January 30, 2012

Sushi Groove Mall Taman Anggrek Review

Okay, not a review. This is gonna be biased somehow because I like Sushi Groove. I should call this an appreciation post instead :)

Last weekend I had lunch at Sushi Groove. This is like the millionth visit of mine lol. Still tempted to order unusual menu because I know this visit will go to the blog. I usually had the fantastic Potato Salad but this time I'm gambling by choosing Crispy Chicken Skin Salad.

It's all fresh but deep down buried in all that veggies, there's soy sauce? Super light soy sauce? Japanese soy I guess? Which on my taste bud feel no match to the veggies. I prefer mayo or thousand island. So next time, I'll stick with the Potato Salad. Swear not gonna cheat again on you :|

-Angry Bird Roll-

Delicioussssss!!!!! Too bad it only came in 5 rolls lol. It has chicken katsu inside made me wonder why it is named Angry Bird :p

-Tokyo Meltdown-

The oh-so-amazing Tokyo Meltdown! Really this is not a review. This is always been my favorite everytime I went to Sushi Groove and it's like a primary menu that should always be ordered :D

 -Pirate Roll-

First time trying this menu and it's also so yummy!!!!! At this moment I already didn't care to observe what's inside the roll and just kept nomming ahahaha.. The topping itself seems like sausage/ham cuts and the whole topping actually tasted like pizza topping. Soooo delicious. I'm drooling now.

Of course apart of these, there are many other good choices of Sushi at Sushi Groove. The other menu that I frequently order also Bulgogi Roll and Princess Roll. Only this time, they can't fit to my tummy anymore :| And of course the refillable Ocha is one of the good thing in every Sushi place :D

Next weekend eating here again? I don't mind ;)

January 26, 2012

Poste Kitchen & Bar Review

It was last minute lunch. That day was both of me and my bf day off, so we walked around for little city tour. The day before I was reading something (forget what -.-) there I found an article about Poste and I'm tempted to try it. My friend already warned me that the food there is "Simple and Plain". I don't even know what he meant. He even hasn't tried it himself. Despite of that, I still want to try Poste. I even called the restaurant to make sure it is opened (because it was weekday), also to make sure of the location lol.

Arriving there, it turns out it is an office building or something? And people who were eating there are either employees or foreigners.

Here's the menu. It is actually the same menu. On the front side is food, and on the back side is beverage. Poste means post. So the menu was design cutely like an envelope. It doesn't really much choice though :(

 Along waiting for the food, I snapped the indoor decoration. (Outdoor is for smokers)

-Bacon Wrapped Chicken-

Here's my order. It's perfectly cooked. The mashed potato also the best. The chicken has truffle mushroom inside and you can actually chew those veggies. The sauce is also nice and got just enough taste.

-Duck Confit with Sweet Potato-

This is bf's order. Managed to steal the bacon and sweet potato but it doesn't really my style. He loved the duck though.

-Blackcurrant Tea-

Nothing really tempting on the drink menu so I'll go with the tea. Tasted just okay. Bf got Honey Chamomile Tea and it's like diabetically super sweet :|

Overall Poste has good food. Didn't try the dessert because we're having dessert somewhere else. Though if I don't remember, I may have ordered the Mille Feuille just to give a try but the food was stuffing my tummy I even left few pieces of the chicken. It's yummy but I won't come back just for the chicken, because that's the only food worth the price IMO. I might have going to another Western restaurant next time :)

January 24, 2012

Old Town White Coffee Indonesia Review

I don't recognize this name. Really. I passed the store few times but I thought it was sort of like The Coffee Bean? But it turns out more like a Kopitiam instead :)

As my auntie told me (may correct her if she's wrong), Old Town White Coffee is store branched from Singapore. I wasn't big on coffee so I'm not really recognizing coffee stores all over the world. It's different if you're asking tea place, like Chatime, to me :p

So last Saturday, me and my auntie was on Mall Taman Anggrek, as I previously stated on last post and we had lunch there. I was going to pick Sushi Groove or Pepper Lunch as safe choice, but my auntie insisted on eating proper white rice. Since she's the one paying then fine, I'll go with her pick. As you may guess, we went to Old Town. It's located on LG floor just beside Kopitiam and it's still new. It's packed! Many people were eating lunch there. Luckily we got seat. (there were only 2 seats left!)

