April 22, 2010

Review Review Review :D

I guess on the last post I was just too busy to publish the photos causing lack of review, isn't it? x_x
So sorry.. On my defends it was past midnight and I'm so tired hehe..
I'll make up on this post :)

In short, I would rate Jala-Jala as 8.5 out of 10. Why?
1. Leng Hong Kien, as everyone's agreed was the best dish ever.
2. Shrimp Balls, um.. not really nice though. The fried flour outside the shrimp kinda plain and felt quite weird on tongue.
3. Ha Kao, was just okay. The inside filling is 100% similar with Leng Hong Kien. Maybe that's also our fault of ordering most of all DimSum made of shrimp. But the dumpling skin for Ha Kao is also a little bit too dry.
4. Corn and Crab Soup, simply plain as I mentioned on last post. But nice thing is you can eat with no boundaries. While boundaries here I mean is the crab shell. Jala-Jala's Crab Soup is free of crab shell. Good thing! :)
5. Garlic Pachoi, nice but nothing special.
6. Beef Hotplate, tastes exactly like Black Pepper Beef. I don't know maybe they got wrong naming or what.
7. Xiao Long Bao, good! (do not eat the ginger LOL)
8. Jelly, I just try to cut it not tasted it haha..
9. Lime Juice, my beverage that night. Tastes just exactly a plain Lime Juice haha.. I don't know that's a good thing or not :p

For Pancious, I only tried 1 menu since I came there 30 minutes before they closed --'
The pancake's so smooth and not tastes so plain. I've ever ate Australian Breakfast Pancake Set (or whatsoever the name) on Pancake Parlour. But the pancakes were super plain!
Pancious' really a fresh wind for me. For that Mango Pancake menu, I would say 9 out of 10. The mango sauce quite weird. But I don't hesitate at all to come back there again and crazily eat more than 2 menus :p

Enough about last post. Let's talk about today :D
Today, I accompany my boy (again) to meet new business partner at Citraland. They were agreed to meet at Dunkin' Donuts.

Dunkin' Donuts is the first Donuts store in Indonesia. Though it's originally from Massachusetts, America *famous as international coffee and donuts retailer*. When I was a toddler (about 1990's), this donut store is the only one in Indonesia. Specifically only have few stores in capital city, Jakarta. It's like an exclusive thing to buy donut at that time. But nowadays many Indonesian's entrepreneurs have bought other donut store's franchise and bring them to Indonesia. Some entrepreneur even make they own donut originally made in Indonesia, which is good thing actually.

Back to topic.
To be honest, today was my first experience to eat inside the donut store. If I do take-away donuts, that would be uncountable. But to sit on the store and enjoy other product besides donut, that is today.

The partner said that he will be late for about half an hour. And I don't have my lunch, had a quite disturbance on my phone and on mind so that I can't do delivery service to order food.
Then my boy offered me to have dinner first before the partner came. Assuming that the partner would not be late for too long, we canceled our first plan to have Kin No Taki for dinner. It's so not polite if the partner came then we still have our dinner. So along with waiting, why don't just we eat at Dunkin'?

Then I ordered Sandwich 1 set. Consists of 1 Sandwich of your choice and 1 Orange Juice; costs about Rp 31,900.00. My choice was Boston Beef Pastrami.

-forget to take pic x_x this is the picture from Indonesia Dunkin' Donuts official website-

My boy ordered 2 donuts. (DPCB and Peanut)

Total payment was 40k something. Makes my boy unable to use his debit card. Haha..
The cashier offered him to buy one more thing to make the payment 50k so that he could use his debit card. (he always forget to take cash wherever we go --a)
He was about to choose one more chocolate donut while I jumped beside him to order my all-time favorite, STRAWBERRYYYYY!!
Funny thing is when blog this, I spend more than 15 minutes to find the picture of that Strawberry donut. It's even not listed on official Dunkin' Donuts website (both Indonesia and America). Confuse now.
I ate the simplest Strawberry donut. The one that I've always been eating since I was very young --a Why can't I find the picture?
Even when I Googled it on images.google.com it still can't be found. Super confuse.

So my Strawberry donut made the payment Rp 51,400.00. Yay the debit card could be used LOL.
Then I ate the Sandwich first. It consists of lots onion, 1 or 2 slice of tomatoes, that beef pastrami itself, unique Boston bread, sauce which I think supposed to be mayo sauce but doesn't really tastes so LOL, slice of cheese and lots lettuces. Completed with 2 sachets of chili sauce. YUMMY!
But I guess one part of that sandwich contains too much MSG. Because my throat feel like a weird dry until now. Maybe those MSG made the yummyness of the sandwich?
After I finished my sandwich, I continued with my strawberry donuts n_n
My boy looked at me and say, "Such a predator O_O"
Hoho thanks.. you'll be married this predator man.. *kicked*

About the donut, it suprisingly has the steady taste. On my sense, it's always the same taste since I was a child.
About peanut I never liked it. And my boy reviewed to me that DCPB has nicer taste than the peanut. Not surprise. I hate peanut.

After we finished eating, the partner still hasn't come yet @_@
Then we saw a clearance sale on King Rabbit *a bedcover store* then we decided to buy one. We do need it though ;)
The bedcover has nice pattern. Stripes on one side. And dots on the other side. In case you get bored you can use the other side to sleep (even though you feel nothing but the same --a but it is cutee :D).

I can't choose the pattern too cute though. My boy will complain ;( But this one is nice isn't it? :D
I've always been using this small brand since I live with parents until now I live alone :) recommended one because of lots choices of pattern and good quality of the fiber.

Well I guess that's all I can write for now. Gotta find the mystery why that lovely Strawberry donut isn't anywhere on the web. Hope you like my post! :) Good night~

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