August 12, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Won't discuss the movie. I distinctly realize that my blog is a food blog though lol.
Well briefly, Harry Potter and other foreign movies are FINALLY allowed to be published in Indonesia. Despite the tax problem that seems to won't be finished forever. So I'm going to Mall Taman Anggrek, last week, to watch it with my aunt. My little brother, who is not a HP fan at all, has been a complete betrayer by watching it EARLIER than me. With his college friends. Okay then, whatever.

Before watching, we decided to eat at Pancious Pancake. I once been here before and it is reviewed on this blog. That was one beautiful moment in my life. In fact, all four of us in that review has scattered our own way, each one of us. I guess I can't have such experience like that anymore, but.. Future is uncertain rite? :)

This one going with mom and aunt. I didn't choose pancake for my main course because I was so goddamn hungry. It was 2 freakin PM and I haven't gotten my lunch since aunt was on the queue for movie tickets and we (mom and I) had to wait for her.

Here's my choice. Seafood Marinara Spaghetti. Or whatever it is named. I forgot lol. It has yummy juicy shrimps, squids, fishes, and... tomatoes. Which after I'm done eating I left all the tomatoes untouched leading mom giving death stare to me. Teehee.

Auntie chose Spaghetti Creamy Marinara Salmon. Didn't take the pic since she didn't understand whole blogging thingy. Mom was having Double Classic Pancake with Chocolate Ice Cream. Didn't take the pic either x_x
My beverage was Strawberry White Milk. And both mom and auntie were having Mandarin Mojito.
Okay this sounds more like a report since it's lacking of photos :|

After that mom headed to salon to re-dye her hair and me & auntie headed to XXI to watch Harry Potter in 3D. My friend told me it sucks to watch HP in 3D. But for me that was nice. Personal opinion ;)

After movie done, I called little brother to join us for dinner. We ate at Canton Bay, a regular Chinese food restaurant. Orders were: Fish Congee (for mom), Kung Pao Chicken, Mayonnaise Shrimp, Sauted Baby Buncis with Beef, 2 bowls of rice, Mango Pudding. Other than I mentioned for mom, it's all eaten by my bro :|

 -hot ocha-

And this is my only order. Technically. Lol. Since all the food were eaten by little bro who just started being a college student and he only eats once in a day? -_- And I also have crazy fetish for mug lately. I feel like buying all mugs I saw. Not healthy.

Two pics, lots of words. So sorry! Haha.. Have a nice day :)

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