October 09, 2012

BOBA Inc Benton Junction Review

The amount of pink is my life is definitely a lot, but I never get enough of it lol.

Thanks to whoever invented the pink bubble now you can slurping your yummy tea without having to see plain black bubble. Just imagine if it gets stuck in your teeth in black color, isn't it ugly?? (pink biased much).

There are two tea places I know that provide pink bubble. However, the other one is always running out of pink bubble and I came 5 times there to try the pink bubble and I never get it. I give up and never go there anymore.

Today the weather is very moody. Suddenly at 12 noon it gets really hot. I crossed the street and I bought this yummy fresh tea! I read it somewhere that one of BOBA recommended tea is the Apple Fresh Tea so I picked it! Previously I tried the one at fX, which is the milk tea one (black tea and hazelnut chocolate), but I don't really find anything special about them. Anyway today is a hot day. If you drink milk tea, you'd probably get bloated instead of refreshed.

The amount of pink makes me happy! Hahaha.. I even pick pink straw lol. They provided colorful straws also makes me happy!
There are 2 options for the pink Boba (as they called the bubbles/pearls). One is the normal chewy one, the other one is the popping one. I guess the popping one is the one exploded (??) in your mouth. I will not like the sensation so I go with the normal chewy one :D

The tea is apple flavor and it blends perfectly with the tea. I don't think it's a flavoring or essence but tastes more like a canned apple juice though.

It's gone in a while :) I felt funny when drinking it. It's really taste but it reminds me of my childhood in Singapore. The bubble tea fever was once very popular in Singapore like 10 years ago? And slurping this tea suddenly reminds me of everything in there back then.

I recommend this one! Definitely. I also spot one of the other flavor for fresh tea is Champagne Grape. I will try it, hopefully it won't taste weird :p

Keep calm and drink tea, people! Have a good day ♥

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