December 10, 2012

Sari Sanjaya Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera Review

Few weeks ago, I was blog-walking few Indonesian food blogs and it left me wanting local food in the middle of the night. During Moslem New Year, I had Bebek Goreng Hj. Slamet. (Local, right? Lol.) Then 2 weeks ago, I went for the first time to Sari Sanjaya. Sari Sanjaya, as I read, focuses on South Sumatera cuisine. They sell many kind of Palembang food, from the famous fishcake until local market's cake.

I went there with my friend who's born in South Sumatera, though. So she helped me in judging haha..

She told me that foods that being sold here are actually not main course. She stated that back in her hometown, foods like these are actually snacks. Lol. Anyway, she had Mie Celor Kuah Santan. (Chewy Noodle served with Coconut Milk gravy)

There are few small prawns in there, half boiled egg, veggies and chewy noodle. I took a bite, and just nod. Lol. I can't judge. For you who didn't like strong taste, there's also choice of Kuah Bening. (Clear soup without coconut milk)

Forgive my upside-down picture. It can't even be helped with rotate tool lol. I was experimenting so much, trying to be artsy -_-

I had this: Pindang Ikan Patin. Uh.. I'm not sure how to say it in English. Tasted like Tom Yam. Very fresh, the fish was very soft; it's like melted in your mouth, and the sour and spicy level was just perfect. Unfortunately this is only 1 person's portion. There's like 1 slice of Patin Fish inside there lol. I had it with white rice.

 I also ordered this. It's called Roti Tissue. (Tissue Bread??) I'm getting ridiculous in translating. Anyway, I ordered this for dessert. Many times I've seen my friend posted food like this on their social media profile but I can't figure out where they had it. (too ashamed to ask :|) But theirs don't look like this. Their Tissue's skin are smoother and taller. It's served with thick condensed milk.

It's endless... O_O

You just can't stop eating it! First because it's yummy, and second because it has lots of layers. Kudos to whoever made it, rolling it perfectly without cracks. Top skin was crunchy and bottom skin was chewy. Oddly I like the bottom cause it reminds me of Martabak's skin in my hometown. Even though I ate this with my friend, we can't finish it x_x I want to bring it the leftover home but ashamed larr ahahaha..

My friend also had this, cause she said this is the only thing reminds her of hometown. This is the infamous Es Kacang Merah (Shaved Ice with Red Bean). Tried it also, but I'm not a fan of red bean though :D

I also had 3 fishcakes (Pempek) there. But I had no pic, cause I'm that brutal when facing fishcakes :| Ordering 1 portion means 1 piece only. I had 2 Lenjer (the usual long one) and 1 Kulit, (Chewy skin?) which I never tried before.

PS: I do use a lot of chewy and skin word in here :|

Added with 2 drinks, I had Iced Lime and she had Ice Tea, total damage was IDR 130k for both of us :) It was worth it!

Totally coming back! They also served seafood and veggies like normal restaurant, but I'm afraid it would be too expensive to pay. It was end of the month, anyway. :P

Until then! ^^

November 02, 2012

Brussels Spring Central Park Jakarta Review

There was that one weekend me and bf spent with our best friends, talking about upcoming work project. Since it was right after lunch time, our tummies were full enough to had another food, but we had to sit somewhere. And sitting in a coffee shop would be too mainstream lol. I was aiming for Churreria at first, but it was full! So we were torn between Bakerzin and Brussels Spring, ended up choosing Brussels Spring, for a very long Sunday afternoon chats.

Bf loves their ice cream here. His choice was Belgian Chocolate and Ferrero flavor. We were once here before and I tried the Strawberry one, it was.. well, you can say authentic since it tastes a bit sour. But I like my strawberry ice cream sweet with milk taste so I didn't order ice cream. I had a fusion food instead.

My dessert is Fla Berry Pancake, topped with ice cream of your choice. I picked Black Forest flavor. Yummy! But it melts easily, see. Probably because the pancake was hot. Tell you, it's actually a doubted pancake lol. It's not a proper pancake. More like a kue dadar your mom made during your childhood and it's so chewy. The fla is also the fla you can find it kue soes haha.. I was confused choosing between pancake or waffle, and I did go with pancake at last, but if it's a traditional cake I can make on my own, maybe I should try their waffle next time. Their pancake is a bit loss in here, but the ice cream was worth a re-visit.

