August 19, 2011

T. G. I. F.

This post was taken today! I'm soooooo efficient lately I'm so proud of myself lol. I'm gonna blog about Chinese restaurant named Nan Xiang. Located at Senayan City, Jakarta. As on its advertisement said this is a restaurant specialized on Steamed Bun. Even so, I didn't order any bun ;p And it's quite a rare condition that I crave for Chinese Food anyway.. Here we go.

Having Jellyfish as appetizer. I always love jellyfish ♥ I happen to know that this original menu named Jellyfish with Spicy Vinegar in Singapore. But in Indonesia they provide Vinegar in different plate, which I didn't take at all. Instead, I ate it with salty soy sauce lol. It's delicious, having smooth cool sensation and quite sour. Seems like they're adding drips of lime or something.

Then my brother had Chicken Corn Soup but I forgot to take the pic -_-

Next came Sauteed Bean with Minced Beef and Wild Mushroom. I didn't see and didn't taste any mushroom tho. They came with my rice while my other menu still hasn't come out lol. As usual, my brother and I are big fan of this menu. Whatever Chinese restaurant we're going, we always end up by ordering this. No complain of this menu ;p even better I could say this tastes really great :) one of the best I've ever tasted.

Then my last order came :) Chicken with Lemon Sauce. Totally Lemon-y. Lol. Didn't think that the chicken will be deep fried like that. The picture on the menu didn't say so. But it's fried elegantly! It's deliciousssss. This is my bro's choice anyway.

They came with quite a large portion and for my barbaric self and my barbaric brother Nan Xiang is satisfying. Yes it's quite pricey but the portion is worth it ;) We enjoyed our Chinese Tea since my bro is having worst cough. Then I saw the dessert menu. I told him to pick what dessert he wanted.

He picked Guava Sago with Shredded Red Grape. I'm really awful in remembering name -_- the dominant taste is guava. At first I thought it's a drink than a dessert. Since the sago you can't find deep down there. But it's super fresh and yummy! Even better, they really made it from real guava! I found 2 guava seeds to testify its originality haha.. Even my bro that since he was a kid is really hard to say a word "Delicious", he mentioned it today. It's really fresh and has light texture and not too sweet. Just a perfect dessert :)

After the healthy lunch, I ended the day with unhealthy dinner.


Lol. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna eat Golden Kiwi to kill all those bad toxic in that instant noodle ;p

Have a nice weekend!

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