March 09, 2012

Ninety-Nine Grand Indonesia Jakarta Review

Oh look. A full month not updating my blog here comes new interface on Blogger. I'm sucks on adapting :( Anytime there's new interface of Facebook, Twitter, or any social media, I always post somewhere to rant -_-

Anyway, hi to readers! I've been gaining quite views lately so I thank all of you who opened this blog or just being redirected here by Google. Hehe.. appreciate them all. Hope you enjoy my writing and my pictures, also please comment or criticize because I'm still lack of many things :)

In the mid of February, me and bf went to Ninety-Nine at Grand Indonesia. This is my second visit. First time was in the mid of June 2011, I had beef Steak there. (Tenderloin if I'm not mistaken) but didn't bother to take any pic because the taste of the steak was too "heavy" for me I guess. I mean it's a good way that they sold good meat, but it's just too bold for a girl. Even so, I was eating it with a hungry state which should mean that the food should've been tasted better but it's not. I still recall, however, the mashed potato was superb and I had foodgasm while eating the Strawberry Mille Feuille.

Cute menu! Lol. Special beverage for Valentine's Day (no, wasn't visiting during Valentine's though) was Love Crush. Contains of Strawberries, Watermelon, Grenadine, and Whipped Cream. I'm a big fan or Strawbie and Watermelon, but hating whipped cream. But, Grenadine.. I never know how the original taste actually is because it's always mixed in my drink lol #failedfoodblogger .

Love Crush and Lychee Iced Tea! Bf said the iced tea was too sweet :| My drink was refreshing, but too bad only available for short period of time. The other beverages menu there weren't too appealing for me. We took very long time to decide the drink -_-

 Bakmi Pinggiran

O_O what a name. He said this was the best noodle he had in his entire life. He previously ate this once with his office colleague and decided to order the same food again -_- man..
This order came gazillion years after my food came. (lol okay exaggerating. But it was more than 20 mins.)

My order was Pork.. something -_- (this is what you get when you procrastinated!) Not Pork Knuckle, not Pork Belly, not baby back.. I forget what this is -_- all I know that this is SUPER YUMMY. (this is the very last menu on the pork section on the menu book :D) It came with some kind Potato Salad, Sauteed Bean, 3 onion rings (obvious what), and the pork itself. I ordered side dish mashed potato because: 1) I remember how delicious it is. 2) I thought it will only came in pork and veggies because that's how my steak came last year. Turned out I was wrong. But still, mashed potato here is the best. But now they separated the mushroom sauce. Previously they made a curve in the potato and pour the sauce there. But this was good as well. The most delicious part of this pork dish is.. the bean. HAHAHA. I don't know how they can saute the bean so good! And then the sauce, then the pork, then the potato. I don't eat onions so I gave it to bf.

It was a very nice lunch and I was so full I can't finish the mashed potato. I left like 2 or 3 scoops of it. Because I was saving my tummy for dessert!! I walked to counter just to find out that they no longer sell the Mille Feuille. *heart scattered into pieces* Then decided to go with their Raspberry Red Velvet Slice.

I read a lot of complains from food bloggers that when they eat a red velvet it's usually too sweet. This one, however, fits the description of Red Velvet from Wikipedia. Or maybe because of the raspberry. Because this one is sour :) It is topped with white chocolate and mini white chocolate macaroon. The cream frosting was raspberry cream. But the cake was dry :( Not moist. The sauce was a mix of milk, white chocolate, and drips of raspberry. Cut it from top to bottom, slide it into sauce, then.. NOM NOM NOM ♥ Even bf who hates sweet things and cake, say this is delicious!

End result of my cake:
pic taken with Diana filter

Lol. *shameless* Ok bye! :p

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  1. wahh gak sia-sia nih nyari informasi tentang ninety nine ini, kemaren saya baca informasinya disini http://goo.gl/KtNEdt , boleh dicoba nih makanannya :D