This was our drink: Lychee Orange something.. Me and bf shared since the price almost equalizes the food's price and we just don't think it's worth it. The glass wasn't so tall either, and it's just a mixed of soda with lychee syrup, given few cuts of fresh oranges. But it's freakishly sour. They had another drink in there such as milkshake thingy, but I didn't order since it would be too bold after ice cream.

At the end of our super long meeting, I mixed the melted bf's ice creams with few of sour oranges and actually tasted it hahaha.. A sour chocolate ice cream :| my invention. Told bf to try it as well and he did!! With a lot of cringes lololol.

After that we continue dinner at Tatsuya Teppanyaki. We had a good time! :)

October 31, 2012

Gong Cha Central Park Jakarta Review

I tried too many bubble tea, seriously. But I love it!! One of these bubble tea seller should really sponsor me lol.

So earlier this month (or was it middle :|), Gong Cha opened its very first and the only store in Indonesia! I've heard so much about Gong Cha, reading Singaporean blog, and read many good reviews of it. So after 2 days on its soft opening, I went to Central Park with my brother and tried it. Central Park announces it on its Twitter, saying it's opened on first floor. I thought it's ground floor :| But it's 1st floor.. well.. located in front of Duck King. You have to ride escalator twice and for me it's actually 2nd floor lol.

-Black Milk Tea with Pearls & House Special Winter Melon Tea with Pearls-

I should say I'm really regretful that I only took this only one picture, though in total I've purchased 6 cups! Six!!

Black Milk Tea was my brother's and I fairly said it tastes just like any other black milk tea, only it's less sweet than others, even though the sugar level was normal.

Winter Melon Tea, on the other hand, was special. Unique, to be precise. Since no other tea place offered winter melon tea. Winter melon was one of my favorite drink during Lunar New Year. (the canned one, brand Seasons. I assume if you're Chinese, you also see a lot of these during Lunar New Year. But you can freely purchase this in any mini market, though.) As a child, my brother couldn't bring himself to drink winter melon (personal taste I guess. Even though mom continuously says it's good for health?) But I offered him to try this, and he was okay with it. Probably was helped by the tea lol.

House Special means they added milk foam on top of it. There are 3 ways to drink it. I happened to already know because of reading Singaporean blogs. And when my order was given, the employee asked me whether I already know how to drink it or not. And I said, I know. He seems surprised haha..
3 ways to drink it:
1. Sip the milk foam only.
2. Sip the tea only.
3. Stir them together and drink it!

CMIIW though. Hahaha.. House Special is available for 3 kind of tea; Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Winter Melon Tea. Both Green Tea and Earl Grey Tea costs IDR 20k (topping not included. Each topping is IDR 3k). And Winter Melon Tea is IDR 23k? (Forgot kekekeke..).

It certainly leaves impression to me, and I came back on October 27th, during its grand opening. It was holding a promo all drinks IDR 15k only! (turns out it's not valid for House Special :p)

I ordered Earl Grey Tea House Special. Brother sticks with his Black Milk Tea (well you know. Guys seem unwillingly to try new stuff), while mom ordered Lemon Winter Melon (fusion drink), since she can't drink milk. It was 9PM and all pearls are sold out!!! So I picked Ai Yu for my topping. They said it's an Agar-agar, white version of grass jelly apparently. It was very soft and fresh! Mom and brother picked the original grass jelly.

They mixed up my order, though. They must also be wondering, of all people, why they must mix up order from a blogger :| They put milk foam on top of my mom Lemon Winter Melon, and my Earl Grey was plain -.- But they willingly re-make those two for me!! Even apologizing like 3 times! I usually was not that persistent, but keep in mind that my mom can't drink milk, even it's in foam form, so I had to change it and request to get the order right.

The winner for that night is Earl Grey Tea House Special! Brother keeps asking me for my drink but I won't let him hahaha.. 4 more stamps to free drinks! This weekend certainly coming back again for the House Special ♥

October 10, 2012

Dessert at Imperial Chef Hayam Wuruk Jakarta Review

Well, not purely a review :D I think I just want to put the picture of my most favorite Chinese dessert of all time (other than Durian Pancake :p). It's Mango Pudding from Imperial Chef!

Note: Imperial Chef is Duck King branch that serves porkie~ ♥

Anyway, if you wonder why I don't post the whole dining experience, it's because I always fail in capturing moment while eating here. Food is always gone in a flash. Dessert is captured because it's leisurely time lol.

