August 18, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Actually I'm not that kind of people that celebrating my country's independence day by having the so called Flag Ceremony. Since I'm in the last year of college now and the ones that have duty to attend flag ceremony is official government employees and freshmen, in my college's rules. I'm neither of them lol. Kinda ironic though, since all my friends, Indonesia citizen living abroad, is asked to attend this ceremony every August 17th in the Embassy of Republic Indonesia in the country they're living. While the actual citizen that lives in the country itself, not having it. But that's not what I'm gonna discuss anyway :|

Most people in this capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, apparently using this public holiday to have family or friends quality time at shopping mall. I wasn't realizing that at first. My friend asked me the day before 17th, that he wants to meet up with me at Central Park at 17th. I was fine and going. And in the last minute my brother joining as well. I was going with shuttle bus. First I was seated, the bus was still quite empty. I got 2 seats for myself. Next thing I know, it's stuffed. No room to move -_- But anyhow, the road was empty. It only took like half an hour for me to move from my place to West Jakarta. I thought all people were resting at their house from hectic working days. Turned out Central Park is more like a traditional market than a new shopping mall. It's freaking crowded!!

We decided to eat at OMO Chicken, a Korean chicken restaurant. Well actually it's already decided like gazillion months ago but I can't go since there's this and that. This my friend is a big fan of OMO. My bro has gone here once. He wasn't that fanboy-ing over OMO. But my other best friend also said OMO really has the best Chicken Wings in town. So I decided to eat here then.

-Kids Meal-

Haha yeah.. You read that correctly. That is my order and I ordered Kids Meal. It looks freaking cute!! Lol. It comes with 6 Nori Rice Ball, 2 Chicken Wings and a pathetic Corn Salad. I hate corn. And also includes Pororo Drink. I chose Apple flavor. The other menu named Combo Chicken, comes with your choice of Chicken Wings' sauce: Hot/Tomato/Soya. It will look more tempting though but it comes with regular white rice which if you want to change into this delicious Rice Ball you have to add IDR 5,000 and the provided drink for this menu is Corn Tea. Okay that might be healthy or whatever, but I just can't drink it. First I hate corn. Second, it smells like corn. Third, first time I saw it, both my bro and I said "Pee". You see what I mean? But Combo Chicken gives better salad with lettuce etc, while Kids Meal only gives CORN. What's with corn and this restaurant?
But anyway please refer to official OMO Chicken Facebook and Twitter for more details :)

And yes. The chicken wings is awesome! And the Rice Ball just have the perfect scale of tastiness!! The other menus also look tempting but I already got full with Chicken Wings and Rice Ball. This Sunday I'll come back there with my friends who love OMO. I might be having Combo Chicken but no way in hell I'm gonna drink that Corn Tea. Too bad I find OMO is kinda pricey.
OMO provides 2 seating areas.
First is inside. Quite small, but comes with fluffy and maximum cute of OMO plush. (Their logo is a chick. Little chicken, not a girl --a) The advantage of seating inside is you can take many adorable photos and there's TV that keeps playing Korean songs, Music Videos, and live performances. If you're a K-Pop fan, you're gonna sit there for hours. The ambiance is really nice. Their place is also clean one and dominated with white color.
Second seating is outside, which is fresher, cooler, and wider. At night where Central Park usually holds a firework event, that'll be advantage to seat outside. It's just no TV outside. So you can't enjoy K-Pop songs.

After eating there, we go round and round without destination. I went to ALDO and ZARA to find nude pumps for me but can't find my size. It's all available in 39 and 40. While I want 38. So my friend suggested Grand Indonesia. Besides we really getting hectic seeing the crowded mall so we moved. Took an hour to reach Grand Indonesia because of unimportant traffic jam -_-

At Grand Indonesia, it turns out the available sizes are also 39 and 40. Fml max. Even worse ALDO's price is IDR 1,167,000 while in Central Park is 50% off (IDR 585,000). How could that happen? I'm seriously confused. But anyway since I really crave for the pumps then I bought the size 39 ZARA. I just love it and must have it ;) Lol.

We had dinner at 5PM. Lol. We chose Social House. It's me and my brother's first time eating here. We were arguing at first since I also tempted to try Mr. Curry. Both are Ismaya Group anyway. My friend already warned me that eating at Social House might resulting 4 times extra payment than eating at Mr. Curry lol. But my bro insisted on Social House, so here we were.

First order to come is my drink called Mango Tango. Its a mango smoothie with passion syrup. Or the description says so. It's healthy and yummy! Not too sweet. Not sour. And still has powerful mango flavor and I believe it's freshly from the real fruit.

-without flash and with flash-

Then these are Once Bitten (on the left) and my Mango Tango. Once Bitten is my bro's order. It's an apple smoothie with ice cream vanilla. Tastes sweet. Quarter of the glass was drank by me. Guys do hate sweet things, ain't them? Man, these beverages are amazing. Even Social House is so proud of their drinks, they provide a special bar for beverages only (both alcohol and non-alcohol) and there's also a wine cellar. The confidence of Social House about their beverages shown in their tissue. Really that tissue below those drinks.

Confident much? Lol. But if they're not that pricey I'll surely have another drink ;)

This is Grandma's Homemade Iced Lemon Tea. Social House's signature beverage. Topped by vanilla ice cream. Ordered by my friend. I didn't try tho ;p


This is my order ♥ Crispy Pork Belly with White Beans and Sage. I also ordered additional Mashed Potato. One word to describe this dish: HEAVEN. Heavenly dish!!!! I usually didn't eat white beans but this one is perfectly cooked!! Even my bro said the white beans is the most delicious part of this dish lol. The pork is a bit overwhelming. Really tight meat and the super heavenly tasty sauce didn't really get absorbed in there. But it's still best pork I've ever tasted. And the yummy crispy skin on the top of it just PERFECT. Too bad the calories seems quite high so I share my other crispy skin to my friend and bro :( Half for each. I want this back again so badddddddddd. The mashed potato I should say Ninety-Nine served better because it comes with mushroom lol. But SoHo's not bad either :)

This is my bro's appetizer. It's written Small Plates. But as you can see, it's not. Lol. Even bro seems surprised when this comes. This is Crispy Fried Eggplant with Melted Cheese. It's tempting me but I didn't try it since I was too busy with my own food lol. Bro said the cheese is more dominant than the eggplant taste tho.

This is lil bro's main order: Lamb Shank with Red Curry served with Mashed Potato. Red curry is spicy -_- but lil bro seems to be fine with it. And the lamb is delicious!! Perfectly cooked and so soft. Though it looks like common lamb shank in another restaurant on appearance lol.

-Omatesando Roll-

I guess deep down those melted cheese cover is 6 rolls of California Sushi if I'm not mistaken lol. Ordered by my friend. I didn't try. He also ordered Roti Prata but I didn't take the pic!! Damn me.

Anyway that's my food journey for Independence Day. It's a really fun day! Too bad I didn't try the dessert at SoHo. I believe it's awesome :) I WILL DEFINITELY COME BACK! :))

Until next post ♥

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