really stupid.

That Sunday afternoon after having a so so lunch at Secret Recipe, me and my family decided to continue for dessert at Roppan. It's just few more steps from Secret Recipe anyway. My family chose the menu they wanted, I went to cashier for ordering.

At first at the cashier, I confidently ordered Matcha Honey Toast. Then the cashier asked me, "Matcha or Matcha Matcha?" And I was like, what's the difference. Turns out that Matcha Honey Toast has 2 scoops of Green Tea Ice Cream. While Matcha Matcha has 3 scoops of Green Tea Ice Cream. I thought 2 scoops was enough since all of us who ate were all girls.

YUMMY! Those bread are toasted with a little bit too much butter causing it becomes salty but the ice cream is a perfect companion! :) I can feel ice flakes on the ice cream somehow making me thought that Roppan actually made the ice cream themselves. I kinda regret why I didn't choose the Matcha Matcha instead. 2 scoops isn't enough :(

For the drink, we ordered Peach Beer Float. Or something like that. Tastes like beer -_- Which I don't really like personally. But my mom really loves it. She practically craves for it like every week. As we ordered with Float, I only enjoyed the vanilla ice cream :|

I have this weird habit snapping picture of tissue lol. However most of the place I went to, put some nice things in the tissue. Like Roppan did. They put the history of the origin of their name :)

Roppan sells Sushi and some Japanese rice dish as well. But now I can only recommend Roppan for dessert / snacking place only ;D

See ya on the next post!

November 13, 2011

Starbucks Holiday Treats Review

November is the month when all Christmas atmosphere has come to town. That includes Starbucks as well! On November 4, they announced that the holiday drinks have come back, including NEW beverage named Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha! Curiosity all around me. Lol. So the next day after announcing, November 5, I went to Starbucks Senayan. Too bad the inside seating is full so I have to seat outside which was full of smokers :(

I was aiming for Cranberry Frappucino but my bf who did the order got it wrong by order Iced Cranberry :( It has stronger coffee of course which I'm not a big fan of. I always love the Frappucino from Starbucks kekekek.. He ordered Iced Toffee Nut and Iced Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha for me. Later on we exchanged drinks. I grabbed his Toffee Nut, while he's drinking my Cranberry. Later on, we changed back lol. Both are delicious! And even though it has coffee all over, not to be afraid Cranberry Mocha is sweet!

Like every year, Starbucks offer a card where you can fill with 25 stickers to be redeemed later with Starbucks planner. Of course I'm having it ;)

Next week after that photo was taken, I was going for Starbucks again. Alone this time. Since I saw in Starbucks' fanpage on Facebook that they also offer Holiday Treats as well!! By appearance I was interested on Creamy Blueberry Cheesecake. So I ordered it. Along with Peppermint Mocha Frappucino :)

All I can say is that plastic fork is useless. I was fooled! I thought the cheesecake was moist and was all like chiffon cake. But it's not. It's better! It's more like pie crust. So you can't use plastic fork to cut it. Just use your hand to bring it to your mouth. The crust was good, plain taste. The cheese cream filling inside (yes they do have it inside!) tasted just fine. The sweet one is the blueberry cream and blueberry jam on the top. And I wasn't wrong by combining it with Peppermint Mocha (drinking snow in a cup!). I feel like it's Christmas already :D

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to Starbucks again for its Raspberry Temptation. Many says it's good. But for now, that's all I can review. Hope it helps. Have a sweet pre-Christmas!

October 16, 2011

Lapo Ni Tondongta [Senayan]

Too bad I only took one picture here!

I had super late lunch today at almost 4 PM at Lapo Ni Tondongta, Senayan. I've been told many times about this place by my friends (they used to eat here every week!), also read many reviews about this place in other food blogs. They serve DELISH pork!

*self sigh* ..... What a plain picture.