I think this mango pudding needs no explanation. It's simply the best mango pudding in Jakarta. The scooped fruit usually consists of honeydew and watermelon. This time when I took the pic, I got all watermelon. But I prefer this way. I don't like honeydew :|

Then 2 days after this visit, my family and I visited here again lol. Never get enough of the pork and dimsum! I tried to step out of my comfort zone (in choosing dessert) and didn't eat mango pudding, though I would really like to eat it everyday!! I ended up choosing Fried Ice Cream O.O

Then I regret it lol. From the form, it's actually different from what I pictured. I had one in Singapore and it looks nothing like this :| Another thing, it took long time to come out. I understand since frying an ice cream should be needing a skill, no? But then it just tastes like a vanilla ice cream (you can't choose the flavor. Only vanilla boohoo~) with a fried flour. They don't go well with each other, but if you eat them separately they actually taste nice!! Sorry I cheated on you, dear mango pudding. I won't choose another dessert from now on :s

October 09, 2012

BOBA Inc Benton Junction Review

The amount of pink is my life is definitely a lot, but I never get enough of it lol.

Thanks to whoever invented the pink bubble now you can slurping your yummy tea without having to see plain black bubble. Just imagine if it gets stuck in your teeth in black color, isn't it ugly?? (pink biased much).

There are two tea places I know that provide pink bubble. However, the other one is always running out of pink bubble and I came 5 times there to try the pink bubble and I never get it. I give up and never go there anymore.

Today the weather is very moody. Suddenly at 12 noon it gets really hot. I crossed the street and I bought this yummy fresh tea! I read it somewhere that one of BOBA recommended tea is the Apple Fresh Tea so I picked it! Previously I tried the one at fX, which is the milk tea one (black tea and hazelnut chocolate), but I don't really find anything special about them. Anyway today is a hot day. If you drink milk tea, you'd probably get bloated instead of refreshed.

The amount of pink makes me happy! Hahaha.. I even pick pink straw lol. They provided colorful straws also makes me happy!
There are 2 options for the pink Boba (as they called the bubbles/pearls). One is the normal chewy one, the other one is the popping one. I guess the popping one is the one exploded (??) in your mouth. I will not like the sensation so I go with the normal chewy one :D

The tea is apple flavor and it blends perfectly with the tea. I don't think it's a flavoring or essence but tastes more like a canned apple juice though.

It's gone in a while :) I felt funny when drinking it. It's really taste but it reminds me of my childhood in Singapore. The bubble tea fever was once very popular in Singapore like 10 years ago? And slurping this tea suddenly reminds me of everything in there back then.

I recommend this one! Definitely. I also spot one of the other flavor for fresh tea is Champagne Grape. I will try it, hopefully it won't taste weird :p

Keep calm and drink tea, people! Have a good day ♥

September 12, 2012

The NEW Magnum Cafe House of Chocolate Grand Indonesia Jakarta Review

So right after light dinner at Kamikaze Karaage, I was actually saving up spot in my tummy for this Magnum Cafe. Bf suggested that we should head there directly as the queue can be really crazy. But surprisingly it's not as bad as I heard from other people. It was quick queue though despite it's on Sunday night. Or because the day after is Monday so..

I've never been in Magnum Cafe before. Previously when the first Magnum Cafe was opened, I didn't had a chance to visit at all. This time I should've not missed it! However, this is bf's third time because his cousins were big Magnum Cafe fan.

Few snaps I took that night while queuing lol.

The view you can see while on escalator :) looks luxurious isn't it.

First picture is background of the queue line. Lots of people took picture in here. Also got very bright lighting. I also took a pic! ;)
Second picture is the busy receptionist. She held a walkie-talkie to communicate with people on the inside.

We had a choice to sit both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor was meant for smoker and I usually HATE smokers. I still do, because they're so inconsiderate. But the view beats my hatred so I chose to sit outside. I think Magnum Cafe was on level 6 so the view is quite breathtaking. (not as breathtaking as SKYE of course. I jokingly said to bf that outdoor Magnum Cafe is like SKYE's inspired :p)

We took our order and we're told the food will come in 10 minutes. I was busy camwhoring so it didn't feel like 10 mins. It feels faster! Haha.. Drinks come earlier though. I had chilled Apple Juice (IDR 20k) and bf got Coca Cola (comes in can for IDR 15k)

Chocolate Brownie with Magnum Chocolate Truffle

Forgive me the actual name is really hard to remember. But the waitress speaks it out fluently she might be have some French blood on her. That's joke if you can't see it coming :| But you got my point :) I hope with the description it can help you in ordering :D

Chocolate Crepe with Magnum Chocolate Truffle

(both picture taken with flash and both food came out at the same time)

MINE! This is HEAVENLY! I'm sure deep inside those crepes (it's soft crepes btw) contains some delicious chocolate liquid! The combination of cold ice cream and warm chocolate sauce is DIVINE! Too bad because they already cracked half of the chocolate cover of the ice cream, mine was bent and it fell from the stick wtf. I eat ice cream with fork and knife as result :| but it was YUMMY!

