July 30, 2012

Lotteria Supermal Karawaci Review

Call me biased! You all may be agree or disagree, but I really think there's some kind of Korean invasion into this country, correct?

Anyway to those who's looking for food information in here, I'm deeply sorry that I didn't update my blog for a very long time.

So today's post is about another Korean food stall entering Indonesia. Lotteria has been in Indonesia for quite some time it's just me that's late noticing :| As I know there are already 2 Lotteria, each at Gandaria City and Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta. Somehow they expanded into Lippo Village in Karawaci, Tangerang and I'm thankful for it. For me personally it's better than BonChon and like an upgrade version of KFC (yeah, Kentucky Fried Chicken).

I was first seeing it on Twitter. It's a very random day to see grand opening of a food store on Twitter, I know. But what catches me and made me squeak to everybody I know to accompany me going there is because 2 reasons. First, I once saw Lotteria in this Korean variety show, Running Man. It's my favorite show and I'm literally addicted to it. Each episode has been replayed by me minimal 10 times. Ask me any episode and I'll tell you the guest and their missions right away wtf sorry out of topic. So ya I saw Lotteria in Running Man, episode 74, if you care to look by yourself lol. Second reason, the endorser is Song Joong Ki. Former Running Man cast as well. He's the latest endorser I think, because back in 2000 when Lotteria first established in South Korea, the first endorser is Song Ji Hyo. Also Running Man cast lol. The only female member, super pretty, smart, and bad ass. Even though super blank most of the time but she is adorable and so goddess like. Cut the story short, I tried Lotteria because of Running Man. End of story :| Eh those two people sharing both Song surnames are not related btw haha I dunno why I bother explaining this -_-

This is Lotteria Chicken Set. Buying set means you already got 2 chicken pieces (one big, one small), rice, simple salad, and drink of your choice. The chickens consist of soy and sweet spicy. I ate this with my BFF and we both agree that the sweet and spicy isn't really nice. Compared to the soy one which is HEAVENLY. After that day I brought bf here as well and he's agree that the sweet and spicy isn't nice.
Later on we figured out that you can change one of the chicken but only into original one. We asked for both soy sauce but can't get :p So we have one original and one soy sauce since then. The top one (dark reddish one) is the sweet and spicy sauce chicken, while the bottom one is the heavenly soy sauce. The cashiers are usually polite and will patiently explain the menus to you, and later they will deliver your order to your table. But maybe you should be the one that have patience when the store is packed because other than the original is usually not yet made so you should wait a bit longer compared to ordering only the original one :) They have the set with one chicken thigh, that's only original and you are not allowed to change. The best part that I secretly like is they don't serve chicken wings. I hate chicken wings T____T it's too complicated to eat, contain very few meat, and too mainstream tsk. [TIPS] Also if the store isn't crowded you can ask which part of the chicken with which sauce. I usually order upper thigh with soy sauce (since it's bigger :p) and the lower thigh with original one :D

Drink included in the set is choices of soda like any other junk food store but it can be upgraded by only adding few thousand Rupiahs. I upgraded into Ice Choco.

It's not chocolate milk. It's chocolate drink. Better than Milo, a bit more like Cadburry hot chocolate drink. Except this is iced of course. Took a picture of a tray because it's cute hehe.. Koreans love pastel so much! Like I do! :p

Dessert! Something that should not be missed! Well, Indonesian McDonald's has finally brought McFlurry Oreo into the store but strangely only Orange Ice Cream flavor is available -_- so when I see this ice cream I was interested because I thought it's McFlurry Oreo! This is called Tornado. Comes in 3 flavors: Oreo, green tea, and forget... :| but it's too watery? Also the biscuit isn't Oreo because it tasted bitter :(

I ate in here 3 days in a row lol. First day with BFF. Second day with bf. Third day with brother. Hahaha.. they all love it. But I don't think as much as I do. Objective opinion without being biased, the chicken is really nice. Also the chocolate. I also already tried the Beef Teriyaki burger. It was good as well, but I don't really like the texture of the bread. Other than that no complaint! I believe it has lots of calories, fats, and oils... but it's nice haha.. Price also very affordable (read: cheap).

Give it a try and later leave comment if you'd love to! See you around :)

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  1. Salah tuh, ga ada di Gandaria City. Huhuhu.

    Saya bela2in semalam kesana karena baca ini, gataunya ga ada.