April 16, 2010

Predator's Day!

Not a public holiday of course haha.. Today I just felt being such a little monstrous predator. So many things've been eaten by me.

Waking up in the morning I ate instan noodle with Oxtail Soup flavor. I know that wouldn't fullfil my tummy well that's why I ate it. I've made a so-called-date with my bestest girlfriend. (she's sometimes been misunderstood as my lesbian LOL) and I don't want my tummy to be full and cannot accept other food, well so I ate the noodle at 10 AM. Then at 12 PM she called me to join her eating Nasi Padang at campus. That doesn't look so tempting that's why I didn't take a picture of it :p though it tastes like little heaveeennn with Ayam Goreng Bumbu, daun Singkong, green pepper sambal, and its signature vegetables. (go Google those things written in Indonesia. You'll find tasty food :p)

After eating lunch, then we go dating haha.. We ate our dessert which is cakes at Imperial Cakery Lippo Karawaci. It's located above TIMES Bookstore UPH. Not so many people know about it because of lack promotion. Though it has another branch which is more popular at Supermal Karawaci.
Um additional information. For me, Imperial Cakery is not a place that worth to have propel meal and the bakery doesn't have good bread. But I trully recommend the cakes. My friend once tried Green Tea Slice Cake (which wasn't available when I was there =.=) and he said that's the best Green Tea Cake he ever tasted. He's a pâtissier himself. So I believe on him though I haven't tried yet :)

Here's the picture of our cakes :D

They are Chocolate Truffle Slice Cake and Tiramisu.

Zoomed version:

1. Chocolate Truffle Slice Cake
This was eaten by my friend. She doesn't even give me to try LOL. Kidding.. I was just too busy with my Tiramisu. This Chocolate Truffle Cake, as you can see from the picture, made of very thick chocolate cream and less sponge cake. Half eaten by her she can't stop saying delicious. But after going to the end of the cake, she realized that cake is way too sweet and she's getting quite full. That small cake is really good at making tummy feels full. But as she reviewed to me, the truffle powder is great and not bitter or too sweet at all. The thing that is too sweet is the choco cream haha.. Poor her :p

2. Tiramisu
This is my cake. It consists of 4 layers. 2 Cheese cream layers and 2 coffee sponge cake. The last layer in the bottom has a very deep taste of coffee *which I don't like*. But the Cream Cheese is just perfectttttt. With Truffle powder on the top, it's counted as one of my best dessert though. The Cream Cheese part only :p

My Tiramisu costs Rp 21,000.00
Choco Truffle costs Rp 17,500.00
Both of them before taxes and service charge. I have no comment about the price :|

OOT: WTH happen with you blogspot?? I'm going crazy just to post 1 photo WTFWTF!! ~_~ STOP SAVING YOU'RE MOVING MY MOUSE!!!

Kay back to topic. After having proper lunch and dessert at Karawaci, I continued my food journey to Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta with my boy for dinner. Some unpleasant things happened causing me very bad mood until now. Plus some changes on this Blogspot getting me so mad. So I'm super mad now =D
(actually this is also an excuses why there's no photo below anymore. Sowwwyyy :x)

Anyway we had Pepper Lunch. Me having Juicy Cut Steak as usual, but today plus Spicy Salad Tuna. And this is my first time trying the salad and it is D E L I C I O U S !! With Udon on the bottom, spicy tuna, mayo, lettuce, carrot and some additional I couldn't recognize completed with dry fish topping (like the one on Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki). Shake them all into 1 part and I melted just like a mayooo~ it's delicioussssss!! SO recommended.

After finishing dinner at Pepper Lunch, we went to Sour Sally Frozen Yoghurt to try their new flavour: Sally Candy. It's actually the twist of Stylish Melon Mint with Pinklicious. I don't know why they gave new name but it IS again a delicious one. Man.. my meal today was foodgasm! Love it :)
I ate my Sally Candy on size small and it has 2 toppings. Yeap Sour Sally has a permanent additional topping for all Sally's lover. Small size which usually has 1 topping's been upgraded to 2 toppings. As well as Medium and Large. They become having 3 toppings and 4 toppings. No increasing price or additional charge! Don't you love it? ;)

Anyway that's all I can write for now. Sorry for lacking of photos. Try to make it up on the next post. Dealing with my bad mood time then. See ya~ :)

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