The brownies' also YUMMY! Suddenly I'm lacking of vocabulary because of yummy food I had that day. I actually interested in the Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet menu. However it dips the magnum ice cream into some kind of powder (?) and I'm afraid it will taste sandy in my mouth. Also bf's cousin already had it and she said it's just ordinary. But those two menus we had was beyond ordinary!

I will come back for 3 more times I guess. I want to try the strawberry chocolate liquid dessert, waffle, and fruit pies! Give me voucher, dear Magnum? Hahaha.. *shameless*

Anyhow thanks for the experience! Please don't be a temporary store like last time :( I also wait for one of the variant with all strawberry inside and white chocolate outside! :D (saw once on Philippine ads).

View you see when you walked outside. Before going, don't forget to take pic with the gigantic ice cream!

Kamikaze Karaage Grand Indonesia Jakarta Review

Very quick and short update!

There was this weekend when I had 4 meals a day! I normally only have one though :|
Lunch at home, followed by tempura udon at Waraku, then at Kamikaze Karaage! (after that it's Magnum Cafe but that's another story lol.)

It's my very first time to visit Kamikaze. I usually stick to OMO! Chicken and lately been attached to Lotteria. Like I previously stated, Korean biased. Kamikaze is Japanese based and I don't really fancy Japanese. However, few days before I decided to visit, one of my close friend suggested me to try and she said many of her office friends claimed it's good. Beside I can do review as well lol :|

Dayum! Definitely Kids Meal! Haha.. told you I had 4 meals that day, so I can't eat too much. I forgot the actual menu name but it should be easy to spot as the rice shape is very.. eye-catching. Eye-catching is underrated though haha..
The menu consists of rice, 5 or 6 stripes of boneless chicken (YES NO BONES!), and (should be) cheese croquette. But the croquette wasn't available so it could only be replaced with salad or sauteed vegetables. I was disappointed at first but the salad is amazing! I forgive! The menu included tiny glass of Nestea lemon tea. For few gulps but that's enough for me.

Bf ordered one set with rice and 2 side dishes. Forget to take pic, but he can choose the sauce for his chicken. I think mine was soy sauce and his was sweet spicy. Both are equally good! His drink was normal size of cold Ocha, refillable. Both sets also got miso soup for free :)

The table however has many studs (?) lol. So when you're pushing your plate or bowl be careful. You don't wanna spill the yummy food, do you? ;)

Price also affordable. One set is around IDR 30k - 40k. I will come back to try another dish!! I saw something in bun! That'd be my next target :D

See you in another post!

July 30, 2012

Lotteria Supermal Karawaci Review

Call me biased! You all may be agree or disagree, but I really think there's some kind of Korean invasion into this country, correct?

Anyway to those who's looking for food information in here, I'm deeply sorry that I didn't update my blog for a very long time.

So today's post is about another Korean food stall entering Indonesia. Lotteria has been in Indonesia for quite some time it's just me that's late noticing :| As I know there are already 2 Lotteria, each at Gandaria City and Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta. Somehow they expanded into Lippo Village in Karawaci, Tangerang and I'm thankful for it. For me personally it's better than BonChon and like an upgrade version of KFC (yeah, Kentucky Fried Chicken).

I was first seeing it on Twitter. It's a very random day to see grand opening of a food store on Twitter, I know. But what catches me and made me squeak to everybody I know to accompany me going there is because 2 reasons. First, I once saw Lotteria in this Korean variety show, Running Man. It's my favorite show and I'm literally addicted to it. Each episode has been replayed by me minimal 10 times. Ask me any episode and I'll tell you the guest and their missions right away wtf sorry out of topic. So ya I saw Lotteria in Running Man, episode 74, if you care to look by yourself lol. Second reason, the endorser is Song Joong Ki. Former Running Man cast as well. He's the latest endorser I think, because back in 2000 when Lotteria first established in South Korea, the first endorser is Song Ji Hyo. Also Running Man cast lol. The only female member, super pretty, smart, and bad ass. Even though super blank most of the time but she is adorable and so goddess like. Cut the story short, I tried Lotteria because of Running Man. End of story :| Eh those two people sharing both Song surnames are not related btw haha I dunno why I bother explaining this -_-