This is my first time here so my bf did all the order. He picked the Roasted Pork with Rice. First time the order came out, I saw very small portion of pork and very large portion of rice -_- I doubt my tummy would be satisfied by looking at the portion. But turned out it fulfills my tummy just fine, just by this order only. I even gave half portion of my rice to my bf. But if I order like 2 more plates of the pork, I seriously can eat them all. They're DAMN YUMMY. It's also completed by small bowl of clear tasty soup. Which makes a perfect companion for the dry pork. The way to eat the pork is to squeeze the lime all over, then spread the green chili provided and pour salty soy sauce. (My mouth is watering again just by writing this.)

Price is super reasonable. It's about IDR 13k for 1 portion of pork and IDR 4k for the rice.

Will I come back again? I will. Every damn week if I can ;)

October 11, 2011

Ramen 38 / Sanpachi Ramen

Probably 38 is read as Sanpachi in Japanese language I don't know lol.

Few weeks ago I had a date with my bf. We're going to watch The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (this is seriously a complicated title) in Blitz Megaplex Central Park. While waiting for him to finish work, I went for lunch alone at Ramen 38 in Central Park. I don't know why but this branch isn't listed in Ramen 38's official website -> Ramen Sanpachi Official Website.

This is my first time in here and kind of sad since I ate alone. I noticed that people looked at me in a weird way :p Never mind though. As the night before I already browsed through the website for people's review on the internet, I decided to order Set Menu 38 Teishoku (pronounced as Sanpachi Teishoku). It consists of 3 pieces of Gyoza (you may choose Pork or Chicken), 1 Mini Chanan (Japanese Fried Rice), Zasai (Salty Pumpkin Salad) and Ramen of your choice. I chose Mabo Men.

This picture has been edited since the original is ultra bright red. I gotta lower down the saturation causing the pic turns into almost black and white. Sorry :(
On the top left is the Zasai. I didn't get to eat them all since it's super salty and I don't really understand how to eat it. Bottom left is the delicious Japanese Fried Rice. Tastes like fried rice of course :p I happen to eat Japanese Fried Rice few times in another restaurant and they taste almost the same. The good part of Sanpachi's fried rice is they put lots of ingredients inside. Chicken, peas, scrambled eggs, and few other veggies. The Gyoza hasn't arrived yet since I ordered the pork one and they cooked it separately so no need to worry for those who don't eat pork :)

Close view of my Mabo Men. Yummy! They don't use Udon as the noodle. Instead they use handmade traditional noodle I used to eat back in my hometown. It was covered at first but then you mix it until the noodle shows up. The menu said it's spicy beef. I don't taste any spicy feeling at all. I ordered small bowl and added with rice and Gyoza, I feel super full. It's not so special though this ramen. Many says the popular one is Jigoku Ramen. I'm gonna come back for that ;)

Here comes the Gyoza! They put the sauce on the table, plus the chili powder, salt, pepper, and many other additional spice. You can mix up on your own. I was tempted to pour the chili but since this is my first time I don't wanna ruin the original taste ;)

The waitresses here are very kind and helpful. They keep smiling and when you call them, they stop what they do and ask what to help you. The kindest employees I've ever met in restaurant is in here. I drank Cold Ocha (and though that's quite pricy when you compared to the free Ocha from Sushi Tei lol), and they refilled your glass when they pass you and saw the glass is empty.

After you done with your meal, they're gonna lift up your tray and give you free complimentary Jello. I got the lychee flavor :)

For those who interested to try here, it's located on GF level Central Park in the middle of Java Kitchen and Takigawa. I was really lost and so hard to find this place because of lack information on the internet -_- I even literally counted the block number lol.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day! :)

September 14, 2011

Rice Bowl

Hello from Chef Panda! I never know this restaurant has been so cute since I never eat here again for almost 2 years. From the slight appearance of the roasted duck above, can you guess what restaurant is this? :)
Nobody would answer anyway. This is Rice Bowl.

