October 31, 2012

Gong Cha Central Park Jakarta Review

I tried too many bubble tea, seriously. But I love it!! One of these bubble tea seller should really sponsor me lol.

So earlier this month (or was it middle :|), Gong Cha opened its very first and the only store in Indonesia! I've heard so much about Gong Cha, reading Singaporean blog, and read many good reviews of it. So after 2 days on its soft opening, I went to Central Park with my brother and tried it. Central Park announces it on its Twitter, saying it's opened on first floor. I thought it's ground floor :| But it's 1st floor.. well.. located in front of Duck King. You have to ride escalator twice and for me it's actually 2nd floor lol.

-Black Milk Tea with Pearls & House Special Winter Melon Tea with Pearls-

I should say I'm really regretful that I only took this only one picture, though in total I've purchased 6 cups! Six!!

Black Milk Tea was my brother's and I fairly said it tastes just like any other black milk tea, only it's less sweet than others, even though the sugar level was normal.

Winter Melon Tea, on the other hand, was special. Unique, to be precise. Since no other tea place offered winter melon tea. Winter melon was one of my favorite drink during Lunar New Year. (the canned one, brand Seasons. I assume if you're Chinese, you also see a lot of these during Lunar New Year. But you can freely purchase this in any mini market, though.) As a child, my brother couldn't bring himself to drink winter melon (personal taste I guess. Even though mom continuously says it's good for health?) But I offered him to try this, and he was okay with it. Probably was helped by the tea lol.

House Special means they added milk foam on top of it. There are 3 ways to drink it. I happened to already know because of reading Singaporean blogs. And when my order was given, the employee asked me whether I already know how to drink it or not. And I said, I know. He seems surprised haha..
3 ways to drink it:
1. Sip the milk foam only.
2. Sip the tea only.
3. Stir them together and drink it!

CMIIW though. Hahaha.. House Special is available for 3 kind of tea; Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Winter Melon Tea. Both Green Tea and Earl Grey Tea costs IDR 20k (topping not included. Each topping is IDR 3k). And Winter Melon Tea is IDR 23k? (Forgot kekekeke..).

It certainly leaves impression to me, and I came back on October 27th, during its grand opening. It was holding a promo all drinks IDR 15k only! (turns out it's not valid for House Special :p)

I ordered Earl Grey Tea House Special. Brother sticks with his Black Milk Tea (well you know. Guys seem unwillingly to try new stuff), while mom ordered Lemon Winter Melon (fusion drink), since she can't drink milk. It was 9PM and all pearls are sold out!!! So I picked Ai Yu for my topping. They said it's an Agar-agar, white version of grass jelly apparently. It was very soft and fresh! Mom and brother picked the original grass jelly.

They mixed up my order, though. They must also be wondering, of all people, why they must mix up order from a blogger :| They put milk foam on top of my mom Lemon Winter Melon, and my Earl Grey was plain -.- But they willingly re-make those two for me!! Even apologizing like 3 times! I usually was not that persistent, but keep in mind that my mom can't drink milk, even it's in foam form, so I had to change it and request to get the order right.

The winner for that night is Earl Grey Tea House Special! Brother keeps asking me for my drink but I won't let him hahaha.. 4 more stamps to free drinks! This weekend certainly coming back again for the House Special ♥

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  1. Waaaah, aku suka banget lho sama Winter Melonnya, baru mggu lalu cobain http://bit.ly/TTdxTz

    Nah skrg stlh baca postingan kamu, aku jd penasaran sm yg Earl Grey-nya deh. Btw, nice post sis... :)