September 12, 2012

The NEW Magnum Cafe House of Chocolate Grand Indonesia Jakarta Review

So right after light dinner at Kamikaze Karaage, I was actually saving up spot in my tummy for this Magnum Cafe. Bf suggested that we should head there directly as the queue can be really crazy. But surprisingly it's not as bad as I heard from other people. It was quick queue though despite it's on Sunday night. Or because the day after is Monday so..

I've never been in Magnum Cafe before. Previously when the first Magnum Cafe was opened, I didn't had a chance to visit at all. This time I should've not missed it! However, this is bf's third time because his cousins were big Magnum Cafe fan.

Few snaps I took that night while queuing lol.

The view you can see while on escalator :) looks luxurious isn't it.

First picture is background of the queue line. Lots of people took picture in here. Also got very bright lighting. I also took a pic! ;)
Second picture is the busy receptionist. She held a walkie-talkie to communicate with people on the inside.

We had a choice to sit both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor was meant for smoker and I usually HATE smokers. I still do, because they're so inconsiderate. But the view beats my hatred so I chose to sit outside. I think Magnum Cafe was on level 6 so the view is quite breathtaking. (not as breathtaking as SKYE of course. I jokingly said to bf that outdoor Magnum Cafe is like SKYE's inspired :p)

We took our order and we're told the food will come in 10 minutes. I was busy camwhoring so it didn't feel like 10 mins. It feels faster! Haha.. Drinks come earlier though. I had chilled Apple Juice (IDR 20k) and bf got Coca Cola (comes in can for IDR 15k)

Chocolate Brownie with Magnum Chocolate Truffle

Forgive me the actual name is really hard to remember. But the waitress speaks it out fluently she might be have some French blood on her. That's joke if you can't see it coming :| But you got my point :) I hope with the description it can help you in ordering :D

Chocolate Crepe with Magnum Chocolate Truffle

(both picture taken with flash and both food came out at the same time)

MINE! This is HEAVENLY! I'm sure deep inside those crepes (it's soft crepes btw) contains some delicious chocolate liquid! The combination of cold ice cream and warm chocolate sauce is DIVINE! Too bad because they already cracked half of the chocolate cover of the ice cream, mine was bent and it fell from the stick wtf. I eat ice cream with fork and knife as result :| but it was YUMMY!

The brownies' also YUMMY! Suddenly I'm lacking of vocabulary because of yummy food I had that day. I actually interested in the Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet menu. However it dips the magnum ice cream into some kind of powder (?) and I'm afraid it will taste sandy in my mouth. Also bf's cousin already had it and she said it's just ordinary. But those two menus we had was beyond ordinary!

I will come back for 3 more times I guess. I want to try the strawberry chocolate liquid dessert, waffle, and fruit pies! Give me voucher, dear Magnum? Hahaha.. *shameless*

Anyhow thanks for the experience! Please don't be a temporary store like last time :( I also wait for one of the variant with all strawberry inside and white chocolate outside! :D (saw once on Philippine ads).

View you see when you walked outside. Before going, don't forget to take pic with the gigantic ice cream!

Kamikaze Karaage Grand Indonesia Jakarta Review

Very quick and short update!

There was this weekend when I had 4 meals a day! I normally only have one though :|
Lunch at home, followed by tempura udon at Waraku, then at Kamikaze Karaage! (after that it's Magnum Cafe but that's another story lol.)

It's my very first time to visit Kamikaze. I usually stick to OMO! Chicken and lately been attached to Lotteria. Like I previously stated, Korean biased. Kamikaze is Japanese based and I don't really fancy Japanese. However, few days before I decided to visit, one of my close friend suggested me to try and she said many of her office friends claimed it's good. Beside I can do review as well lol :|

Dayum! Definitely Kids Meal! Haha.. told you I had 4 meals that day, so I can't eat too much. I forgot the actual menu name but it should be easy to spot as the rice shape is very.. eye-catching. Eye-catching is underrated though haha..
The menu consists of rice, 5 or 6 stripes of boneless chicken (YES NO BONES!), and (should be) cheese croquette. But the croquette wasn't available so it could only be replaced with salad or sauteed vegetables. I was disappointed at first but the salad is amazing! I forgive! The menu included tiny glass of Nestea lemon tea. For few gulps but that's enough for me.

Bf ordered one set with rice and 2 side dishes. Forget to take pic, but he can choose the sauce for his chicken. I think mine was soy sauce and his was sweet spicy. Both are equally good! His drink was normal size of cold Ocha, refillable. Both sets also got miso soup for free :)

The table however has many studs (?) lol. So when you're pushing your plate or bowl be careful. You don't wanna spill the yummy food, do you? ;)

Price also affordable. One set is around IDR 30k - 40k. I will come back to try another dish!! I saw something in bun! That'd be my next target :D

See you in another post!