December 05, 2011

Waraku Dining Central Park Review

-Chicken Katsu Set-

Pretty sure it has fancier name though lol. This include Udon Soup, Potato Salad, Rice, Chicken Katsu with veggies, and pickles. I don't understand why the have the Katsu sauce separated. Usually they just gonna pour the sauce and usually it's lighter one. It's more like a dip. We asked for extra chili sauce and they gave it in tiny plate and made a flower pattern of it. So it's like 6 times pressing the chili bottle? Service in here is good but the waiters were lack of smile. *just saying*

Chicken Katsu had 5 slices of chicken only!! Deep fried but tastes like Takigawa :| (sorry for bringing up another restaurant's name. I just can't help to compare -_- and I didn't like how Takigawa fried its chicken)
Sauce/dip is thicker than usual sauce but tastes nice if you combine with chili sauce.
Potato Salad tastes exactly like Sushi Groove which has best potato salad ever.
Udon Soup is saltier than expected. Doesn't really have taste on broth but the udon quality is no doubt the best.
Pickles.. I have no idea. I don't like it.

Waraku Dining has been opened almost in every mall in Jakarta. And never once thought to dine in here because I thought it's just the same with Pasta de Waraku. And since my brother's gf work for "certain food supplier" in Indo, then we ate here at Central Park :D Quite confused to choose the food and it's also quite pricey for some menu. One menu can exceed IDR 100k. It was nice dinner, nothing particularly extraordinaire. I think it's just the same with every Japanese dining in Indonesia. They seriously have tight competition for Japanese food in here. Despite we're so hungry, I can't say that the food is amazing. Even usually when I'm hungry I said everything is delicious. Guess Waraku has to come up with something more different than any other Japanese dining :)

PS: Picture taken with iPhone! Congratulate me! Lol. It has better quality than BlackBerry but sorry for the over lighting, I'm still crazy about the HDR feature hehe :)

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