October 11, 2013

Holycow Steakhouse Jakarta Review

Few weeks ago, I finally got to try the famous Holycow Steak. Heard that it serves good quality steak with cheap price. What I know after I ate there, it is not that cheap as people said :/ I think Gowagyu is cheaper (don't mean to compare).

We arrived at 7 or 8 PM at the Senopati branch, located at Jalan Bakti. Heard that now there's 2 kinds of Holycow: Steakhouse and Steakhotel. The original with Chef Afit is at Senopati, as well as other branches at Kelapa Gading and Kebon Jeruk. Upon arriving, greeted by queue of people. I thought it's quite late for dinner time but the place is still really packed. Waiting for our turn, we took time to learn the menu. The price for the steak is above IDR 80k though. Don't know how it is said as cheap? (If compared to those in mall of course is way cheaper, but I meant with other independent steak stalls)

200g Tenderloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Here's my order. You can customize the steak (200g or 400g), the potato (mashed or french fries), the veggies (sauteed bean or sauteed spinach), and the sauce which I picked the mushroom sauce which is marked as chef's recommendation.

My brother picked BBQ sauce while bf picked Blackpepper sauce. Both are much better than my mushroom sauce T______T My sauce just doesn't go well with the steak -________- for the meat I asked for medium well and it comes of tender, also I have no complain over the veggies and the potato. It's good but nothing is really special about it. It's not that kind of high end steak but it's an affordable good steak if you crave for one. For the drink there is bottomless choice for those who needs lots of liquid while eating *cough* bf *cough* you can choose Nestea Lemon Tea, Green Tea, and Blackcurrant Tea.

Tiramisu by MiSU

Order this for dessert. I thought I would get this for free but I was charged :( later on I know that they have like limited quota of the day, so not everybody can get free misu. Boo. It was delicious though. Only when I got this, it was really cold and I had to break the surface of the tiramisu (by knocking it with the spoon lol). But very yummy. It got an actual cake inside and everything they put just went well together. I once purchased tiramisu from famous bakery in mall (B**** T*** :p) and it only contains WHIPPED CREAM. What a waste of money.
My brother also had Apple Crumble by Mini Love Bites offered in their dessert menu and it was very good as well!

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I be back: Yes.

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