This is Lotteria Chicken Set. Buying set means you already got 2 chicken pieces (one big, one small), rice, simple salad, and drink of your choice. The chickens consist of soy and sweet spicy. I ate this with my BFF and we both agree that the sweet and spicy isn't really nice. Compared to the soy one which is HEAVENLY. After that day I brought bf here as well and he's agree that the sweet and spicy isn't nice.
Later on we figured out that you can change one of the chicken but only into original one. We asked for both soy sauce but can't get :p So we have one original and one soy sauce since then. The top one (dark reddish one) is the sweet and spicy sauce chicken, while the bottom one is the heavenly soy sauce. The cashiers are usually polite and will patiently explain the menus to you, and later they will deliver your order to your table. But maybe you should be the one that have patience when the store is packed because other than the original is usually not yet made so you should wait a bit longer compared to ordering only the original one :) They have the set with one chicken thigh, that's only original and you are not allowed to change. The best part that I secretly like is they don't serve chicken wings. I hate chicken wings T____T it's too complicated to eat, contain very few meat, and too mainstream tsk. [TIPS] Also if the store isn't crowded you can ask which part of the chicken with which sauce. I usually order upper thigh with soy sauce (since it's bigger :p) and the lower thigh with original one :D

Drink included in the set is choices of soda like any other junk food store but it can be upgraded by only adding few thousand Rupiahs. I upgraded into Ice Choco.

It's not chocolate milk. It's chocolate drink. Better than Milo, a bit more like Cadburry hot chocolate drink. Except this is iced of course. Took a picture of a tray because it's cute hehe.. Koreans love pastel so much! Like I do! :p

Dessert! Something that should not be missed! Well, Indonesian McDonald's has finally brought McFlurry Oreo into the store but strangely only Orange Ice Cream flavor is available -_- so when I see this ice cream I was interested because I thought it's McFlurry Oreo! This is called Tornado. Comes in 3 flavors: Oreo, green tea, and forget... :| but it's too watery? Also the biscuit isn't Oreo because it tasted bitter :(

I ate in here 3 days in a row lol. First day with BFF. Second day with bf. Third day with brother. Hahaha.. they all love it. But I don't think as much as I do. Objective opinion without being biased, the chicken is really nice. Also the chocolate. I also already tried the Beef Teriyaki burger. It was good as well, but I don't really like the texture of the bread. Other than that no complaint! I believe it has lots of calories, fats, and oils... but it's nice haha.. Price also very affordable (read: cheap).

Give it a try and later leave comment if you'd love to! See you around :)

April 16, 2012

Marutama Ra-Men Plaza Indonesia / EX Jakarta Review

Marutama Ramen, or written Marutama Ra-Men, located on EX Plaza Indonesia Jakarta, 2nd floor just right across EX XXI. I completely forgot what it was before Marutama. The place located above the bowling arena so if you're seated near the window then you can see people playing bowling.

Arrived there quite early on Saturday evening so the place wasn't really packed. Got seated near the window. There are only 4 choices of ramen which surprised me, since the other ramen place has many choices. But Marutama only offers chicken/pork, vegetables, seafood, and something I forget. For rice menu they offer Japanese Fried Rice and Curry Rice, also many interesting choices of side dish. Anyway it's Google-able and they have official website as well :)

The waitress that handle seating allocation and taking order is the same person O_o And she took it without taking notes. I was worried that she might get the orders wrong but thankfully she didn't.

First came table was empty there's only a small bowl of fried garlic and sesame. Then she gave us chopstick. Which in the back of the chopstick is a customer review. But no pencil provided and I didn't bring any so I didn't fill in.

A very useless picture of chopstick hahaha sorry :|

Cold Ocha's served in Coca Cola glass? This glass was said a collector's item. It was sold in 5 different colors in Singapore and each day only sold one color. ...And in here they just freely provide in the restaurant. Mystery.. for me, at least. Choosing Ocha of course because it has refill :D Don't even bother to look at other drink menu lol :|

Yummy Yaki Gyoza as side dish!!!!!! The dip was weird though, or unique? Tastes sour, salty, spicy.. Undetectable haha.. But the gyoza is perfect! You can choose to have pork gyoza or chicken gyoza. This one is pork. Much better than Sanpachi has.

