April 02, 2012

BonChon Chicken Jakarta Review

Suddenly this BonChon Chicken popped in few malls in Jakarta. Seems like every mall I go, I saw it lol. BonChon Chicken (written: 본촌 치킨; funny because if you read it, it's actually read BonChon ChiKin lol. It's translated correct though) is a Korean chicken food place. I think it's franchise from somewhere. Probably originally from Korea. Sorry I don't really bother to research first. But I'm sure it also has place in Singapore because I once saw the famous Singaporean blogger, Xiaxue stated that she likes BonChon garlic sauce chicken. (Indonesia doesn't have garlic one)

The day I ate this was by accident. We were passing through many food stalls in a mall, deciding what to eat, then there's BonChon Chicken waitress was distributing free samples. Bf took a bite and he said it's super crispy and yummy so we decided to give it a shot. I don't bother taking samples because I originally thought it would be the same like OMO! Chicken or Kamikaze. But many of my friends messaged me that day asked me to try BonChon. Universe has set me up :|

-French Fries-

Wanted to cry seeing it. Haha.. BonChon do not offer size of french fries as I remember. And it came in this only 14 sticks of fried potato :| It was quite thick than common fries but.. 14.. Yeah I counted it. Few of them even half tall than the rest. So I will never order french fries from here anymore :|

-BonChon Chicken Strips Original Sauce-

...because wings are too mainstream. Haha okay. It's a good point. I'm tired eating wings because of so many bones plus it has less meat on it. I never like wings. Always prefer drumstick. Wanted to order drumstick in here but lazy bf is lazy. Wanted to eat all in one bite apparently.. I don't know. It's easier to eat without getting messy I guess. Though they provided washbowl so you shouldn't be afraid of eating messily :) Rice ordered separately because we ordered the medium size of chicken strips containing 8 strips.

It's not crispy but it is a solid white meat without fat. They have 2 choices of sauce; original and spicy. As I mentioned, Indonesia didn't provide garlic one. We were drinking Coke and Fanta. All costs almost IDR 80,000 which is quite affordable. Also there's 10% discount for student by showing your valid student card! :)

They sell Mochi Ice Cream too but we were in hurry to watch The Hunger Games after eating this and I forget the dessert :( The Hunger Games was awesome btw!

Anyway, beside rice, chicken, and fries, BonChon also provide choices of Chicken Wrap, rice package with choices of chicken (strips, drumstick, wings, etc.), dory fish, and many other choices. For me it's worth to try :)

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