So many memories~

Iced Lemon Tea and Orange Float

KungPao Noodle

Kangkung Garlic

Black Pepper Beef

Plus one bowl Hainanese Rice for me and plain white rice for my bro. Ate this during Lebaran holiday also but before our parents come. I'm honestly disappointed. Rice Bowl was my favorite restaurant 2 years ago. I accompanied my best friend break fasting here (not breakfast), I dated here, I gathered with my friends from net world in here. I did many things in here in the past, but now I don't think I'll ever come back again. All those food if I reviewed will only make me use bad words :( So, this is a gallery post then. Enjoy the pics! :)

September 07, 2011

Pork Alert

Last week has been a devastating for non-Moslem Indonesian citizen. Lol okay I was exaggerating. Last week was a Lebaran holiday. As it always happens every year in Indonesia, more than half people in the capital city, Jakarta, were going back to their hometown in an activity called "mudik". As this happened, many food places and restaurants are closed. The ones that stayed in Jakarta had hard times in finding food. But I enjoy my precious one week holiday tho ;) Here are photos of my food during Lebaran holiday! :D

Nasi Campur

I believe it doesn't have English name :| This was eaten at ITC Mangga Dua 2nd floor in a kiosk named Casio Garing Bintang Lima. Consists of 3 types of Pork (Lapciong, Char Siew, Crispy Pork Skin), slices of chicken and half boiled egg. The rice is cooked with Hainanese Rice's style. Yum-meh! A must eat every time I went shopping at ITC ;D


Muahaha be afraid of this food. This is Sekba. Contains of a lotttt of pork's intestines, lungs, Chinese pickled vegetables, potatoes, tofus, and boiled with lots of traditional Chinese ingredients, I believe. (Since you can smell a strong unpleasant aroma from this food lol.) Usually there's even skins from pig and its meat but by the time I bought it, it's sold out already! Bought at Pluit during Lebaran holiday and this place is super crowded! I even ate the delicious Duck Beehoon there but I forgot to snap hehe~ Even tho it smells horribly (kekeke) but the taste is definitely worth the smell!

Mille Crepe

The next day I had lunch with my family at Sushi Tei Central Park. I guess I don't need to snap sushi's pictures since I think everybody is familiar with Sushi Tei. But this dessert! Not so new. I've had it quite few times I just finally remember to snap the pic this time lol. So I proudly present, the Green Tea Mille Crepe topped with Red Bean Sauce from Mionette Cakes cooperated with Sushi Tei. (I just found this out minutes ago! Lol.) This is the mille crepe that has strongest milk taste among other crepe cakes I've ever tasted. And I mean this in a good way ;)

Hmm. Kinda confused to write the name lol. So after the lunch at Sushi Tei @ 3 PM, we continued to this restaurant named Beautika Restaurant @ 5.30 PM. Barbaric much? Lol. Beautika Restaurant located at Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Its specialty is in Manado (North Sulawesi) Food which is famous for its super spicy foods. I once had lunch here and this place has many choices of food and they put in on display so I can't snap one by one /sob. We came back here at late afternoon just to eat the super delicious Fried Banana served with Spicy Sambal and Es Kacang Duren (Shaved Ice with Durian and Red Beans). Best best combination ever! The spicy sambal is not only usual sambal. I can't even describe it. I mean it's not only consists of chili but there's a lot more and making it super tasty. And you eat it with sweet fried banana! Really worth to try and I would like to come back there every month :p And the shaved ice just delicious. Never before I adore local food as I adore my hometown food haha.

Pork Hainanese Rice

Instant Noodle!

Yay to pathetic food! Haha. No no. The pork rice is really amazing. I don't know where mom's best friend bought it then she sent it to our apartment. The crispy pork skin is flawless! Also comes with delicious sauce and perfect chili sauce. Yum yum yum! (Auntie, send us some more! :p)

2 ways cooked Suckling Baby Pig

Um.. I just realized that I haven't taken the pic after it left that amount :| Delicious!! Crispy Pork Skin and Honey Roasted Pork from MayStar Central Park. Yum yum yum! The other food I ordered was just okay. I will only come back for the pork and Yang Chow Fried Rice. And after I think back, if the Peking Duck wasn't sold out, we probably wouldn't notice this yum-yum pork ♥

Pork Skin!

