April 19, 2010

Weekend :D

I should start writing but I just sit in front of my laptop thinking of where I should start x_x

Okay.. so yesterday was Saturday. Which could be big day for most couples in the world :p Me and my boy went to La Piazza Kelapa Gading. I don't like Kelapa Gading though. First of all it's far from where we live. Secondly, I only have few friends & relatives who lives in there so I really have no idea about food on there. But we have to go there :( because my boy needs to meet one of his client for work in there. I have no choice than to follow him up :(

One thing that boosted my mood was when we entered Kelapa Gading street, I saw The Harvest on the left side of the street. Yes!! THAT Harvest on my food wish listtt!! I literally smacked my boy's head and said, "I found Harvest! I found Harvest!! Look at the left!!!!"
And he gave me standard reaction, "Hooo~"

Then we arrived at La Piazza, he texted his client to ask where to meet. And his client replied, Coffee Corner. Okay what the heck is that? Never heard, never been there.
So as most guy will do, my boy asked the Information Center. And it is right beside where we asked --' why does that happen all the time ~_~

His client hasn't arrived yet. And that Coffee Corner located just wall to wall with SOUR SALLY! Haha.. so I asked him again to buy me Sour Sally. I still want the Candy Mix though. But the store in La Piazza has incomplete topping. When I took a look at the topping choices, there's no Mochi Mix, no mango, no banana, etc. So many empty slots of topping. So I bought Cheerz Bite instead. Cheers Bite's launched at February 14th, 2010 in the celebration of Valentine's Day but I never tried one yet :p
There are 2 choices of Cheerz Bite: Strawberry Cheese and Chocolate Mint (?) I forget the Chocolate's name because I ate the Strawberry Cheese. Haha sowwwyyy~ u_u

Sour Sally Cheerz Bite costs Rp 35,000.00. Quite expensive for small size of the cake x_x
But I guess what makes the cake that set the prize.

Tadaaa~ this is the cake. This is small. Don't be fooled LOL :p The white one is the cheesecake topped with white chocolate colored pink which is too sweet, which I don't like but I still ate since it's white chocolate. Whatever.
Beside the cake there's an edible decoration; strawberry and drops of strawberry jam. You can only have it if you do dine-in. If you do take-away the cake you only get cake inside the box. Plus spoon maybe. I find the strawberry helpful though. I ate the cheesecake slowly and it has a very solid cheesecake causing a little nauseated *in a good way still i love cheese haha* But to handle the nausea still I need the slice of the strawberry to neutralize that feeling. Then I can eat the cake again. It's yummy~!

Here's the cake after half eaten by me hoho :p

That's the cake with the frozen strawberry yoghurt probably? I can't really determine what's actually inside the cake. Below the pinky one there's one layer of cheese cream then meet the cake again. Go try yourself kay? :p
After eating the cake, I wait like an idiot on Coffee Corner while my boy worked with his client on the client's laptop. I was just Twitter-ing like stupid yesterday. If you see a jobless girl on Coffee Corner on Saturday night, it's totally me ;(

 -autism taking picture of nothing-

After 2 hours of jobless waiting *God I'm such a faithful girlfriend HAHA* he finally finished working and we both were so hungry and started thinking where we should eat. I have no idea about what to eat in La Piazza. Well I'm kinda interested on one of Seafood restaurant but my boy hates eating seafood for some reasons --a not allergic but he just hates. *boy, if you read this you're weirdo :p*
I want to have a proper dinner of course. But La Piazza seems can't provide it. Plus I use jacket there and all La Piazza's food places is outside dinning and without air-con which would cause me stuck in sweat. No way.
So we crossed to Mall Kelapa Gading. And guess what. It's damn CROWDED. All restaurant must do waiting list first. Wtffffffff x_x It's 8 PM already. I thought everybody has finished eating by that time. Scary queue.
Then I saw Ajisen Ramen. I'm interested. But some naughty voices inside my heart and my mind and also my fussy tummy screams of WESTERN FOOD! WESTERN FOOD!
So I passed Ajisen though I want it. I've just eaten Ajisen once in my whole life!! Surprising fact ;p

Then we walk again. Round and round and round the mall until my boy saw a banner of Pork Lamien on Ce Wei. He wants it. It's a Chinese Food restaurant. Oh no... I want Western TT______________________TT
But if we walk again, I could probably be hit by my maag so no other choices. Let's eat there x_x
I ordered Marinated Jellyfish with Lemon Grass as appetizer. I also want Char Siew Pao. Been longing for Bapao for a week but still haven't got them until this second. But the waiter there was soooooo annoying like sticking on your nose while you still do choosing the menu. God I hate them. So I can't concentrate on the menu plus my boy seems so ignorant and only choose his menu and not helping me at all. I went mad. So I just order lousy Char Siew Rice or wtf I don't even bother to remember. Then I ate with anger. Boyfriend still not aware of his fault until the end of the dinner. He asked me then whether I would continue to The Harvest to eat cake or not. I said I'm not in the mood. He said ok. STUPID BOYFRIEND. Why should he ask?? He can just take me there and order a cake for me!! That would bring smile back to my face. Grrrr grrrr~ *grumble*

