October 16, 2011

Lapo Ni Tondongta [Senayan]

Too bad I only took one picture here!

I had super late lunch today at almost 4 PM at Lapo Ni Tondongta, Senayan. I've been told many times about this place by my friends (they used to eat here every week!), also read many reviews about this place in other food blogs. They serve DELISH pork!

*self sigh* ..... What a plain picture.

This is my first time here so my bf did all the order. He picked the Roasted Pork with Rice. First time the order came out, I saw very small portion of pork and very large portion of rice -_- I doubt my tummy would be satisfied by looking at the portion. But turned out it fulfills my tummy just fine, just by this order only. I even gave half portion of my rice to my bf. But if I order like 2 more plates of the pork, I seriously can eat them all. They're DAMN YUMMY. It's also completed by small bowl of clear tasty soup. Which makes a perfect companion for the dry pork. The way to eat the pork is to squeeze the lime all over, then spread the green chili provided and pour salty soy sauce. (My mouth is watering again just by writing this.)

Price is super reasonable. It's about IDR 13k for 1 portion of pork and IDR 4k for the rice.

Will I come back again? I will. Every damn week if I can ;)


  1. There's no such thing as a non yummy pork, only yummy pork and super yummy pork. HAHAHA

    Peace out, Babivore =p

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