March 28, 2012

Calais Tea Supermal Karawaci Review

The first tea place opening in Karawaci!!!!! I'm so excited! Haha.. I think it has really good opportunity there since Karawaci only have Starbucks as a decent place for drinking. Desperately for those who do not drink coffee, we have to go as far to Alam Sutera to get Chatime in our hand. But that's no longer needed because we had CALAIS TEA NOW! :D

I think the only differentiation Calais has with Chatime (sorry I have to compare to another brand) is they don't have option to change the sugar and ice level. Even if they do, I wasn't offered though :| I went there after it was opened for 1 day. I have been expected it since I saw it's built since last month. Last Thursday (it wasn't opened yet), somebody was opening the box of the place while it's still renovated (maybe to give last touch? Lol) and I got to peek at the decoration inside. It's so pretty! Now that it's opened, you get to see the whole decoration! I gotta give a penny for the owner's thought. Not many pay attention to decoration :)

Hello cute lamp decoration! Unlike usual blog post, this post will come up with non-food/drink picture. Sorry I can't help it!! If those leaves are accompanied by flowers I'd probably post twice photos as I do now!

The seating. There are 2 kinds of seating, I sat in the couch kind one. So comfy for lazy-ing lol.

Here's the how the making process place looks like. The one that didn't wear the uniform is the owner :D And those who are seated and caught in camera, sorry wasn't intentional hehe..

-Honeydew Milk Tea with Large Bubble & Chocolate Milk Tea with Egg Pudding-

Order! First impression, honestly disappointed. I've been looking everywhere and jumping around like literally when approaching this place just to know that the pink bubble is sold out. I'm so crazy about pink and it's not available so I have to order the usual bubble which I can get easily at anywhere -_- I placed second order which was my bf's and the bubble seemed to be available only for 1 cup. So I ordered Egg Pudding instead (which is YUMMEH! But still I want pink bubble.) Also, these cups hasn't been holed by straw yet but the amount of the tea doesn't reach the very top. I witnessed the tea making process, and there's few amount of tea which I measured could be enough to fulfill the cup into the very top but they throw it away. Barista why you do that T_________T

Also I've been seeing Calais Tea Facebook for quite long time, they usually write sweet messages and wise quotes on the cup. But I didn't get :( I assumed because this place was really packed.

We personally like the design of the cup also since the moustache thingy is very "in" lately. (I even saw a very expensive plain T-shirt with a moustache on it! Ok irrelevant.) I don't know the meaning of Calais, nor the relation of the name to the moustache. But one thing I can suggest, please provide more pink bubble!! Because there's girl who will just go for something because it's pink!! I was talking about me, in case you hadn't notice. Also this will be a new hangout place for people around here, especially for UPH students. Welcome to Karawaci, Calais! :)

## Update from Calais Tea Facebook page!

Thank you for your writing www.lil-cl.blogspot.com, we are all ears and will improve more. ^^.more pink bubble is available and we will improve on not spilling more tea for our customers. the quoted cups got sold quick, but we will keep up ...our diligent and write more inspiring quotes for our Calaistas in Karawaci. FYI, Calais is actually a city in France, it is a port city and the gateway city from England to France. We choose the moustache as a symbol of France Gentleman that is famous for its courage, honourable character and gentleness.

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