October 10, 2012

Dessert at Imperial Chef Hayam Wuruk Jakarta Review

Well, not purely a review :D I think I just want to put the picture of my most favorite Chinese dessert of all time (other than Durian Pancake :p). It's Mango Pudding from Imperial Chef!

Note: Imperial Chef is Duck King branch that serves porkie~ ♥

Anyway, if you wonder why I don't post the whole dining experience, it's because I always fail in capturing moment while eating here. Food is always gone in a flash. Dessert is captured because it's leisurely time lol.

I think this mango pudding needs no explanation. It's simply the best mango pudding in Jakarta. The scooped fruit usually consists of honeydew and watermelon. This time when I took the pic, I got all watermelon. But I prefer this way. I don't like honeydew :|

Then 2 days after this visit, my family and I visited here again lol. Never get enough of the pork and dimsum! I tried to step out of my comfort zone (in choosing dessert) and didn't eat mango pudding, though I would really like to eat it everyday!! I ended up choosing Fried Ice Cream O.O

Then I regret it lol. From the form, it's actually different from what I pictured. I had one in Singapore and it looks nothing like this :| Another thing, it took long time to come out. I understand since frying an ice cream should be needing a skill, no? But then it just tastes like a vanilla ice cream (you can't choose the flavor. Only vanilla boohoo~) with a fried flour. They don't go well with each other, but if you eat them separately they actually taste nice!! Sorry I cheated on you, dear mango pudding. I won't choose another dessert from now on :s

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