Again! Haha. I told my uncle that I had lunch of pork and he thought I still want it so he ordered it. Again! Lol. This is Pork with Crispy Skin from Imperial Chef Hayam Wuruk. Mind to see my table? Here we go ;)

 Mayo Shrimp, Peking Duck, Garlic Asparagus, Tofu -something (lol)

Char Siew Pao, Siew Mai, the same Mayo Shrimp as above

Not to mention the pork and Century Egg Congee (Pitan Egg) that has been done first, all of this table for 4 girls only! Me, my cousin and her 11 years old sisters. We're so good at eating ;D

Lo Mie Kangkung

The famous Lo Mie Kangkung from Cucu Pinangsia Greenville :) Pork alert. Haha. I made great decision by hitting the gym after these enormous calories from holiday. Anyway, may what I share be useful though.
Have a nice day! :)

♥ CL

August 26, 2011

Nanny's Pavillon at Central Park Mall

Geez what a plain picture!

Tadahhh :) Will be reviewing Nanny's Pavillon for today's post! At first I thought it's named Nanny's Pavillion. But I was wrong lol.

I was having lunch in here with my best friend and my brother for um.. a super late birthday treat? Haha.
Nanny's Pavillon is famous because of its decoration. Each of its restaurant has different theme. Nanny has 6 stores already. It was first established at Bandung, West Java, as a conceptual French American pancake restaurant. As we speak now, they have already opened 2 stores in Bandung and 4 in Jakarta! Kindly refer to its official Facebook page for detail of addresses, themes, and contact numbers.

I was having this lunch at Central Park Mall ground floor. Located next to One Piece Hair Studio, inside of Sogo Department Store. Central Park's Nanny's has Terrace theme. It's filled with white wooden chair with green leaves around those chairs. And very cute bench looking like a swing! It just doesn't swing around -_- And as I eat on broad daylight, it really feels like you're in an actual terrace. However, I wonder what the Garden theme looks any different with Terrace ;D

It was full at the inside seating when we arrived. It is lunch time anyway. Almost half past one. The outside seating still had like 1 or 2 tables available but I insisted to sit inside, since well... You've been on Nanny's which is famous for its decoration. Outside tables is just like a plain Central Park garden; tables, chair, no decoration. Didn't want. And we luckily got 1 table inside. Only a plain white table and chair *sobbing* It's quite disappointing but then one family moved and we got the very cute bench looking like swing seats!!!!

Let's start ordering ;) Here's how the menu book looks like.

I was taking the pic of this menu because I think it has unique drawing and texture. BUT! Then I found this website. The official website of Nanny's Pavillon with great animation here. And it provides the menu book perfectly and exactly like the original. Except, you can't touch it -_- well that won't be necessary either.

I'M A FAIL BLOGGER!!! Ermm yea we were so thirsty we already share this drink to us three. Wait. The waitress distributed it :D This is Nanny's Cocktail. Comes with 2 choices of flavor. As the color shown you may have been guessed that this is the Mango. The other one is Blueberry. The menu says it fits for 4 persons. I drank this for 3 still think it's not enough :p

This is the drink after being distributed by the waitress. (Cute glass!) It has fruits all over. Strawberry, mango, peach. But the quantity of the fruit slices compared with the liquid it's like 1:10. 1 is the fruit lol.

For the record when you are starving, never ever come here especially in crowded lunch time. They take years to bring out your order. But let's not be disappointed. The wait is worth it!

This is the very first food to come. Fettucini Bolognaise ordered by my bro. It's originally Spaghetti on the menu, but you can choose the pasta as you want :) Me and my best friend teased him that the waiter probably saw his hungry face so his order came out first or otherwise they'll be punched since bro is so big :p Lol. Also... it takes half an hour for the next order to come :| I was starving but I try to understand. Well, once again. If the food wouldn't worth the wait, it won't be easily forgiving ;)

Another bro's order -_- and I can't help it to steal bro's order. This is Heavy Alvin's Potato. I was thinking probably it's because I was super hungry that makes this appetizer tasted soooooooooooo delicious. But it IS delicious! The potato was perfectly deep fried like my grandma used to make back in my hometown :) Though the pouring of the lasagna sauce (or bolognaise sauce? Anyway it's super yummy minced beef with melted cheese) has made some part of the potato becomes a bit not crispy anymore.

