April 08, 2010

Mochilla's Review

It's opened at Grand Indonesia on January 31st, 2010, Mochilla bring ice cream to surface again to beat the era of Frozen Yoghurt!! Haha.. I'm over exaggerating it.

Mochilla is a mochi filled with your choices of ice cream. Having only 1 store at Grand Indonesia 3A's floor, not so many people know about this treat. Blogger herself found difficulties in finding the store; but on my defense the navigation is totally blur.

I almost gave up to finding this Mochilla store and was starting to ask the Customer Service then there it is! Located next to the Customer Service --a

My review now. It's YUMMY. Unique in its way.
Eating 1 Mochilla is never enough. The size is so small. It's like your thumb and your forefinger make a circle, tadaaa~ that's the size of 1 Mochilla.

I tried 3 flavour though. Tiramisu, Wild Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate.
Belgian Chocolate was "Just Average"
Wild Strawberry is AMAZING. *do not trust me if you're not a strawberry lover*
And Tiramisu is addictive.

Actually there's nothing special about the ice cream because on my thought, the owner of Mochilla bought the ice cream from Haagen Dazs. Just my thought. Because the ice cream flavor was so familiar on my tongue. But later I don't think so.

The uniqueness of this Mochilla is, when you first bite the mochi, you won't feel anything cold though the mochi contains ice cream. You will feel like eating the ordinary mochi. But then after your teeth pass the mochi skin, there you are.. The super cold ice cream come to your teeth. *beware for those who has sensitive teeth* But for me it came in a delicious way <3 Eating 3 Mochilla costs me Rp 36,000.00 Feels expensive if you expect eating for fulfilling your tummy. But if to pleasure your tongue I guess Mochilla is quite worth it.And there's also discount if you buy 6 Mochilla. You will only be cost Rp 66,000.00 (means one of Mochilla become Rp 11,000.00) Every 2 months there will be special flavor of Mochilla. One of it that I'm interested with is Matcha Daifuku Green Tea (Green Tea Flavored Mochilla with Red Bean filling) But when I went there on April 4th, 2010, I didn't see any of those ><
The special flavor costs Rp 20,000.00 each.

Mochilla also sells Wine Ice Cream. Per scoop costs Rp 20,000.00 *not interested because I'm not really into alcohol stuff and also some other reviews said it’s even below average*

PS: picture's taken from another website since when I went there I didn't take any picture. The waitress standing next to me was so scary.

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