May 28, 2010

Dear Blog....

.... I really miss to do long typing on you. But somehow broken heart lose your spirit to write. Will be back later with better mood.
See ya~

PS: LOTS photos to post. Slow connection. Bad mood. You just have to wait x_x

PSS on 2011: I promise no more post about myself since this post. Purely and strictly food only ;p

May 13, 2010


Guess what?? First company that I applied, the company which provide my dream job, CALLED ME! Today. This afternoon! For interview!! For the job I applied!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teeeeeheeeeeeee~
I already gave up on that position though. Since I applied on mid April and most of my friends there said that limit for being called for interview is one week or two weeks. But now is a month already! And I'm innnn!! Well not really in though. But I'm so optimistic will pass ;p

Butttttt (free to read as but or butt), screw my life. Daddy's coming tomorrow causes me can't come to the interview!!!!!! W T F ~ !
That company doesn't have future. That company will torture you. That company etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah~!!
Then where in the hell should I work?????
Geez.. even when I reach work life they have to still control me? Saying that they could provide better work field for me. With trashy reason "for your own good" ??!? Yeah DON'T WANT. Thanks!

Hiks.. want to come on Friday T_T I really want to work. God~ ....

Enough with that then.
Uploading new snack pictures!! :)
Bought on Hypermart. Haven't tried them just found out that those stuff are cute and I thought would have cute taste as well. (wth haha.. :p)
That first picture, the super an pan man or whatever you name it, is strawberry flavored chocolate from Japan. Small size come with expensive price. So curious on the taste but don't have lazy time to enjoy it. Kinda not really willing to eat because if I eat then the cute appearance will disappear. *so not important; slap myself*
Second picture is Picco. Maybe another friend of Pocky? O.o I've tried this Picco once but not with this strawberry taste. The one I've tasted is vanilla flavor. Hopefully this one will be as good as the vanilla :D
Third picture is Oreo with Blueberry Ice Cream filling O_O scary eh? haha.. want to rip the wrapppp. But I thought mom says it's for brother --a then why should she buy it with me then? --a confuse..
Fourth picture is chocolate from Cadburry with Almond Praline filling. Should be good as well ;)

This is a picture of another snack. Traditional snack with no proper name. My family has its own name to say it but my friends could be mentioning it as another name --'
Bought on Foodmart Gourmet on Childhood section @_@ hoping taste will still be the same as it's tasted when I was a child.

About food menu I only have one picture x_x
It's when I had dinner at Platinum before I went to buy those stuff above ;p
I ate Chicken with Kangkung Hotplate there. Though my mom says it should be named as Kangkong with Chicken instead because there's a lot of kangkong there but there were only about 5 slices of chicken LOL. (with 2 cute small eggs; quail eggs)
This is the picture.

Well then, seems like I gotta close this post because no more photos to post x_x
Nitey~ :)

May 07, 2010

Quick Updates

Being such a bird in cage since mom came here and decided to stay with me!!
Can't go anywhere, can't have a date, can't try the new Blitz Megaplex on Central Park last week. Sucks.
Til now I haven't watched Iron Man 2 yet. Tragic.
My boy, bro, sis and 3 other friends are in Singapore. Right at this second, while I'm typing, they are in Universal Studio. Apparently they are in madness of Roller Coaster now from text message I got from them just now =.=. I'm so losing energy on being envious. I've been super envious til I have no more energy left to keep envious. *stress typing*

So yeah.. since my mom is here. One good thing is every night, we eat outside instead of eating home cooking dinner or delivery services. But there's only 1 good thing. The other is only bad things. 2 company called me for interview for the job I applied and I can't go because she forbid me. GAH!

I guess I will just post some pictures on me had dinner in here. Karawaci is not so good in culinary life though. I still super curious about Nuzzy's at Central Park. SOMEBODY TAKE ME THERE~!

This is Po Ma Nee durian. (if I'm not mistaken the name --a)
I got this from mom when at the second night she's here. This is the sweetest durian I've ever tasted!
And I dedicated this picture to my boy who's been longing for durian for long time but didn't get it until now :p
*or he might be will enjoy durian tonight with bro.. damn heartache..*
The next day after this picture's taken, mom bought one more package of this durian, at the same place, but with lower price. But it's just yuck. So my suggestion will be, don't buy discounted durian at Lippo Karawaci. Seriously.

Then we had dinner the next day at Serba Food, Benton Junction. Mom was interested in the brochure stated that all food in there wasn't using MSG. Yeah oldies do care with that stuff.

We ordered Nasi Goreng Telur Asin (Salted Egg Fried Rice) and Mee Goreng Malaysia (Malaysian Fried Noodle). The fried rice is super average. Mostly plain only salt when you bite the egg part. I had to add additional chili sauce to the rice =.= The fried noodle is nice! It's tasty and a little spicy. Actually Malaysian Fried Noodle is the recommended menu at that place :)

For drink, mom's having Strawberry Flavor Tea. While I was having Strawberry Tea Shake. (is that the name? --a) I didn't take picture of mom's beverage since it looks like a tea. ==a
But mine is lovely!!!!!! I love how it tastes but I don't know what the maker put on that tea. I want the recipe!!! x_x My guess is tea, strawberry, milk, and ice cube :)) haha.. of course -_____-

For the dessert, we continued journey to Supermall to have Sour Sally. Guess what. Sally Candy Mix hasn't available on Karawaci. Until now!!!!
I've been eating Sally Candy @ Jakarta from last month. How can it hasn't arrived in here?
So mom and I just had Stylish Melon Mint instead. As information, since mom came from my hometown which doesn't have Sour Sally there, she's so addicted to Sour Sally and can eat that everyday. O M G ~
She even love it more after Sally developed this Melon Mint flavor.
As usual I had Mango and Banana toping =D


The next next day, mom was having laziness to cook and I have laziness to go out as well so I decided to make instan noodle -____-
I bought the new taste Curry-something. Forgot :)) haha.. pardon.
And I don't like!! 4 hours after eating the spice taste still left on my throat. Pain pain pain!! So deep taste of curry spice. Don't like T.T
Funny thing is the noodle is plain but the water is super red and spicy. Why do I think everything I eat has something confusing? @_@

 Beside the noodle is my crazy writing paper hehe.. *not important detail =.=*

The night, exactly last night, I had dinner at T-Grill, Benton Junction.
I had T-Grill Tenderloin and Strawberry Milkshake, mom's having Mushroom Soup and Orange Juice. Only take a picture of Strawberry Milkshake because not interested at the design of the other. The menu of the night was actually Mushroom Soup with its Garlic Bread. But it's an appetizer and I've been really hungry. So yea.. you know me.. forget to take picture -.-
This is Strawberry Milkshake's pic.

Tastes more strawberry than milk :) enjoyable for everybody!

Anyway mom's getting annoying. Start to peek out what I wrote. iHate!
Gotta close this post soon. See ya~ :)