January 26, 2012

Poste Kitchen & Bar Review

It was last minute lunch. That day was both of me and my bf day off, so we walked around for little city tour. The day before I was reading something (forget what -.-) there I found an article about Poste and I'm tempted to try it. My friend already warned me that the food there is "Simple and Plain". I don't even know what he meant. He even hasn't tried it himself. Despite of that, I still want to try Poste. I even called the restaurant to make sure it is opened (because it was weekday), also to make sure of the location lol.

Arriving there, it turns out it is an office building or something? And people who were eating there are either employees or foreigners.

Here's the menu. It is actually the same menu. On the front side is food, and on the back side is beverage. Poste means post. So the menu was design cutely like an envelope. It doesn't really much choice though :(

 Along waiting for the food, I snapped the indoor decoration. (Outdoor is for smokers)

-Bacon Wrapped Chicken-

Here's my order. It's perfectly cooked. The mashed potato also the best. The chicken has truffle mushroom inside and you can actually chew those veggies. The sauce is also nice and got just enough taste.

-Duck Confit with Sweet Potato-

This is bf's order. Managed to steal the bacon and sweet potato but it doesn't really my style. He loved the duck though.

-Blackcurrant Tea-

Nothing really tempting on the drink menu so I'll go with the tea. Tasted just okay. Bf got Honey Chamomile Tea and it's like diabetically super sweet :|

Overall Poste has good food. Didn't try the dessert because we're having dessert somewhere else. Though if I don't remember, I may have ordered the Mille Feuille just to give a try but the food was stuffing my tummy I even left few pieces of the chicken. It's yummy but I won't come back just for the chicken, because that's the only food worth the price IMO. I might have going to another Western restaurant next time :)

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