At lastttttt. My order came. I ordered My Nephew Carter's Creamy Sausage. And I chose Fettucini for the pasta choice. OMG. Pasta heaven. The sausage is just fine. Delicious but more like a normal Germany sausage. But the fettucini! And the mushroom inside those fettucini mountain! And the cream sauce!! My goodness. I will never order pasta anywhere else. Ever. Only here and here and here. Bro seems to be drooling and stole mine. Ended up he can't stop eating my order! So he ordered another meal (!!) No wonder he almost reached 90kgs btw :|

This is the order by my bestest friend. Named Uncle Harold's Steak. She chose Fettucini also. It's like a Fettucini Day @,@ I tried hers and it's delicious. But not my type. There's a strong smell and taste of pepper? From the grilled steak I guess. But then she seems to enjoy it. And she's super honest so if it's not tasty she will just say it anyway.

Sorry for bad angle :( This is Chicken Mushroom Sandwich. Consists of French Fries, Homemade Bread (YUM!), Lettuce, Egg, Chicken, Mushroom, and lots of onions lol. The sauce inside I suppose it is Mayonnaise. I shared this with my friend. This is yummmmyyy. The onion part kinda disturb me. But I like the rest and I wanna eat it alone! :p Too bad I already been full because of the unbeatable Creamy Fettucini ♥

Last order of all! Bro's Smoked Beef Spaghetti. He's so tempted by my Creamy Fettucini yet he's ordering this almost dry spaghetti. He's so weird and labile -_- Didn't try it so I can't comment. But the beef looks really crispy and tasty :9

Anyway I feel sad that I can't order any dessert nor pancakes nor waffles :( Nanny's itself was first a pancake house. I think since I've been eating Pancious for 2 consecutive weeks, I didn't want it anymore and not really thinking it could fulfill my tummy at that moment. NOW I REGRET IT! :((

About the price it's affordable and for me it suits the portion and the taste so well :) I'm so dragging back my parents in here so they can pay me and my bro doing barbaric eating *_*

Until next post ♥

August 19, 2011

T. G. I. F.

This post was taken today! I'm soooooo efficient lately I'm so proud of myself lol. I'm gonna blog about Chinese restaurant named Nan Xiang. Located at Senayan City, Jakarta. As on its advertisement said this is a restaurant specialized on Steamed Bun. Even so, I didn't order any bun ;p And it's quite a rare condition that I crave for Chinese Food anyway.. Here we go.

Having Jellyfish as appetizer. I always love jellyfish ♥ I happen to know that this original menu named Jellyfish with Spicy Vinegar in Singapore. But in Indonesia they provide Vinegar in different plate, which I didn't take at all. Instead, I ate it with salty soy sauce lol. It's delicious, having smooth cool sensation and quite sour. Seems like they're adding drips of lime or something.

Then my brother had Chicken Corn Soup but I forgot to take the pic -_-

Next came Sauteed Bean with Minced Beef and Wild Mushroom. I didn't see and didn't taste any mushroom tho. They came with my rice while my other menu still hasn't come out lol. As usual, my brother and I are big fan of this menu. Whatever Chinese restaurant we're going, we always end up by ordering this. No complain of this menu ;p even better I could say this tastes really great :) one of the best I've ever tasted.

Then my last order came :) Chicken with Lemon Sauce. Totally Lemon-y. Lol. Didn't think that the chicken will be deep fried like that. The picture on the menu didn't say so. But it's fried elegantly! It's deliciousssss. This is my bro's choice anyway.

