January 20, 2012

Fish and Co. Mall Taman Anggrek Review

Uh.. I've been here quite many times. Usually my college buddies celebrate their birthday in here. I feel like I already memorized their menu already lol :p But this time I went with my parents which this is their first time :)

-the almost gone Mushroom Soup-

Yum! Too bad it didn't come with garlic bread.

-New York Fish and Chips-

This is my mom and my order. (We shared.) Changed the fries into mashed potato. Not match at all -_- Since New York style uses cheese and on the mashed potato they put creamy milk? I should remember next time to stick with regular fries. The rice seems tempting too though but mom didn't want rice so...

-Singapore Style Fish and Chips-

It has chili crab spread all over the fish. I was having this on September 2011 and there was a huge gaming event at that time. They used Fish & Co. for their guests meeting place and the place was swarming! I came with my friends and ordered this menu. At that time, the crab spread wasn't spicy at all. This time when pop ordered this, tastes nice! Wah -_-

-Blackcurrant Tea-

My drink! In my opinion this is better than Passion Fruit one. And I always order the one you can refill :D During eating this I was tweeting to official Twitter of Fish and Co. And I was actually getting free drink DM-ed by the admin of Fish & Co. But I wasn't using it since I already order the tea. The free drink is Big Fish Drink and it is HUGE. My drink is refill one! Can't fit on my tummy anymore lah. Even eating main course shared -_-

I just wondered if I used the code for next visit in Fish & Co., will it still be valid? As I got it in November 2011 :| (yes, you read this right. This is post from visiting at November 2011 T_T procrastinating to the max.)

And I LOVE Fish & Co. Choco Fudge Cake! Hopefully I can get one. And order one so I can have two ;)
It's almost Chinese New Year and I'll be spending my Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at either Mall Taman Anggrek or Central Park. There should be many posts coming up if I'm not delaying again :p
Dinner time now! Have a nice day & Gong Xi Fat Chai!!

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