March 12, 2012

Mr. Pancake Living World Review

Prepare for cuteness alert~~~ lol.

Few weeks ago, I was visiting Living World with my auntie and grandma. They're both never been in this mall and wanted to try a visit. (ended up disappointed lol. They thought it was a shopping mall at first, while Living World actually owns the biggest Ace Hardware and many food stores. Not fashion stores.)

We were so full kept trying many foods and snacks. Still before leaving the mall, we chose to stretch our legs at Mr. Pancake. Please note that our tummy condition is so full already, it shouldn't be able to receive any more food.

Menu was distributed to each one of us and we saw many choices of pancakes. Therefore, since we were full, nothing catches our fancy. There's a menu saying Savory and Specialty and we order one from there. And grandma picked Banana Split.

First order to come: my Strawberry Juice ♥ It's fresh and sweet but no added sugar! I can taste sugar, don't worry. But what I like the most from the waitress, we first ordered Guava Juice and she said, "It's syrup, not fresh. Is it okay for you, ma'am?" And we're so thankful and asked what other is fresh and she stated Tomato and Strawberry. So we went for Strawberry which is the best decision.
~ Btw, please don't ask why those guys in background making those faces. I have no idea. :p

Butterfly Pancake

Isn't she gorgeous??????? And it's so freaking yummy, fresh, and delicious! (yes lots adjectives with same meaning :|) It consists of 6 fluffy small pancakes which tastes so light and fluffy (obviously). Probably a little bit like Dorayaki from Eaton Bakery. But this one has better smell--the good butter smell? I can't find proper word :( Topped with strawberry ice cream and fresh strawbie. With raspberry / strawberry sauce (I don't really recognize it) with sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. SUPER YUMMY!! The strawberry ice cream isn't recognizable as well. Its taste was so milky, more like milk than strawberry imo. Remember again, we're full and still craved for more of this ♥

Banana Split

This was grandma's order. Topped with fresh fruits and 2 rolls of wafer. Fresh fruits, but not so nice ice creams. But it does look yummy, doesn't it?? :D

Anyway it's a happy experience and food journey though. Coming back to Living World again might have a very slight chance since that mall is so lack of shopping store. But if I got a chance to go there again, I'll definitely come back for Butterfly ♥

All of the orders ended up squeaky clean and I still bought Chatime on the way back hahaha.. :|
Ok bye!! :D

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