April 21, 2014

Ikkudo Ichi Central Park Review

2 posts in a row! Hehe..

Visiting Ikkudo Ichi for the first time last Saturday. There's always this continuous debate between Hakata Ikkousha and Ikkudo Ichi (just like Tekko vs Leko, never ending). I think everyone has their own opinion on this infamous debate. Anyhow, I've only tasted Hakata so far and liking it at first. But only the one in Kelapa Gading branch, but then last time I went it somehow turned disappointing. Tried the one in PIK, also disappointing. Tried the one in Taman Anggrek... even more. They don't even serve pork!! They promised pork menu will be available after Lebaran last year, and hey it's almost Lebaran again this year wtf.

So yea back to Ikkudo lol I'm rambling. Went to the Central Park branch, that's somehow famous for its bad service. I'd say after visiting.. not so bad. Few weakness but I wouldn't say bad. The waitress just didn't offer us menu -_-

Buta Signature

Learned that Buta means pork and Tori means chicken! Hahaha.. On appearance, it appears smaller than its competitor, but after I finished this I feel very full! I didn't customize my ramen, but if you'd like to, you can customize the type of the noodle and the thickness of the broth. I like the ramen, despite the very thin slice of the chasiu :|
I read harsh comments that say if you like ramen in Jakarta, means you've never tasted better. Well.. I've never been to Japan and if you're so prude like that you shouldn't be eating ramen in Jakarta -_- sorry occasional rage :|

Bf ordered Buta Curry something. He likes it so much he dips everything in the broth, even the premium pork cheek we ordered -_-

Premium Pork Cheek (5 slices)

I took the pic when it was still 5 slices but the pic magically disappears T.T The meat tastes good and very tender. But I don't lust after pork as much as my bf so in the future I might be unwilling to pay IDR 72k for this 5 slices of pork. But bf certainly will *shift eyes*

Overall this is a fresh change after many disappointment, and I think from now on when I crave for ramen I will only eat Ikkudo :)

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I be back: Yes.

Jiuzhai Valley Restaurant PIK Jakarta Review

I just got email from a certain five star hotel in Jakarta. Though I rarely check my email and the invitation has obviously expired, I do realize people do read my blog hehehe.. (well yea I have statistics but due to the lack of comments I sometimes feel disheartened.)

Anyway, got recommendation from a China native man to eat at this Chinese restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta. He said this is the closest he gets to the authentic cuisine back in Guangzhou. Closest in Jakarta, but nowhere near the authentic. The statement is ambiguous. Anyway, bf and I gave it a try. Bf has tried the one in Guangzhou and I think he could make a fair comparison.

Gan Guo Pork Intestine

This was bf's favorite cuisine when he visited Guangzhou. Cooked with lots of oil and many kinds of chili. Very tasty but prepare for the spiciness. The spiciness is real O.O There are also few slices of potatoes inside, but the intestines are the stars. (Small portion: IDR 58k, big portion: IDR 78k)

Hui Guo Rou

To be honest, we looked at the menu and got confused, hence we asked the waitress what's the popular dish in there and she pointed this. This is pork belly cooked with, again, lots of oil and chili. But there is edible green veggies there (garlic chives?). The spiciness is not as overwhelming as the pork intestine but this tastes as good. When we visit the second time (yes, there is already second visit lol) we ordered this again. And the pork intestine, of course. The pork belly costs: for small portion IDR 48k, big portion IDR 68k.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

We visit this place after we had massage at Nano Reflexology, Pluit. That place gives free food and beverage as compliment and since I finished faster than bf, I had chicken porridge there hahaha.. So I only took few spoons from this Yang Chow Fried Rice. Tasted okay, nothing special. Price: IDR 30k.

I have to remind if you don't like salty food, this isn't the place for you. I like it and I know when food are overly salty, but for me this is decent and a good salty. Please trust my taste buds haha.. I just have to clarify this because I read people complain of the food being too salty. For me it isn't, but I guess it depends. Jiuzhai Valley opens until midnight, so if you're in the neighborhood and want nice food with rice at very late (bcs Indonesian can't live with rice :D), do come visit.

The only minus thing from this place is the waitresses!! They are not waitress. They're more like your maid or helper from home and asked to serve in this restaurant. Very rude, no manner, talk back to customer, record the wrong order (we order big portion, she gave small one wtf), sit in the customer table, sleep in customer table -_______- but then again, you do not pay for any service charge!
When we visit the second time, there this native Chinese lady (I assume the owner) and the waitresses behaved a bit better :|

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I be back: Yes. (I need to explore other menus though, since twice went there I ordered the same thing T.T)