March 13, 2012

Kitchenette Plaza Indonesia Jakarta Review

Ugh I feel so outdated. People have been visiting this place soooo many times and waayyyyyy more frequently than me, while I, who did self-proclaimed as a food blogger, just got a chance to visit this place last week! What can I say I live so far away :(

We visit there around 3 or 4 PM, on weekend. And I can say, we're now officially the part of the hype. Why? Because we got into waiting list lol. While waiting they served free lemonade to those who waited :) I had good service as well. Even though I already put my name into the waiting list, still the waiter from inside come to me and offered to find me table. Which he did successfully! So I didn't wait for so long!! *happy* No I wasn't cutting the queue loh. It's my turn already :p

-Mango and Orange Elixir-

Unlike many other restaurants in Jakarta (like stated in few previous posts), sometimes I find it hard to choose drinks. I always look up for something that's worth the price. But in Kitchenette, I almost ordered 3 drinks. No kidding. I was hit by sunlight that day before reaching Kitchenette because I was crossing the road from Grand Indonesia to Plaza Indonesia, so I really craved for something fresh, sweet, and cold. I eyed the choices of elixir, frozen frappe (and any other frozen stuff, basically), and Creme Caramel by TWG. But ended up choosing this one. Because bf ordered frozen frappe I might just try it from him then.

-Cookies n Cream Frappe-

Not a big fan of whipped cream!! I hate whipped cream. But it tasted quite nice anyway. Bf said he would come back for this but I didn't agree. I was expecting strong cookies/chocolate flavor but then the coffee smell and taste dominated. Well it's frappe after all -_-


Was ordering Theodore at first. But I didn't know why it's no longer available :( Disappointed. In the menu, it says that it came with roasted potato. What I had in mind that it would come with small rounded potato ball. Not a potato chip. That's too oily -_- The only thing I didn't like from the dish honestly. Beneath those potatoes lies melted cheese and pork bacon (you can choose between pork and turkey). The galette itself is unique. At first you will say it's like the ordinary martabak, but the more you chewed, the more you craved for it!


It's quite funny though how they named the savory one with guys' name, while the sweet galette/crepes with girls' name :D This is bf's order. Filled with meat everywhere. Ordered pork one as well. And that round meat is spicy!! For me at least. He likes it so much. I guess he'd make a better food judge rather than me because he said the word "like this food" so rarely.

Anyway, Kitchenette is holding Instagram competition. Stage 1 is until this March 18th!

How to join:
~ Took your picture from Kitchenette
~ Post it to your Instagram with hashtag #instaKitchenette and mention @K1TCHENETTE and @Ismaya.

Winner will be going through few stages and main prize is iPhone 4S! Have fun eating and competing! :D

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