September 14, 2011

Rice Bowl

Hello from Chef Panda! I never know this restaurant has been so cute since I never eat here again for almost 2 years. From the slight appearance of the roasted duck above, can you guess what restaurant is this? :)
Nobody would answer anyway. This is Rice Bowl.

So many memories~

Iced Lemon Tea and Orange Float

KungPao Noodle

Kangkung Garlic

Black Pepper Beef

Plus one bowl Hainanese Rice for me and plain white rice for my bro. Ate this during Lebaran holiday also but before our parents come. I'm honestly disappointed. Rice Bowl was my favorite restaurant 2 years ago. I accompanied my best friend break fasting here (not breakfast), I dated here, I gathered with my friends from net world in here. I did many things in here in the past, but now I don't think I'll ever come back again. All those food if I reviewed will only make me use bad words :( So, this is a gallery post then. Enjoy the pics! :)

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