They came with quite a large portion and for my barbaric self and my barbaric brother Nan Xiang is satisfying. Yes it's quite pricey but the portion is worth it ;) We enjoyed our Chinese Tea since my bro is having worst cough. Then I saw the dessert menu. I told him to pick what dessert he wanted.

He picked Guava Sago with Shredded Red Grape. I'm really awful in remembering name -_- the dominant taste is guava. At first I thought it's a drink than a dessert. Since the sago you can't find deep down there. But it's super fresh and yummy! Even better, they really made it from real guava! I found 2 guava seeds to testify its originality haha.. Even my bro that since he was a kid is really hard to say a word "Delicious", he mentioned it today. It's really fresh and has light texture and not too sweet. Just a perfect dessert :)

After the healthy lunch, I ended the day with unhealthy dinner.


Lol. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna eat Golden Kiwi to kill all those bad toxic in that instant noodle ;p

Have a nice weekend!

August 18, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Actually I'm not that kind of people that celebrating my country's independence day by having the so called Flag Ceremony. Since I'm in the last year of college now and the ones that have duty to attend flag ceremony is official government employees and freshmen, in my college's rules. I'm neither of them lol. Kinda ironic though, since all my friends, Indonesia citizen living abroad, is asked to attend this ceremony every August 17th in the Embassy of Republic Indonesia in the country they're living. While the actual citizen that lives in the country itself, not having it. But that's not what I'm gonna discuss anyway :|

Most people in this capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, apparently using this public holiday to have family or friends quality time at shopping mall. I wasn't realizing that at first. My friend asked me the day before 17th, that he wants to meet up with me at Central Park at 17th. I was fine and going. And in the last minute my brother joining as well. I was going with shuttle bus. First I was seated, the bus was still quite empty. I got 2 seats for myself. Next thing I know, it's stuffed. No room to move -_- But anyhow, the road was empty. It only took like half an hour for me to move from my place to West Jakarta. I thought all people were resting at their house from hectic working days. Turned out Central Park is more like a traditional market than a new shopping mall. It's freaking crowded!!

We decided to eat at OMO Chicken, a Korean chicken restaurant. Well actually it's already decided like gazillion months ago but I can't go since there's this and that. This my friend is a big fan of OMO. My bro has gone here once. He wasn't that fanboy-ing over OMO. But my other best friend also said OMO really has the best Chicken Wings in town. So I decided to eat here then.

-Kids Meal-

Haha yeah.. You read that correctly. That is my order and I ordered Kids Meal. It looks freaking cute!! Lol. It comes with 6 Nori Rice Ball, 2 Chicken Wings and a pathetic Corn Salad. I hate corn. And also includes Pororo Drink. I chose Apple flavor. The other menu named Combo Chicken, comes with your choice of Chicken Wings' sauce: Hot/Tomato/Soya. It will look more tempting though but it comes with regular white rice which if you want to change into this delicious Rice Ball you have to add IDR 5,000 and the provided drink for this menu is Corn Tea. Okay that might be healthy or whatever, but I just can't drink it. First I hate corn. Second, it smells like corn. Third, first time I saw it, both my bro and I said "Pee". You see what I mean? But Combo Chicken gives better salad with lettuce etc, while Kids Meal only gives CORN. What's with corn and this restaurant?
But anyway please refer to official OMO Chicken Facebook and Twitter for more details :)

And yes. The chicken wings is awesome! And the Rice Ball just have the perfect scale of tastiness!! The other menus also look tempting but I already got full with Chicken Wings and Rice Ball. This Sunday I'll come back there with my friends who love OMO. I might be having Combo Chicken but no way in hell I'm gonna drink that Corn Tea. Too bad I find OMO is kinda pricey.
OMO provides 2 seating areas.
First is inside. Quite small, but comes with fluffy and maximum cute of OMO plush. (Their logo is a chick. Little chicken, not a girl --a) The advantage of seating inside is you can take many adorable photos and there's TV that keeps playing Korean songs, Music Videos, and live performances. If you're a K-Pop fan, you're gonna sit there for hours. The ambiance is really nice. Their place is also clean one and dominated with white color.
Second seating is outside, which is fresher, cooler, and wider. At night where Central Park usually holds a firework event, that'll be advantage to seat outside. It's just no TV outside. So you can't enjoy K-Pop songs.

