November 02, 2012

Brussels Spring Central Park Jakarta Review

There was that one weekend me and bf spent with our best friends, talking about upcoming work project. Since it was right after lunch time, our tummies were full enough to had another food, but we had to sit somewhere. And sitting in a coffee shop would be too mainstream lol. I was aiming for Churreria at first, but it was full! So we were torn between Bakerzin and Brussels Spring, ended up choosing Brussels Spring, for a very long Sunday afternoon chats.

Bf loves their ice cream here. His choice was Belgian Chocolate and Ferrero flavor. We were once here before and I tried the Strawberry one, it was.. well, you can say authentic since it tastes a bit sour. But I like my strawberry ice cream sweet with milk taste so I didn't order ice cream. I had a fusion food instead.

My dessert is Fla Berry Pancake, topped with ice cream of your choice. I picked Black Forest flavor. Yummy! But it melts easily, see. Probably because the pancake was hot. Tell you, it's actually a doubted pancake lol. It's not a proper pancake. More like a kue dadar your mom made during your childhood and it's so chewy. The fla is also the fla you can find it kue soes haha.. I was confused choosing between pancake or waffle, and I did go with pancake at last, but if it's a traditional cake I can make on my own, maybe I should try their waffle next time. Their pancake is a bit loss in here, but the ice cream was worth a re-visit.

This was our drink: Lychee Orange something.. Me and bf shared since the price almost equalizes the food's price and we just don't think it's worth it. The glass wasn't so tall either, and it's just a mixed of soda with lychee syrup, given few cuts of fresh oranges. But it's freakishly sour. They had another drink in there such as milkshake thingy, but I didn't order since it would be too bold after ice cream.

At the end of our super long meeting, I mixed the melted bf's ice creams with few of sour oranges and actually tasted it hahaha.. A sour chocolate ice cream :| my invention. Told bf to try it as well and he did!! With a lot of cringes lololol.

After that we continue dinner at Tatsuya Teppanyaki. We had a good time! :)

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