-Marutama Ramen-

Yes. The name is Marutama Ramen! The very first of 4 choices of ramen. A very soft handmade noodle with seaweed, and 2 slices of pork. (WHY 2?? Lol) The broth has very strong taste of egg? I don't know man it was good! I personally like the noodle and bf likes the broth. He ordered the spicy one, while I had the non-spicy one but he said it's not spicy at all :| I believe him because our spicy level is the same. I just chose to not have the spicy because I wanna taste the original taste.
It also seems that you can add additional topping into your ramen or even had additional noodles. Official Twitter of Marutama usually give away codes for free Tamago (egg) but when I requested one before I came, the admin said they only distributed the code from Monday to Friday. (I requested on Friday late night) so I didn't have it -_- non sense. But however that's their rules. Also if you share your picture while eating there you'll get free Ice Dorayaki! :)
For me one word best described Marutama is Authentic :)
I guess it's the nearest ramen in Indonesia that's quite close to those we had in Japan. But I haven't tasted the famous Hakata though ;p

I didn't have dessert because we're in hurry to watch Battleship. Which by the way super awesome and I would like to give rating 11/10. Only 3 movies in this year so far that gets me teary and feel all awesome inside. They are: Battleship, The Hunger Games, and Man on the Ledge. You just can't beat combination of good action with good humor and good love story (couples or family).

Have nice food and nice movie!

April 02, 2012

BonChon Chicken Jakarta Review

Suddenly this BonChon Chicken popped in few malls in Jakarta. Seems like every mall I go, I saw it lol. BonChon Chicken (written: 본촌 치킨; funny because if you read it, it's actually read BonChon ChiKin lol. It's translated correct though) is a Korean chicken food place. I think it's franchise from somewhere. Probably originally from Korea. Sorry I don't really bother to research first. But I'm sure it also has place in Singapore because I once saw the famous Singaporean blogger, Xiaxue stated that she likes BonChon garlic sauce chicken. (Indonesia doesn't have garlic one)

The day I ate this was by accident. We were passing through many food stalls in a mall, deciding what to eat, then there's BonChon Chicken waitress was distributing free samples. Bf took a bite and he said it's super crispy and yummy so we decided to give it a shot. I don't bother taking samples because I originally thought it would be the same like OMO! Chicken or Kamikaze. But many of my friends messaged me that day asked me to try BonChon. Universe has set me up :|

-French Fries-

Wanted to cry seeing it. Haha.. BonChon do not offer size of french fries as I remember. And it came in this only 14 sticks of fried potato :| It was quite thick than common fries but.. 14.. Yeah I counted it. Few of them even half tall than the rest. So I will never order french fries from here anymore :|

-BonChon Chicken Strips Original Sauce-

...because wings are too mainstream. Haha okay. It's a good point. I'm tired eating wings because of so many bones plus it has less meat on it. I never like wings. Always prefer drumstick. Wanted to order drumstick in here but lazy bf is lazy. Wanted to eat all in one bite apparently.. I don't know. It's easier to eat without getting messy I guess. Though they provided washbowl so you shouldn't be afraid of eating messily :) Rice ordered separately because we ordered the medium size of chicken strips containing 8 strips.

It's not crispy but it is a solid white meat without fat. They have 2 choices of sauce; original and spicy. As I mentioned, Indonesia didn't provide garlic one. We were drinking Coke and Fanta. All costs almost IDR 80,000 which is quite affordable. Also there's 10% discount for student by showing your valid student card! :)

They sell Mochi Ice Cream too but we were in hurry to watch The Hunger Games after eating this and I forget the dessert :( The Hunger Games was awesome btw!

Anyway, beside rice, chicken, and fries, BonChon also provide choices of Chicken Wrap, rice package with choices of chicken (strips, drumstick, wings, etc.), dory fish, and many other choices. For me it's worth to try :)

March 28, 2012

Calais Tea Supermal Karawaci Review

The first tea place opening in Karawaci!!!!! I'm so excited! Haha.. I think it has really good opportunity there since Karawaci only have Starbucks as a decent place for drinking. Desperately for those who do not drink coffee, we have to go as far to Alam Sutera to get Chatime in our hand. But that's no longer needed because we had CALAIS TEA NOW! :D

I think the only differentiation Calais has with Chatime (sorry I have to compare to another brand) is they don't have option to change the sugar and ice level. Even if they do, I wasn't offered though :| I went there after it was opened for 1 day. I have been expected it since I saw it's built since last month. Last Thursday (it wasn't opened yet), somebody was opening the box of the place while it's still renovated (maybe to give last touch? Lol) and I got to peek at the decoration inside. It's so pretty! Now that it's opened, you get to see the whole decoration! I gotta give a penny for the owner's thought. Not many pay attention to decoration :)

Hello cute lamp decoration! Unlike usual blog post, this post will come up with non-food/drink picture. Sorry I can't help it!! If those leaves are accompanied by flowers I'd probably post twice photos as I do now!

