January 30, 2012

Sushi Groove Mall Taman Anggrek Review

Okay, not a review. This is gonna be biased somehow because I like Sushi Groove. I should call this an appreciation post instead :)

Last weekend I had lunch at Sushi Groove. This is like the millionth visit of mine lol. Still tempted to order unusual menu because I know this visit will go to the blog. I usually had the fantastic Potato Salad but this time I'm gambling by choosing Crispy Chicken Skin Salad.

It's all fresh but deep down buried in all that veggies, there's soy sauce? Super light soy sauce? Japanese soy I guess? Which on my taste bud feel no match to the veggies. I prefer mayo or thousand island. So next time, I'll stick with the Potato Salad. Swear not gonna cheat again on you :|

-Angry Bird Roll-

Delicioussssss!!!!! Too bad it only came in 5 rolls lol. It has chicken katsu inside made me wonder why it is named Angry Bird :p

-Tokyo Meltdown-

The oh-so-amazing Tokyo Meltdown! Really this is not a review. This is always been my favorite everytime I went to Sushi Groove and it's like a primary menu that should always be ordered :D

 -Pirate Roll-

First time trying this menu and it's also so yummy!!!!! At this moment I already didn't care to observe what's inside the roll and just kept nomming ahahaha.. The topping itself seems like sausage/ham cuts and the whole topping actually tasted like pizza topping. Soooo delicious. I'm drooling now.

Of course apart of these, there are many other good choices of Sushi at Sushi Groove. The other menu that I frequently order also Bulgogi Roll and Princess Roll. Only this time, they can't fit to my tummy anymore :| And of course the refillable Ocha is one of the good thing in every Sushi place :D

Next weekend eating here again? I don't mind ;)


  1. sushi groove is absolutely fantastic :)
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