June 03, 2011

Dessert Island

Lotte Choco Pie ♥
Happy Promise? What does that imply? :| Anyway bought it at Food Mart Gourmet in a medium red box. Each box contains 6 small packages and it keeps calling me whenever I walk, so I decided to buy ♥

Lotte Choco Pie (inside)
Two soft cakes as top and bottom. And in the middle is... Marshmallow! I thought it was vanilla cream filling! I was fooled x_x

Mango Pudding
The tissue below the glass printed Genting. Well it was in Genting Highland, Malaysia but I can hardly remember sorry. This was taken on October 2010 :| But Mango Pudding is always been my favorite dessert in almost every Chinese Restaurant so this must also be a good one ;)

Roti Prata Ice Cream
Roti Prata is an Indian Cuisine but the cafe combines it with 3 selections of Ice Cream, with poured Chocolate Sauce. Heaven! (Location: Safari Cafe, Padang - West Sumatra)

3 scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream
Nothing special just want to get all of you drooled. *getting punched from every sides*

Waffle with Strawberry Ice Cream and Banana Slices
Yummy look right? I was having this one day before my dental surgery. This waffle is hard to chew. So. Chewy. With standard-of-course-yummy strawberry ice cream and sweet banana slices. But BEWARE! There's hidden peanut butter in every corner of the waffle! If you like peanut then good. If you don't then get ready to dig up! Get rid of it! Ugh.. (Location: Malacca)

Haagen Dazs' Passion Waffle Delight
I changed the Ice Cream selection since there's no Passion Fruit flavor available at that time -_- that was Strawberry and Raspberry, I guess.

Haagen Dazs' Banana Split
My friend changed the Ice Cream selection into Green Tea, Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla. Lol looks kinda funny though, but delicious! Well you can always trust Haagen Dazs :p (Location: Central Park, Jakarta)

Harvest' Chocolate Cake
This was a slice from a birthday cake.

Ice Durian
A must try dessert for Durian lovers! Not much place can make a good one though. Most of the place use over matured durian causing the taste being overwhelming. (Location: Padang)

Chocolate Brownies
Handmade brownies by little sister! Unbelievably yummy ;9

Cornetto Disc Strawberry
Topped with thick chocolate and peanuts, all strawberry ice cream with strawberry jam inside in the middle of ice cream and crunchy ice cream cone! (Produced by: Wall's)

So. Here's my collection of almost one year desserts ;p May you all get encouraged to keep eating desserts as important part of daily meal. Desserts bless you!

June 01, 2011

Noodles Doodles

Javanese Noodle (Mie Jawa) at Warung Kampung, Supermal Karawaci
My comment: Standard Indonesian noodles you can find at street lol. But this is good one. Really. I'm just kidding of the street part :p that's just to describe the main taste. Oh well..

Spaghetti Aglio Olio at T-Grill Benton Junction
My comment: Spicy! But good one. Also tasty stiff garlic bread and they put lots of Tuna and Olive inside. Yum! :9

Maple Grilled Salmon at T-Grill Benton Junction (sorry for bad quality, taken with different camera)
My comment: Salmon's taste is good. Tasty enough already without adding the Herb Sauce. The Spaghetti is good but don't eat the Aglio Olio first as you may find this spaghetti plain and tasteless :|

I got clearer and more tempting view of the Maple Grilled Salmon! Lol. Earlier this day I was being jobless and opening mom's phone. Apparently she thinks its fun to take pic like what I did (she has no idea about blog) so she snapped one too. *directly steal mom's capture via Bluetooth*
Anyway, get hungry!! ;)