August 30, 2015

Din Tai Fung The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Had a little getaway to Singapore last month, and stuffed myself with all foods I've been craving. I also got recommendation from my cousin who studied at Singapore that said it's a must to try Din Tai Fung at Singapore. I've tried Din Tai Fung in Jakarta, but I'm just indifferent about it. My mom was recommending it too, said it's different from the one in Jakarta. Turns out that it actually does, cos it's not halal :D

The system is to write down your order first (ask for the menu, paper, and pen to shopkeeper outside) and give it back to her. She'll then give you queue number and later call you accordingly. You can sit back and wait for your order, cos she already put it into the kitchen.

Siew Mai

The most popular menu at Din Tai Fung, be it in Jakarta or overseas, is their famous Xiao Long Bao. As widely known Xiao Long Bao is dumpling filled with clear soup. My father specially requested to not order this because he doesn't like the soup. I agreed and ordered Siew Mai instead, thinking it would be like an ordinary Siew Mai. Turns out it's still Xiao Long Bao lol. Only topped with prawn and have thicker skin so maybe that's why it's called so. It's good though, I personally like it. The green vegetables on the picture was sauteed Dou Miao (that's extremely hard to order in Jakarta, they kept running out of it).
Roselle Drink

I ordered this while my parents ordered Chinese tea (typical..). Thinking it would be sweet (bcs I usually ordered in here and it's sweet!) but it turns out more towards sour x_x (probably due to dried sour plum drowned in there) mom likes this though, we ended up switching drinks :| I find the drink is unique cos the ice cube is made from the roselle as well! So when it melts, it wouldn't change the taste of the drink. The ice cube is so round and so cute and not as sour cos hasn't been disrupted by the damn sour plum.

Pork Chop Fried Rice

*insert heavenly sound effect here* It's the star of the show! The fried rice is just like any other Chinese fried rice, but the pork chop though! It's to die for. Next time I go here, I'm sure going to order the pork chop separately! The portion is quite generous, I share this with mom.

Mango Pudding

My favorite (Chinese) dessert of all time. Love the generous amount of mangoes they put both as topping and inside the pudding. I have no complaint.

I think it's true that you at least have to try this once because the variety of menu is completely different from the one in Jakarta. The selection of menu is not too many, but each deserves honorable mention. Unfortunately due to our weak currency it's actually quite pricey. If only our exchange rate towards SGD was like IDR 5,000 or 6,000 like in the past, this actually on par with Indonesia's Din Tai Fung's price. Nevertheless, when I go to Singapore again (despite of heavily used Mandarin language here that I couldn't understand), I will definitely come back.

Rating: ★★★☆
Will I be back: Yes.