After eating there, we go round and round without destination. I went to ALDO and ZARA to find nude pumps for me but can't find my size. It's all available in 39 and 40. While I want 38. So my friend suggested Grand Indonesia. Besides we really getting hectic seeing the crowded mall so we moved. Took an hour to reach Grand Indonesia because of unimportant traffic jam -_-

At Grand Indonesia, it turns out the available sizes are also 39 and 40. Fml max. Even worse ALDO's price is IDR 1,167,000 while in Central Park is 50% off (IDR 585,000). How could that happen? I'm seriously confused. But anyway since I really crave for the pumps then I bought the size 39 ZARA. I just love it and must have it ;) Lol.

We had dinner at 5PM. Lol. We chose Social House. It's me and my brother's first time eating here. We were arguing at first since I also tempted to try Mr. Curry. Both are Ismaya Group anyway. My friend already warned me that eating at Social House might resulting 4 times extra payment than eating at Mr. Curry lol. But my bro insisted on Social House, so here we were.

First order to come is my drink called Mango Tango. Its a mango smoothie with passion syrup. Or the description says so. It's healthy and yummy! Not too sweet. Not sour. And still has powerful mango flavor and I believe it's freshly from the real fruit.

-without flash and with flash-

Then these are Once Bitten (on the left) and my Mango Tango. Once Bitten is my bro's order. It's an apple smoothie with ice cream vanilla. Tastes sweet. Quarter of the glass was drank by me. Guys do hate sweet things, ain't them? Man, these beverages are amazing. Even Social House is so proud of their drinks, they provide a special bar for beverages only (both alcohol and non-alcohol) and there's also a wine cellar. The confidence of Social House about their beverages shown in their tissue. Really that tissue below those drinks.

Confident much? Lol. But if they're not that pricey I'll surely have another drink ;)

This is Grandma's Homemade Iced Lemon Tea. Social House's signature beverage. Topped by vanilla ice cream. Ordered by my friend. I didn't try tho ;p


This is my order ♥ Crispy Pork Belly with White Beans and Sage. I also ordered additional Mashed Potato. One word to describe this dish: HEAVEN. Heavenly dish!!!! I usually didn't eat white beans but this one is perfectly cooked!! Even my bro said the white beans is the most delicious part of this dish lol. The pork is a bit overwhelming. Really tight meat and the super heavenly tasty sauce didn't really get absorbed in there. But it's still best pork I've ever tasted. And the yummy crispy skin on the top of it just PERFECT. Too bad the calories seems quite high so I share my other crispy skin to my friend and bro :( Half for each. I want this back again so badddddddddd. The mashed potato I should say Ninety-Nine served better because it comes with mushroom lol. But SoHo's not bad either :)

This is my bro's appetizer. It's written Small Plates. But as you can see, it's not. Lol. Even bro seems surprised when this comes. This is Crispy Fried Eggplant with Melted Cheese. It's tempting me but I didn't try it since I was too busy with my own food lol. Bro said the cheese is more dominant than the eggplant taste tho.

This is lil bro's main order: Lamb Shank with Red Curry served with Mashed Potato. Red curry is spicy -_- but lil bro seems to be fine with it. And the lamb is delicious!! Perfectly cooked and so soft. Though it looks like common lamb shank in another restaurant on appearance lol.

-Omatesando Roll-

I guess deep down those melted cheese cover is 6 rolls of California Sushi if I'm not mistaken lol. Ordered by my friend. I didn't try. He also ordered Roti Prata but I didn't take the pic!! Damn me.

Anyway that's my food journey for Independence Day. It's a really fun day! Too bad I didn't try the dessert at SoHo. I believe it's awesome :) I WILL DEFINITELY COME BACK! :))

Until next post ♥