So without having Bapao or Cake, we went home =( one bad day. *sigh*

April 18th, 2010 (still counted as today 14 minutes ago -.-)
Waking up at 3 PM. So piggy. Then ate instan noodle (again). Well I was thinking of having a lunch that's why I just ate instan noodle. But apparently, me and my guy were just too busy with each other's laptop so we didn't have lunch. Great isn't it? ~_~

At 6 PM got text message from his gayfriend. *ups* My boy's bestfriend LOL (called as bro to ease the reading and writing progress :D). Asking whether we want to join he and his girlfriend (called as sis for the rest of the story) to eat Medan Cuisine at Mall Taman Anggek. I just want to scream when read that message. When can I get my western dining aaaaargggggghhhhh!!!!!!! Medan Cuisine is Chinese Food AGAIN. Yesterday I was just having big fight with  my guy because of stupid Chinese Food. So I said I don't want to join them unless they had another choices. I was thinking about Pancake Pancious but bro said Pancious won't make he full. Ah guy.. But I was so hungry too. When he said it's not gonna fulfill the tummy well then ya follow them to eat the Medan Cuisine then.

The restaurant named Jala-Jala. It's located on very ground floor on Mall Taman Anggrek between Ta Wan and Hero store. The restaurant has good service. But it's kinda little annoying and confusing where the waiters keep coming and asking whether you want this choices of DimSum or not. Then we choose. Then the other came back with another choices. Omg~ so hard for us to concentrate on the menu --'
We have a Medan friend who recommend this restaurant to bro. He texted bro the recommended menu in that restaurant and it's all made of shrimp. LOL.

Our first choice is Leng Hong Kien. Leng Hong Kien is a Shrimp with Mayonaise. I don't know how this one cooked but we all agree that this is the most delicious menu of the night :p

Second Dim Sum is Shrimp Balls.
Apparently is the same with Leng Hong Kien but Shrimp Balls is fried with some kind of flour while Leng Hong Kien is not. This is the picture of Shrimp Balls after being cut with scissor by the waitress o.O

Next we had Ha Kao. This is also made of shrimp (again). But this one's covered with dumpling skins. We ordered this one 2 portion. I don't know why. Bro did the ordering.

Next again, me and sis having Corn and Crab Soup. While our boys just stealing from us the girls. This one got bad review from me. It's not saltyyyy. Not salty at all even can be said as plain. So I asked the waitress for salty Soy Sauce. Good thing it really changed how it taste totally :)

Then we came to the main menu. Bro's ordering Peking Duck Rice. (I forgot to take the pic!!!!!!!!!) Sis still eating the soup. Me and my boy were having rice with Garlic Pachoi and Beef Hotplate.(ah my salty soy sauce is on the photos also LOL. Photos taken by my boy :D)

Then at the middle of us eating, the last DimSum showed up. I even forgot that I've ordered those hehe.. That's Xiao Long Bao. A dumpling with unique technique of eating. First you bite the dumpling skin. Suck the liquid inside. Then put some ginger. Voila~! Eat the Bao. But just skip the ginger part. I hate how it tastes when you eat plainly like that.

Ah.. feeling so full. In a good way though. It's not disappointing dinner that I had last night. Though I still want Western Food ~_~ But this Chinese Food could make me smile. Good Medan friend recommend this LOL. I've thought of having dessert on Pancake Pancious. So I don't order any dessert from Jala-Jala. A waitress asked whether we want to have Durian Pancake or not. Sounds interesting and looked interesting. But no. Still on the track. Pancios. Sis did ordered dessert on Jala-Jala. She ordered Jelly. Colorful one and made us laugh when cutting them. Seriously one of them was so elastic or chewy that's just so 'boing boing' when you cut them. Probably because they had Nata de Coco inside.

After that we paid then directly headed to Pancake Pancious before it's closed x_x When my boy asked how much was our payment. Sis refused to be paid. She said it's her birthday treat. (but all paid by bro though haha..) Happy birthday and thank you sis ^_^ (PS: her birthday has passed more than a week :p)

At Pancious, I ordered single Mango Pancake topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.

While sis ordered Premium Tea Alexandria. She said it tastes like Pepsodent. LOL. It did smell like Pepsodent though haha...
But the glass to serve the tea is UBERCUTE!!! I must have that glass for my future house!!! Love it!!!! x)

Yay.. that's the end of food journey for the weekend :)
God it takes an hour and half to finish this post @_@ but it's a fun day I had today. Hope all of you have a great day also. Good night people :)

Special thanks to: my boy, bro and sis who's super excited to remind me to take picture ♥ :p

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