August 26, 2011

Nanny's Pavillon at Central Park Mall

Geez what a plain picture!

Tadahhh :) Will be reviewing Nanny's Pavillon for today's post! At first I thought it's named Nanny's Pavillion. But I was wrong lol.

I was having lunch in here with my best friend and my brother for um.. a super late birthday treat? Haha.
Nanny's Pavillon is famous because of its decoration. Each of its restaurant has different theme. Nanny has 6 stores already. It was first established at Bandung, West Java, as a conceptual French American pancake restaurant. As we speak now, they have already opened 2 stores in Bandung and 4 in Jakarta! Kindly refer to its official Facebook page for detail of addresses, themes, and contact numbers.

I was having this lunch at Central Park Mall ground floor. Located next to One Piece Hair Studio, inside of Sogo Department Store. Central Park's Nanny's has Terrace theme. It's filled with white wooden chair with green leaves around those chairs. And very cute bench looking like a swing! It just doesn't swing around -_- And as I eat on broad daylight, it really feels like you're in an actual terrace. However, I wonder what the Garden theme looks any different with Terrace ;D

It was full at the inside seating when we arrived. It is lunch time anyway. Almost half past one. The outside seating still had like 1 or 2 tables available but I insisted to sit inside, since well... You've been on Nanny's which is famous for its decoration. Outside tables is just like a plain Central Park garden; tables, chair, no decoration. Didn't want. And we luckily got 1 table inside. Only a plain white table and chair *sobbing* It's quite disappointing but then one family moved and we got the very cute bench looking like swing seats!!!!

Let's start ordering ;) Here's how the menu book looks like.

I was taking the pic of this menu because I think it has unique drawing and texture. BUT! Then I found this website. The official website of Nanny's Pavillon with great animation here. And it provides the menu book perfectly and exactly like the original. Except, you can't touch it -_- well that won't be necessary either.

I'M A FAIL BLOGGER!!! Ermm yea we were so thirsty we already share this drink to us three. Wait. The waitress distributed it :D This is Nanny's Cocktail. Comes with 2 choices of flavor. As the color shown you may have been guessed that this is the Mango. The other one is Blueberry. The menu says it fits for 4 persons. I drank this for 3 still think it's not enough :p

This is the drink after being distributed by the waitress. (Cute glass!) It has fruits all over. Strawberry, mango, peach. But the quantity of the fruit slices compared with the liquid it's like 1:10. 1 is the fruit lol.

For the record when you are starving, never ever come here especially in crowded lunch time. They take years to bring out your order. But let's not be disappointed. The wait is worth it!

This is the very first food to come. Fettucini Bolognaise ordered by my bro. It's originally Spaghetti on the menu, but you can choose the pasta as you want :) Me and my best friend teased him that the waiter probably saw his hungry face so his order came out first or otherwise they'll be punched since bro is so big :p Lol. Also... it takes half an hour for the next order to come :| I was starving but I try to understand. Well, once again. If the food wouldn't worth the wait, it won't be easily forgiving ;)

Another bro's order -_- and I can't help it to steal bro's order. This is Heavy Alvin's Potato. I was thinking probably it's because I was super hungry that makes this appetizer tasted soooooooooooo delicious. But it IS delicious! The potato was perfectly deep fried like my grandma used to make back in my hometown :) Though the pouring of the lasagna sauce (or bolognaise sauce? Anyway it's super yummy minced beef with melted cheese) has made some part of the potato becomes a bit not crispy anymore.

At lastttttt. My order came. I ordered My Nephew Carter's Creamy Sausage. And I chose Fettucini for the pasta choice. OMG. Pasta heaven. The sausage is just fine. Delicious but more like a normal Germany sausage. But the fettucini! And the mushroom inside those fettucini mountain! And the cream sauce!! My goodness. I will never order pasta anywhere else. Ever. Only here and here and here. Bro seems to be drooling and stole mine. Ended up he can't stop eating my order! So he ordered another meal (!!) No wonder he almost reached 90kgs btw :|

This is the order by my bestest friend. Named Uncle Harold's Steak. She chose Fettucini also. It's like a Fettucini Day @,@ I tried hers and it's delicious. But not my type. There's a strong smell and taste of pepper? From the grilled steak I guess. But then she seems to enjoy it. And she's super honest so if it's not tasty she will just say it anyway.

Sorry for bad angle :( This is Chicken Mushroom Sandwich. Consists of French Fries, Homemade Bread (YUM!), Lettuce, Egg, Chicken, Mushroom, and lots of onions lol. The sauce inside I suppose it is Mayonnaise. I shared this with my friend. This is yummmmyyy. The onion part kinda disturb me. But I like the rest and I wanna eat it alone! :p Too bad I already been full because of the unbeatable Creamy Fettucini ♥

Last order of all! Bro's Smoked Beef Spaghetti. He's so tempted by my Creamy Fettucini yet he's ordering this almost dry spaghetti. He's so weird and labile -_- Didn't try it so I can't comment. But the beef looks really crispy and tasty :9

Anyway I feel sad that I can't order any dessert nor pancakes nor waffles :( Nanny's itself was first a pancake house. I think since I've been eating Pancious for 2 consecutive weeks, I didn't want it anymore and not really thinking it could fulfill my tummy at that moment. NOW I REGRET IT! :((

About the price it's affordable and for me it suits the portion and the taste so well :) I'm so dragging back my parents in here so they can pay me and my bro doing barbaric eating *_*

Until next post ♥

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