September 14, 2011

Rice Bowl

Hello from Chef Panda! I never know this restaurant has been so cute since I never eat here again for almost 2 years. From the slight appearance of the roasted duck above, can you guess what restaurant is this? :)
Nobody would answer anyway. This is Rice Bowl.

So many memories~

Iced Lemon Tea and Orange Float

KungPao Noodle

Kangkung Garlic

Black Pepper Beef

Plus one bowl Hainanese Rice for me and plain white rice for my bro. Ate this during Lebaran holiday also but before our parents come. I'm honestly disappointed. Rice Bowl was my favorite restaurant 2 years ago. I accompanied my best friend break fasting here (not breakfast), I dated here, I gathered with my friends from net world in here. I did many things in here in the past, but now I don't think I'll ever come back again. All those food if I reviewed will only make me use bad words :( So, this is a gallery post then. Enjoy the pics! :)

September 07, 2011

Pork Alert

Last week has been a devastating for non-Moslem Indonesian citizen. Lol okay I was exaggerating. Last week was a Lebaran holiday. As it always happens every year in Indonesia, more than half people in the capital city, Jakarta, were going back to their hometown in an activity called "mudik". As this happened, many food places and restaurants are closed. The ones that stayed in Jakarta had hard times in finding food. But I enjoy my precious one week holiday tho ;) Here are photos of my food during Lebaran holiday! :D

Nasi Campur

I believe it doesn't have English name :| This was eaten at ITC Mangga Dua 2nd floor in a kiosk named Casio Garing Bintang Lima. Consists of 3 types of Pork (Lapciong, Char Siew, Crispy Pork Skin), slices of chicken and half boiled egg. The rice is cooked with Hainanese Rice's style. Yum-meh! A must eat every time I went shopping at ITC ;D


Muahaha be afraid of this food. This is Sekba. Contains of a lotttt of pork's intestines, lungs, Chinese pickled vegetables, potatoes, tofus, and boiled with lots of traditional Chinese ingredients, I believe. (Since you can smell a strong unpleasant aroma from this food lol.) Usually there's even skins from pig and its meat but by the time I bought it, it's sold out already! Bought at Pluit during Lebaran holiday and this place is super crowded! I even ate the delicious Duck Beehoon there but I forgot to snap hehe~ Even tho it smells horribly (kekeke) but the taste is definitely worth the smell!

Mille Crepe

The next day I had lunch with my family at Sushi Tei Central Park. I guess I don't need to snap sushi's pictures since I think everybody is familiar with Sushi Tei. But this dessert! Not so new. I've had it quite few times I just finally remember to snap the pic this time lol. So I proudly present, the Green Tea Mille Crepe topped with Red Bean Sauce from Mionette Cakes cooperated with Sushi Tei. (I just found this out minutes ago! Lol.) This is the mille crepe that has strongest milk taste among other crepe cakes I've ever tasted. And I mean this in a good way ;)

Hmm. Kinda confused to write the name lol. So after the lunch at Sushi Tei @ 3 PM, we continued to this restaurant named Beautika Restaurant @ 5.30 PM. Barbaric much? Lol. Beautika Restaurant located at Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Its specialty is in Manado (North Sulawesi) Food which is famous for its super spicy foods. I once had lunch here and this place has many choices of food and they put in on display so I can't snap one by one /sob. We came back here at late afternoon just to eat the super delicious Fried Banana served with Spicy Sambal and Es Kacang Duren (Shaved Ice with Durian and Red Beans). Best best combination ever! The spicy sambal is not only usual sambal. I can't even describe it. I mean it's not only consists of chili but there's a lot more and making it super tasty. And you eat it with sweet fried banana! Really worth to try and I would like to come back there every month :p And the shaved ice just delicious. Never before I adore local food as I adore my hometown food haha.

Pork Hainanese Rice

Instant Noodle!

Yay to pathetic food! Haha. No no. The pork rice is really amazing. I don't know where mom's best friend bought it then she sent it to our apartment. The crispy pork skin is flawless! Also comes with delicious sauce and perfect chili sauce. Yum yum yum! (Auntie, send us some more! :p)

2 ways cooked Suckling Baby Pig

Um.. I just realized that I haven't taken the pic after it left that amount :| Delicious!! Crispy Pork Skin and Honey Roasted Pork from MayStar Central Park. Yum yum yum! The other food I ordered was just okay. I will only come back for the pork and Yang Chow Fried Rice. And after I think back, if the Peking Duck wasn't sold out, we probably wouldn't notice this yum-yum pork ♥

Pork Skin!

Again! Haha. I told my uncle that I had lunch of pork and he thought I still want it so he ordered it. Again! Lol. This is Pork with Crispy Skin from Imperial Chef Hayam Wuruk. Mind to see my table? Here we go ;)

 Mayo Shrimp, Peking Duck, Garlic Asparagus, Tofu -something (lol)

Char Siew Pao, Siew Mai, the same Mayo Shrimp as above

Not to mention the pork and Century Egg Congee (Pitan Egg) that has been done first, all of this table for 4 girls only! Me, my cousin and her 11 years old sisters. We're so good at eating ;D

Lo Mie Kangkung

The famous Lo Mie Kangkung from Cucu Pinangsia Greenville :) Pork alert. Haha. I made great decision by hitting the gym after these enormous calories from holiday. Anyway, may what I share be useful though.
Have a nice day! :)

♥ CL