The seating. There are 2 kinds of seating, I sat in the couch kind one. So comfy for lazy-ing lol.

Here's the how the making process place looks like. The one that didn't wear the uniform is the owner :D And those who are seated and caught in camera, sorry wasn't intentional hehe..

-Honeydew Milk Tea with Large Bubble & Chocolate Milk Tea with Egg Pudding-

Order! First impression, honestly disappointed. I've been looking everywhere and jumping around like literally when approaching this place just to know that the pink bubble is sold out. I'm so crazy about pink and it's not available so I have to order the usual bubble which I can get easily at anywhere -_- I placed second order which was my bf's and the bubble seemed to be available only for 1 cup. So I ordered Egg Pudding instead (which is YUMMEH! But still I want pink bubble.) Also, these cups hasn't been holed by straw yet but the amount of the tea doesn't reach the very top. I witnessed the tea making process, and there's few amount of tea which I measured could be enough to fulfill the cup into the very top but they throw it away. Barista why you do that T_________T

Also I've been seeing Calais Tea Facebook for quite long time, they usually write sweet messages and wise quotes on the cup. But I didn't get :( I assumed because this place was really packed.

We personally like the design of the cup also since the moustache thingy is very "in" lately. (I even saw a very expensive plain T-shirt with a moustache on it! Ok irrelevant.) I don't know the meaning of Calais, nor the relation of the name to the moustache. But one thing I can suggest, please provide more pink bubble!! Because there's girl who will just go for something because it's pink!! I was talking about me, in case you hadn't notice. Also this will be a new hangout place for people around here, especially for UPH students. Welcome to Karawaci, Calais! :)

## Update from Calais Tea Facebook page!

Thank you for your writing www.lil-cl.blogspot.com, we are all ears and will improve more. ^^.more pink bubble is available and we will improve on not spilling more tea for our customers. the quoted cups got sold quick, but we will keep up ...our diligent and write more inspiring quotes for our Calaistas in Karawaci. FYI, Calais is actually a city in France, it is a port city and the gateway city from England to France. We choose the moustache as a symbol of France Gentleman that is famous for its courage, honourable character and gentleness.

March 19, 2012

Burger King Supermal Karawaci Review

Promo by Burger King! Buy one Value Meal of Angus, get free Mini Sundae! :D

Now pic.

Here's the appearance of Angus Beef Burger. YUM! I usually ordered Whooper Jr. though. But for the patty, I love Angus more. It's more fluffy and chewy (I know it's not a doll lol). I don't usually eat Onion Rings and in this burger contained like 2 slices of onion rings but it perfectly fits the burger and I eat it without complain. Super yum!!! Omg I craved it now :|

Value Meal comes along with French Fries (which bf claims is the best french fries in town) and choices of drink. (I chose Nestea) I reckon that I don't need to put a pic of those, right? :p

So here's the Mini Sundae :D

Mini Sundae with chocolate sauce!!!! I was about to be given the Caramel sauce. Caramel sauce is addictive one! But I didn't want it this time. I had it already last week, so I asked for Chocolate hehe.. Background of the photo is bf and his extra salty french fries -.-

We had 2 desserts at last night. Another one was fresh Watermelon from Foodmart Gourmet :D It was downstairs though and we ate at Burger King. No worries we cleaned our own mess before leaving ;)

4 slices for IDR 3,750!! So cheap!! It was 50% discount though. Tips to shop here, usually above 8PM (until they close at 9PM), they discounted few fruits for 50%, so they can cut new everyday to maintain the freshness. Among those sale stuff, one or two have very good quality ones. You just gotta be selective. Like this! Red and fresh and watery! One of our best buy for the night :)

Thanks for reading! Have a good day ♥

March 13, 2012

Kitchenette Plaza Indonesia Jakarta Review

Ugh I feel so outdated. People have been visiting this place soooo many times and waayyyyyy more frequently than me, while I, who did self-proclaimed as a food blogger, just got a chance to visit this place last week! What can I say I live so far away :(

We visit there around 3 or 4 PM, on weekend. And I can say, we're now officially the part of the hype. Why? Because we got into waiting list lol. While waiting they served free lemonade to those who waited :) I had good service as well. Even though I already put my name into the waiting list, still the waiter from inside come to me and offered to find me table. Which he did successfully! So I didn't wait for so long!! *happy* No I wasn't cutting the queue loh. It's my turn already :p

