June 01, 2011

Noodles Doodles

Javanese Noodle (Mie Jawa) at Warung Kampung, Supermal Karawaci
My comment: Standard Indonesian noodles you can find at street lol. But this is good one. Really. I'm just kidding of the street part :p that's just to describe the main taste. Oh well..

Spaghetti Aglio Olio at T-Grill Benton Junction
My comment: Spicy! But good one. Also tasty stiff garlic bread and they put lots of Tuna and Olive inside. Yum! :9

Maple Grilled Salmon at T-Grill Benton Junction (sorry for bad quality, taken with different camera)
My comment: Salmon's taste is good. Tasty enough already without adding the Herb Sauce. The Spaghetti is good but don't eat the Aglio Olio first as you may find this spaghetti plain and tasteless :|

I got clearer and more tempting view of the Maple Grilled Salmon! Lol. Earlier this day I was being jobless and opening mom's phone. Apparently she thinks its fun to take pic like what I did (she has no idea about blog) so she snapped one too. *directly steal mom's capture via Bluetooth*
Anyway, get hungry!! ;)

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