April 15, 2010

Aheng 138

On Sunday, blogger was having a date with her boyfriend haha.. We were swimming at an apartment located on Tanjung Duren, Jakarta. Before we went there we already ate at home. But somehow the pressure of the water made us get very hungry after 2 hours playing at the pool. So after 2 hours of swimming and taking shower on the apartment, without drying the hair, I asked my boy to take me to a place recommended by my best friend (he stayed longer in Jakarta more than me LOL, however he's 10 years older than me :p)

Well sorry I can't give the exact address because this place is located on the side of a street on Tanjung Duren and it does not have an address. You can just find this place by looking. This place has only limited choices of food. I bet they're all made of Pork so this is not a halal one for Moslems. As you can see on the picture, they only provide Pork Satay and Bakut Sayur Asin (don't know how to say this in English though LOL).
The Pork Satay consist of Sweet Satay, Meat Satay, Gut Satay and Skin (?) Satay. I guess they're all made of Pork. So this is not halal and not for Moslems x_x

I was really hungry when the food came until I forgot to take picture of them.
My boy reminded me by saying, "Don't you want to make all your food experience memorable by putting them on to your blog?"
And I said, "Yeah.." *still chewing*
He said again, "You still wanna chew and do not take a picture of them?"
I was like, "OH MY GOD!!" *throw my satay back to the plate*

That's the satays and the Bakut :D
The satays' already messed up --a the right side of the plate which is wider than the left side is the Sweet Satay. That's the one that I will recommend :) the Meat Satay was just average.

The bakut is really delicious. It reminds me of my grandma cooking this for me on my hometown :) can't say more.. just try it :D

This is not expensive. Plus Ice Tea we ordered, we only paid for Rp 45,000.00

Anyway I'm not really into writing mood now.. so catch up with you later :D

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