November 30, 2011

Sweet Obsession

I've been into candies and chocos lately. Honestly I don't know why. I actually on diet (HAHAHA) and reduced all my meals' portion but my tongue was like calling for sweets. You know the feeling you have on your mouth and throat after you eat and the food got too much MSG? I felt all dry and wanted to nom candy instead.

So few weeks ago I managed to get bf bought me this new edition of Fox Crystal Candy. It's Spring Tea flavored. So hard to find fml. Not all supermarkets in Jakarta sold it. Even in Plaza Senayan which has 2 supermarkets (Hero and Food Hall?), you can only find this in Hero and only 3 cans left wtf. Anyhow, I tried to Google and can't find the pic (!! Google has failed 3 times to give me what I want this week!) since I left my candy can at bf's car, probably photo's gonna up on weekend. It has minty hint of taste but only 4 choices of flavor in one can :) And the flavor I like the most only got provided like 4 candies -_- Fox is always that mean!

Next obsession is the Traditional Handmade Yummy! Yay Sticky finally opened its first store at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. I knew about this brand during reading Xiaxue's blog on last year and been trying to get my friends from Singapore to bring it here but they keep forgetting (but they didn't forget to shop me shoes which is weird lol not blaming :p) And it's still fresh from the oven! Like the stores they have in another country, Sticky Indonesia completed the store with the live candy making. I was drooling and wanted to be all greedy there picking all the candies but I'm afraid of fat and cavities hahaha.. But I did buy Banana Rock and Watermelon Rock though! :) Wanted to buy the Xmas Mix but it's out of stock!!!!

Anyway be careful though. All candies they sold seem to have sour flavor which is refreshing and good for those who doesn't like sweet but I was craving for sweets! So I asked the candy girl there for sweet flavor and she recommended me Banana Rock and Watermelon Rock :D *grabbing and walking to cashier directly* This Banana Rock is my special favorite since it reminds me of my childhood candy, Banana in Pajamas. Hahaha I didn't remember that candy until I put this candy on my mouth. This candy has now officially gone and turned into cavities in my teeth but who cares~ ;p

And since I got nothing to nom here, I back snacking my chocolate candy :9

Snapped this right before I opened blogger.com lol. Lotte Dream Cacao! It's like a must buy list every time bf and best friend went to Korea. This got 56% and 72% version. For me 56% is already bitter enough :( And bf keep nomming 72% as it's the sweetest thing on earth -_- Best friend also introduced this to his gf but his gf claimed Royce is still the best before she even tried this one hahaha.. I think this 5672 (this is how we called this choco because Lotte Dream Cacao is too long to pronounce and too complicated lol) has its own advantage since Royce must be kept in fridge but this one can be put anywhere. Ya of course don't put under heat or sunlight la -_- (bf tried to ship this once during my stay in hometown and I got harden liquid with no form as result) but I meant room temperature is fine for it :)

This is how it looks like inside. Totally already 1/3 bottle left since I kept eating it since bf gave me -_- You decide it's a candy or a chocolate! :D

November 15, 2011

Roppan Toast Review

I'm hungry. I don't know why I decided to write this post in the middle of my hunger. Sometimes I'm just really stupid.

That Sunday afternoon after having a so so lunch at Secret Recipe, me and my family decided to continue for dessert at Roppan. It's just few more steps from Secret Recipe anyway. My family chose the menu they wanted, I went to cashier for ordering.

At first at the cashier, I confidently ordered Matcha Honey Toast. Then the cashier asked me, "Matcha or Matcha Matcha?" And I was like, what's the difference. Turns out that Matcha Honey Toast has 2 scoops of Green Tea Ice Cream. While Matcha Matcha has 3 scoops of Green Tea Ice Cream. I thought 2 scoops was enough since all of us who ate were all girls.

YUMMY! Those bread are toasted with a little bit too much butter causing it becomes salty but the ice cream is a perfect companion! :) I can feel ice flakes on the ice cream somehow making me thought that Roppan actually made the ice cream themselves. I kinda regret why I didn't choose the Matcha Matcha instead. 2 scoops isn't enough :(

For the drink, we ordered Peach Beer Float. Or something like that. Tastes like beer -_- Which I don't really like personally. But my mom really loves it. She practically craves for it like every week. As we ordered with Float, I only enjoyed the vanilla ice cream :|

I have this weird habit snapping picture of tissue lol. However most of the place I went to, put some nice things in the tissue. Like Roppan did. They put the history of the origin of their name :)

Roppan sells Sushi and some Japanese rice dish as well. But now I can only recommend Roppan for dessert / snacking place only ;D

See ya on the next post!

November 13, 2011

Starbucks Holiday Treats Review

November is the month when all Christmas atmosphere has come to town. That includes Starbucks as well! On November 4, they announced that the holiday drinks have come back, including NEW beverage named Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha! Curiosity all around me. Lol. So the next day after announcing, November 5, I went to Starbucks Senayan. Too bad the inside seating is full so I have to seat outside which was full of smokers :(

I was aiming for Cranberry Frappucino but my bf who did the order got it wrong by order Iced Cranberry :( It has stronger coffee of course which I'm not a big fan of. I always love the Frappucino from Starbucks kekekek.. He ordered Iced Toffee Nut and Iced Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha for me. Later on we exchanged drinks. I grabbed his Toffee Nut, while he's drinking my Cranberry. Later on, we changed back lol. Both are delicious! And even though it has coffee all over, not to be afraid Cranberry Mocha is sweet!

Like every year, Starbucks offer a card where you can fill with 25 stickers to be redeemed later with Starbucks planner. Of course I'm having it ;)

Next week after that photo was taken, I was going for Starbucks again. Alone this time. Since I saw in Starbucks' fanpage on Facebook that they also offer Holiday Treats as well!! By appearance I was interested on Creamy Blueberry Cheesecake. So I ordered it. Along with Peppermint Mocha Frappucino :)

All I can say is that plastic fork is useless. I was fooled! I thought the cheesecake was moist and was all like chiffon cake. But it's not. It's better! It's more like pie crust. So you can't use plastic fork to cut it. Just use your hand to bring it to your mouth. The crust was good, plain taste. The cheese cream filling inside (yes they do have it inside!) tasted just fine. The sweet one is the blueberry cream and blueberry jam on the top. And I wasn't wrong by combining it with Peppermint Mocha (drinking snow in a cup!). I feel like it's Christmas already :D

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to Starbucks again for its Raspberry Temptation. Many says it's good. But for now, that's all I can review. Hope it helps. Have a sweet pre-Christmas!