March 19, 2012

Burger King Supermal Karawaci Review

Promo by Burger King! Buy one Value Meal of Angus, get free Mini Sundae! :D

Now pic.

Here's the appearance of Angus Beef Burger. YUM! I usually ordered Whooper Jr. though. But for the patty, I love Angus more. It's more fluffy and chewy (I know it's not a doll lol). I don't usually eat Onion Rings and in this burger contained like 2 slices of onion rings but it perfectly fits the burger and I eat it without complain. Super yum!!! Omg I craved it now :|

Value Meal comes along with French Fries (which bf claims is the best french fries in town) and choices of drink. (I chose Nestea) I reckon that I don't need to put a pic of those, right? :p

So here's the Mini Sundae :D

Mini Sundae with chocolate sauce!!!! I was about to be given the Caramel sauce. Caramel sauce is addictive one! But I didn't want it this time. I had it already last week, so I asked for Chocolate hehe.. Background of the photo is bf and his extra salty french fries -.-

We had 2 desserts at last night. Another one was fresh Watermelon from Foodmart Gourmet :D It was downstairs though and we ate at Burger King. No worries we cleaned our own mess before leaving ;)

4 slices for IDR 3,750!! So cheap!! It was 50% discount though. Tips to shop here, usually above 8PM (until they close at 9PM), they discounted few fruits for 50%, so they can cut new everyday to maintain the freshness. Among those sale stuff, one or two have very good quality ones. You just gotta be selective. Like this! Red and fresh and watery! One of our best buy for the night :)

Thanks for reading! Have a good day ♥

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