October 11, 2011

Ramen 38 / Sanpachi Ramen

Probably 38 is read as Sanpachi in Japanese language I don't know lol.

Few weeks ago I had a date with my bf. We're going to watch The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (this is seriously a complicated title) in Blitz Megaplex Central Park. While waiting for him to finish work, I went for lunch alone at Ramen 38 in Central Park. I don't know why but this branch isn't listed in Ramen 38's official website -> Ramen Sanpachi Official Website.

This is my first time in here and kind of sad since I ate alone. I noticed that people looked at me in a weird way :p Never mind though. As the night before I already browsed through the website for people's review on the internet, I decided to order Set Menu 38 Teishoku (pronounced as Sanpachi Teishoku). It consists of 3 pieces of Gyoza (you may choose Pork or Chicken), 1 Mini Chanan (Japanese Fried Rice), Zasai (Salty Pumpkin Salad) and Ramen of your choice. I chose Mabo Men.

This picture has been edited since the original is ultra bright red. I gotta lower down the saturation causing the pic turns into almost black and white. Sorry :(
On the top left is the Zasai. I didn't get to eat them all since it's super salty and I don't really understand how to eat it. Bottom left is the delicious Japanese Fried Rice. Tastes like fried rice of course :p I happen to eat Japanese Fried Rice few times in another restaurant and they taste almost the same. The good part of Sanpachi's fried rice is they put lots of ingredients inside. Chicken, peas, scrambled eggs, and few other veggies. The Gyoza hasn't arrived yet since I ordered the pork one and they cooked it separately so no need to worry for those who don't eat pork :)

Close view of my Mabo Men. Yummy! They don't use Udon as the noodle. Instead they use handmade traditional noodle I used to eat back in my hometown. It was covered at first but then you mix it until the noodle shows up. The menu said it's spicy beef. I don't taste any spicy feeling at all. I ordered small bowl and added with rice and Gyoza, I feel super full. It's not so special though this ramen. Many says the popular one is Jigoku Ramen. I'm gonna come back for that ;)

Here comes the Gyoza! They put the sauce on the table, plus the chili powder, salt, pepper, and many other additional spice. You can mix up on your own. I was tempted to pour the chili but since this is my first time I don't wanna ruin the original taste ;)

The waitresses here are very kind and helpful. They keep smiling and when you call them, they stop what they do and ask what to help you. The kindest employees I've ever met in restaurant is in here. I drank Cold Ocha (and though that's quite pricy when you compared to the free Ocha from Sushi Tei lol), and they refilled your glass when they pass you and saw the glass is empty.

After you done with your meal, they're gonna lift up your tray and give you free complimentary Jello. I got the lychee flavor :)

For those who interested to try here, it's located on GF level Central Park in the middle of Java Kitchen and Takigawa. I was really lost and so hard to find this place because of lack information on the internet -_- I even literally counted the block number lol.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day! :)

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