-Mango and Orange Elixir-

Unlike many other restaurants in Jakarta (like stated in few previous posts), sometimes I find it hard to choose drinks. I always look up for something that's worth the price. But in Kitchenette, I almost ordered 3 drinks. No kidding. I was hit by sunlight that day before reaching Kitchenette because I was crossing the road from Grand Indonesia to Plaza Indonesia, so I really craved for something fresh, sweet, and cold. I eyed the choices of elixir, frozen frappe (and any other frozen stuff, basically), and Creme Caramel by TWG. But ended up choosing this one. Because bf ordered frozen frappe I might just try it from him then.

-Cookies n Cream Frappe-

Not a big fan of whipped cream!! I hate whipped cream. But it tasted quite nice anyway. Bf said he would come back for this but I didn't agree. I was expecting strong cookies/chocolate flavor but then the coffee smell and taste dominated. Well it's frappe after all -_-


Was ordering Theodore at first. But I didn't know why it's no longer available :( Disappointed. In the menu, it says that it came with roasted potato. What I had in mind that it would come with small rounded potato ball. Not a potato chip. That's too oily -_- The only thing I didn't like from the dish honestly. Beneath those potatoes lies melted cheese and pork bacon (you can choose between pork and turkey). The galette itself is unique. At first you will say it's like the ordinary martabak, but the more you chewed, the more you craved for it!


It's quite funny though how they named the savory one with guys' name, while the sweet galette/crepes with girls' name :D This is bf's order. Filled with meat everywhere. Ordered pork one as well. And that round meat is spicy!! For me at least. He likes it so much. I guess he'd make a better food judge rather than me because he said the word "like this food" so rarely.

Anyway, Kitchenette is holding Instagram competition. Stage 1 is until this March 18th!

How to join:
~ Took your picture from Kitchenette
~ Post it to your Instagram with hashtag #instaKitchenette and mention @K1TCHENETTE and @Ismaya.

Winner will be going through few stages and main prize is iPhone 4S! Have fun eating and competing! :D

March 12, 2012

Mr. Pancake Living World Review

Prepare for cuteness alert~~~ lol.

Few weeks ago, I was visiting Living World with my auntie and grandma. They're both never been in this mall and wanted to try a visit. (ended up disappointed lol. They thought it was a shopping mall at first, while Living World actually owns the biggest Ace Hardware and many food stores. Not fashion stores.)

We were so full kept trying many foods and snacks. Still before leaving the mall, we chose to stretch our legs at Mr. Pancake. Please note that our tummy condition is so full already, it shouldn't be able to receive any more food.

Menu was distributed to each one of us and we saw many choices of pancakes. Therefore, since we were full, nothing catches our fancy. There's a menu saying Savory and Specialty and we order one from there. And grandma picked Banana Split.

First order to come: my Strawberry Juice ♥ It's fresh and sweet but no added sugar! I can taste sugar, don't worry. But what I like the most from the waitress, we first ordered Guava Juice and she said, "It's syrup, not fresh. Is it okay for you, ma'am?" And we're so thankful and asked what other is fresh and she stated Tomato and Strawberry. So we went for Strawberry which is the best decision.
~ Btw, please don't ask why those guys in background making those faces. I have no idea. :p

Butterfly Pancake

Isn't she gorgeous??????? And it's so freaking yummy, fresh, and delicious! (yes lots adjectives with same meaning :|) It consists of 6 fluffy small pancakes which tastes so light and fluffy (obviously). Probably a little bit like Dorayaki from Eaton Bakery. But this one has better smell--the good butter smell? I can't find proper word :( Topped with strawberry ice cream and fresh strawbie. With raspberry / strawberry sauce (I don't really recognize it) with sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. SUPER YUMMY!! The strawberry ice cream isn't recognizable as well. Its taste was so milky, more like milk than strawberry imo. Remember again, we're full and still craved for more of this ♥

Banana Split

This was grandma's order. Topped with fresh fruits and 2 rolls of wafer. Fresh fruits, but not so nice ice creams. But it does look yummy, doesn't it?? :D

Anyway it's a happy experience and food journey though. Coming back to Living World again might have a very slight chance since that mall is so lack of shopping store. But if I got a chance to go there again, I'll definitely come back for Butterfly ♥

All of the orders ended up squeaky clean and I still bought Chatime on the way back hahaha.. :|
Ok bye!! :D