August 13, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Am I being efficient or what? Watching and eating today and blogging it right away :p On diligent mood, people. Lol.

So for lunch is Pancious Pancake, again. The owner or whoever runs this place should give me free coupon or voucher or something :|

This is my main menu. Penne cooked with Creamy Marinara Salmon. The one my aunt ordered last week. And turns out it's a disappointment T_T Pancious can't cook Penne well. This menu sickens me -_- I was having worst nausea. Which is a pity since the sauce is really amazing. I should've just go with Spaghetti or Fettucini. The good side is it makes me realized that my order last week was perfectly cooked lol. Auntie also ordered Penne with Spicy Chunky Tuna, and disappointed -_-

-Mandarin Mojito and Watermelon Juice-

The right one is mine. I really drank much to swallow those penne -_- On the background is a nasty couple lol. You can see the guy keep sniffing the girl then look around as if he's proud that he can sniff. My dog can sniff too if he wants a competitor. I'm just saying :p They're just so lame and why did they have to sit in front of me -_- Seriously I sat first on my table. Then they came like wtf. Err.. okay back to food.

-Nutty Pistachio Single Pancake with Chocolate Ice Cream-

It was my auntie's. The green sauce tastes nice. And I finally can breathe after sickening Penne :| It's like a mix of green tea, milk and pistachio. So I tempted and I ordered my own pancake ;)


Seriously. The menu only writes Strawberry. Well it's a single pancake with cuts of Strawberry fruit, topped by ice cream on your choice (I chose Vanilla since they don't provide Strawberry flavor wtf), and Strawberry sauce. A very Strawberry dish, I know. But it's DELICIOUS! Well Pancious, keep doing good job on your pancakes because they're AWESOME. Next time visiting I wanna try BBQ Chicken with Mashed Potato. A kid behind me was eating that and I saw when I entering the place. Got me drooling lol.

Then we watched Transformers. Which get me stunned for 2,5 hours. I'm so loving Josh Duhamel, Shia LaBeouf, and BUMBLEBEE. Oh and Optimus Prime in some way. There's also Patrick Dempsey starring. He's usually hot but his role in this movie doesn't show any hotness at all -_- Okay almost spoiler. Pardon :p (JOSH DUHAMEL WHY ARE YOU MARRIED TO FERGIE??! Okay ignore. He's just too HOT for a married man fml.)

After movie, me and auntie walking around to some stores. Samuel & Kevin sells good clothes this season. I just don't buy since I need to save money. Save, save, save. Pray me I'm strong.

Then Eaton for dinner. It's a bakery with restaurant. First time eating there, to be honest.

-Yang Chow Fried Rice-

Looks like noodles from afar --a Well this is fried rice. Tastes quite nice. I'm craving for it now since I didn't eat it all earlier. My tummy isn't being really good. The bad part of this fried rice is only the shrimp. I got 3 shrimps and all of them still has fishy smells and feeling. But the other complements are nice. It has shredded chickens, eggs as you can see clearly, carrots, sauteed bean, beefs and celery. Beans and celery look all the same -_-

On the bakery aunt bought me Dorayaki with Cheese-Chocolate filling. Favorite snacks since kids. And that makes the end of my day. Tomorrow I'll be going to Gandy Steak at Hayam Wuruk with my college friends. I don't think I'll have chance to snap food pics though. Lol. Until next post then ;)

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