November 15, 2011

Roppan Toast Review

I'm hungry. I don't know why I decided to write this post in the middle of my hunger. Sometimes I'm just really stupid.

That Sunday afternoon after having a so so lunch at Secret Recipe, me and my family decided to continue for dessert at Roppan. It's just few more steps from Secret Recipe anyway. My family chose the menu they wanted, I went to cashier for ordering.

At first at the cashier, I confidently ordered Matcha Honey Toast. Then the cashier asked me, "Matcha or Matcha Matcha?" And I was like, what's the difference. Turns out that Matcha Honey Toast has 2 scoops of Green Tea Ice Cream. While Matcha Matcha has 3 scoops of Green Tea Ice Cream. I thought 2 scoops was enough since all of us who ate were all girls.

YUMMY! Those bread are toasted with a little bit too much butter causing it becomes salty but the ice cream is a perfect companion! :) I can feel ice flakes on the ice cream somehow making me thought that Roppan actually made the ice cream themselves. I kinda regret why I didn't choose the Matcha Matcha instead. 2 scoops isn't enough :(

For the drink, we ordered Peach Beer Float. Or something like that. Tastes like beer -_- Which I don't really like personally. But my mom really loves it. She practically craves for it like every week. As we ordered with Float, I only enjoyed the vanilla ice cream :|

I have this weird habit snapping picture of tissue lol. However most of the place I went to, put some nice things in the tissue. Like Roppan did. They put the history of the origin of their name :)

Roppan sells Sushi and some Japanese rice dish as well. But now I can only recommend Roppan for dessert / snacking place only ;D

See ya on the next post!

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