October 10, 2013

Penang Bistro Grand Indonesia Review

Hiya! It's been a while! My last post was in March lol.

I was about to ditch this blog but I feel like this is the only place where I actually can write about my foodie experience (and hope for people to care lol). Anyway I just checked my recent stats and it's honestly surprising. Thank you for whoever stumbled upon this blog! Hope you enjoy reading and find what you're looking for :)

Last Saturday, I accompanied my friend to Grand Indonesia where he suddenly had to leave because of family matters. He told me to stay put and he will get back to me after he's done with whatever he's dealing with. So I had to have lunch by myself :(

My first option was Mr. Curry. Little did I know that the place has closed down! Permanently! (yea I haven't been around in a real world (?) for a while, okay). Mr. Curry has been replaced with Tokyo Belly and I wasn't in the mood for Japanese food, so I walked away.

Second option is my favorite Thai restaurant and will always be, Jittlada. Mainly because I haven't found better Thai place. To also find out that it was closed due to renovation. Just my luck!

Third option I was wavering between Marche and Penang Bistro. Both I have never had previously. Then I picked Penang Bistro because I heard such a good review from my cousins and my aunt. I trusted my cousin's taste bud because she's actually a pastry chef and I like everything she's making. So I had this really high expectation on Penang Bistro. She mentioned about a menu with cheese something? But I can't find out in the menu.

Tropicana Tea Fantasy (IDR 32k)

I had this really refreshing drink, I even save the name in my phone's note because I wanna share to people haha.. This is pretty much like a mojito but with stronger strawberry taste. Ingredients mentioned in the menu are tea, mint, strawberry, and lime. There is also few slices of strawberry inside. It's really good!
Additional information: I asked whether their iced tea is bottomless. And the answer is no. Lol.

Grilled Stingray (IDR 79k) and Chicken Curry (IDR 58k)

Few days before, I had this crave over grilled seafood that's why I order the grilled stingray. It's perfectly cooked and the seasoning went really well with the fish. The only problem is the bones. I do understand that this isn't a seafood restaurant, but I swallowed like 3 - 5 small bones of the stingray! Not to mention I had to debone it from the large bones!! I ate stingray before (in a seafood restaurant) and it was a pleasant experience. This one tastes really good but got so many bones!!! Comes with this sauce that tastes like sambal rojak. Don't match it with the stingray. Doesn't match at all.
The chicken curry comes with generous amount of chicken and 2 big potatoes. But it tastes too plain for my liking. I was raised with strong curry taste so this is really not impressive. I had to eat it with the sambal rojak to let the taste come out.

The ambiance in this place were really great, though. It seems odd for some people that I ate alone. But it wasn't only me who ate alone. And people here were pretty much minding their own business. And service was also okay. So I had no problem with the place. It's only a bit overpriced for me (eating alone for 200k! Fancier place doesn't cost me that much!) and I really had this high expectation before. It's understandable that I was disappointed. I should maybe go with my cousin as she seems to understand this place better.

Rating: ★☆
Will I be back?: On my own, unlikely. 

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