December 10, 2012

Sari Sanjaya Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera Review

Few weeks ago, I was blog-walking few Indonesian food blogs and it left me wanting local food in the middle of the night. During Moslem New Year, I had Bebek Goreng Hj. Slamet. (Local, right? Lol.) Then 2 weeks ago, I went for the first time to Sari Sanjaya. Sari Sanjaya, as I read, focuses on South Sumatera cuisine. They sell many kind of Palembang food, from the famous fishcake until local market's cake.

I went there with my friend who's born in South Sumatera, though. So she helped me in judging haha..

She told me that foods that being sold here are actually not main course. She stated that back in her hometown, foods like these are actually snacks. Lol. Anyway, she had Mie Celor Kuah Santan. (Chewy Noodle served with Coconut Milk gravy)

There are few small prawns in there, half boiled egg, veggies and chewy noodle. I took a bite, and just nod. Lol. I can't judge. For you who didn't like strong taste, there's also choice of Kuah Bening. (Clear soup without coconut milk)

Forgive my upside-down picture. It can't even be helped with rotate tool lol. I was experimenting so much, trying to be artsy -_-

I had this: Pindang Ikan Patin. Uh.. I'm not sure how to say it in English. Tasted like Tom Yam. Very fresh, the fish was very soft; it's like melted in your mouth, and the sour and spicy level was just perfect. Unfortunately this is only 1 person's portion. There's like 1 slice of Patin Fish inside there lol. I had it with white rice.

 I also ordered this. It's called Roti Tissue. (Tissue Bread??) I'm getting ridiculous in translating. Anyway, I ordered this for dessert. Many times I've seen my friend posted food like this on their social media profile but I can't figure out where they had it. (too ashamed to ask :|) But theirs don't look like this. Their Tissue's skin are smoother and taller. It's served with thick condensed milk.

It's endless... O_O

You just can't stop eating it! First because it's yummy, and second because it has lots of layers. Kudos to whoever made it, rolling it perfectly without cracks. Top skin was crunchy and bottom skin was chewy. Oddly I like the bottom cause it reminds me of Martabak's skin in my hometown. Even though I ate this with my friend, we can't finish it x_x I want to bring it the leftover home but ashamed larr ahahaha..

My friend also had this, cause she said this is the only thing reminds her of hometown. This is the infamous Es Kacang Merah (Shaved Ice with Red Bean). Tried it also, but I'm not a fan of red bean though :D

I also had 3 fishcakes (Pempek) there. But I had no pic, cause I'm that brutal when facing fishcakes :| Ordering 1 portion means 1 piece only. I had 2 Lenjer (the usual long one) and 1 Kulit, (Chewy skin?) which I never tried before.

PS: I do use a lot of chewy and skin word in here :|

Added with 2 drinks, I had Iced Lime and she had Ice Tea, total damage was IDR 130k for both of us :) It was worth it!

Totally coming back! They also served seafood and veggies like normal restaurant, but I'm afraid it would be too expensive to pay. It was end of the month, anyway. :P

Until then! ^^