Auntie ordered Dory Fish Rice. While I was drooling over many choices of noodle and I can't even decide! So I asked the waiter and he said the noodles that got ordered by many people is Mee Beehoon Prawn. (not sure of the menu name though)

YUM! It has literally MANY things inside. Prawn, squids, veggies, half egg, beehoon (vermicelli), mee (noodles), fish cake, and... uh.. many things! I just can't remember. And the broth tasted AWESOME. A bit spicy but so freshen! I will be back here ;)

For the drink I ordered Raspberry Smoothie (price 25k). There's another choice which is added with Yoghurt (price 28k), but I didn't choose that because I thought that would be too much since the noodles I was predicted would be sour. But the smoothie turned out a bit too sweet for my liking. And it tastes like Sugus Grape, in a form of cold liquid. Another choice of flavor is Orange Smoothie. I will try again with the yoghurt perhaps :D

For the closing of the day before leaving Taman Anggrek, auntie bought me Maquis. They're opening booth at Peking Symphony stage at atrium. Originally I saw them at Central Park. I bought Chocolate Mini Cake and Edam Mini Cake. When I got back home, opened the nice paper bag, it contained Edam and Almond one -_- and it doesn't taste good. So thick of cheese. So unless you're a big fan of cheese, I wouldn't suggest you to buy Maquis Mini Cake :|

Took the pic at home :( pretty pink cake store why didn't you taste nice? And honestly got not many choices also.

Anyhow I would recommend Old Town. The varieties of menu are many so you may wanna come back 10 times to try them each.
Tomorrow I'll be back to daily regular life. Hope will be able to post another Lunar New Year food experience :D
Have a nice day!

January 20, 2012

Fish and Co. Mall Taman Anggrek Review

Uh.. I've been here quite many times. Usually my college buddies celebrate their birthday in here. I feel like I already memorized their menu already lol :p But this time I went with my parents which this is their first time :)

-the almost gone Mushroom Soup-

Yum! Too bad it didn't come with garlic bread.

-New York Fish and Chips-

This is my mom and my order. (We shared.) Changed the fries into mashed potato. Not match at all -_- Since New York style uses cheese and on the mashed potato they put creamy milk? I should remember next time to stick with regular fries. The rice seems tempting too though but mom didn't want rice so...

-Singapore Style Fish and Chips-

It has chili crab spread all over the fish. I was having this on September 2011 and there was a huge gaming event at that time. They used Fish & Co. for their guests meeting place and the place was swarming! I came with my friends and ordered this menu. At that time, the crab spread wasn't spicy at all. This time when pop ordered this, tastes nice! Wah -_-

-Blackcurrant Tea-

My drink! In my opinion this is better than Passion Fruit one. And I always order the one you can refill :D During eating this I was tweeting to official Twitter of Fish and Co. And I was actually getting free drink DM-ed by the admin of Fish & Co. But I wasn't using it since I already order the tea. The free drink is Big Fish Drink and it is HUGE. My drink is refill one! Can't fit on my tummy anymore lah. Even eating main course shared -_-

I just wondered if I used the code for next visit in Fish & Co., will it still be valid? As I got it in November 2011 :| (yes, you read this right. This is post from visiting at November 2011 T_T procrastinating to the max.)

And I LOVE Fish & Co. Choco Fudge Cake! Hopefully I can get one. And order one so I can have two ;)
It's almost Chinese New Year and I'll be spending my Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at either Mall Taman Anggrek or Central Park. There should be many posts coming up if I'm not delaying again :p
Dinner time now! Have a nice day & Gong Xi Fat Chai!!