September 07, 2014

Popolamama Mal Taman Anggrek Jakarta Review

I always feel bad whenever I'm writing a bad review. It feels like I hold personal grudge to the restaurant. But it isn't. I just feel very disappointed that I need to share :(

I've seen Popolamama signage months ago replacing Ajisen Ramen at Mal Taman Anggrek. I wasn't interested bcs I thought it would be as mediocre as Ajisen. But then my friends at social media started to post "sweet pizza" at Popolamama Sudirman and I thought "Hey, Taman Anggrek has this place also." So when my brother asked me to have lunch there today, I said okay. Needless to say, I'd rather eat somewhere else.

First, I should say the service is terrible. When we got in, somehow only our table wasn't prepared with utensils, plates, tissues, ketchup, and basically everything. It's just table.

Brother ordered Pasta Set Menu A (IDR 70k); consists of Pasta of your choice (limited to only Bolognese, Tuna Aglio Olio, and Soy Sauce Beef, Spinach, and Rucola), Mini Salad, and choice of beverage (Coffee, Tea, or Iced Lemon Tea). Brother picked Bolognese & Iced Lemon Tea.
I ordered Cream Based Pasta with Beef, Spinach, and Rucola (IDR 52k) and also Iced Lemon Tea (IDR 20k).

Iced Lemon Teas with Mini Salad

Wait until 5 minutes with many waiters passing by, no one realized we weren't equipped with utensils. I had to raise my hand and asked for it. But what you asked is what you get. Only utensils and still no plate or everything else, while other tables are fully equipped -_________-

Spaghetti Bolognese & Cream Based Spaghetti with Beef, Spinach, and Rucola

I've always loved Rucola when it's cooked right. But this one is probably very raw with very tangy scent and I had to hold the urge of mini vomit everytime I put a spoonful in my mouth. Pasta was chewy and dry, no taste of cream. Only the beef had the cream absorbed -_- Bolognese was also very plain according to my brother, and we had to ask for Ketchup & Chili Sauce to get this through our throat.

Right after the waiter put this down, he took away our receipt (the paper you stick in customer's table to monitor all the orders) and said, "All of the orders have come out ya." And left wtf. We had to call him back to say that our pizza hasn't come ... And he said, we ordered no pizza. Earlier the waitress that took our order didn't bring any piece of paper and just memorize things I thought she's so capable but turns out, she missed the pizza omg...

We had to re-order. Brother was still eager to try the pizza, while all I wanna do just leave right away.

Classic Margherita Pizza

The only good thing in this disappointing lunch. Even though the topping more or less is the same like Domino's Pizza Deluxe Cheese, but the dough is definitely better. 

Popolamama is pretty much like Pasta de Waraku, except no matter how bad Pasta de Waraku is, it's still better than this -_-

Rating: ★☆
Will I be back: No.