March 07, 2014

Bubur Kam Seng Mangga Besar Jakarta Review

Years ago, I saw one of my Facebook friends posted Chinese food and caption the picture as "Kam Seng!!!". At that time I thought Kam Seng was a Chinese word with a meaning like "Kanpei!". Turns out it's a name :|

So last night I finally had a chance to visit this porridge place with my brother and unwilling bf lol.

Here's what we ordered. From the very left side clockwise: Bubur Tiga Rasa, Tahu Kecap, Cheong Fan/Cheong Fun (Chinese Rice Roll) large, Bubur Guangzhou Special, Cheong Fun small, and 3 portions of Cakue.

Closer look of the orders without the cheong fun. Bubur Tiga Rasa (3 flavored Congee) contains 3 kinds of eggs inside; salted eggs, century eggs, and I forgot the other one sorry :| Bf ordered this. Then me & bro shared Guangzhou Special Congee with peanuts, char siew, and sliced fried eggs.

My portion! Congee is usually eaten with side dishes but even though I'm a Chinese descendant, I'm not a big fan of porridge and never really eat congee. We usually ate porridge plain or just with chicken or fish fillet, the end. Then we're kind of amazed that everyone else in this place ordered a lot of side dishes to complement their congees. As other reviews have stated, their cheong fun is indeed memorable. It's the nicest dish on the table. It has tiny bits of char siew instead (optional) but the rice roll itself tastes very nice.

Rating: ☆☆ (additional comment from bf: Best porridge but not exceptionally great, there's a lot of other menus to explore :D)
Will I be back: Yes.